Postnatal Packages

Getting you back to full fitness postpartum.

These packages have been designed to get you back to full fitness, following a natural or c-section birth. They include:

Specially tailored in-clinic Physio-led reformer Pilates classes, where you will be given an individual programme dedicated to your specific goals. Or On-demand classes, which can be done at home, at a time that suits you.

* Please note the expiry on these packages is 120 days from purchase.

All packages are 15% off RRP:

  • For those living in the South West, we offer hour-long Pilates classes. Total package price is £525.
  • In the City of London we offer 45 minute Pilates classes in-clinic. Package price is £475.
  • At Lindfield we are offering 2:1 equipment classes, with the package priced at £320.
  • For those who would prefer to work out at home, as committing to a specific class time can be tricky with a new born, we are offering 30 minute on-demand classes. These are available for 7 days, with the package priced at £430.

Women’s Health Physios are located at all 8 of our London clinics & at Lindfield, West Sussex: please call 020 7036 0286 or email for more details.

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