Virtual Women's Health Physio

Are you pregnant or postnatal and hoping to see a physio for some treatment or a postnatal body check/ Mummy MOT?

How a Virtual Women’s Health Physio Appointment would work and if it’s really worth it.

We are currently running appointments in-clinic and virtually via Zoom. This enables patients to continue to access treatment from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Our Women’s Health physios are experienced at offering these effective and fun video consultations, and they are covered by all major private insurance companies in the UK.

Whether this is your first virtual physio session, or you are half-way through your course of treatment, your physio will:

  1. Set up the video call at a time and on a platform that suits you, and send you instructions on how to link up in advance.
  2. At the time of the appointment connect (on your phone/laptop) and ensure we can see and hear each other well – we can advise you on best room/video set up and any equipment needed.
  3. Talk through the history of your problem and take a detailed associated medical history
  4. Give you a thorough physical assessment by watching you move and complete different tests that we will talk you through.
  5. Give you a diagnosis and prognosis and discuss the best treatment plan
  6. Provide you with lots of expert education, advice, treatment ideas and graded exercise programs to get you on the road to recovery.
  7. Keep checking up on you with regular virtual follow-up appointments as needed, to keep progressing your treatment and get you out of pain and/ or functioning normally again.

What we can’t do on a virtual appointment:

  • Physical pelvic floor examinations (vaginal examinations)
  • Hands-on manual therapy

What we can do:

  • Discuss your: medical history, mechanism or onset of injury and treatment goals in detail.
  • Assess your current: pain levels/ joint range of movement/ muscle function/ strength/ balance / posture / breathing / bladder and bowel function / possible prolapse symptoms/ postpartum healing / abdominal muscle recovery and diastasis / general exercise levels.
  • Provide education and advice on: diagnosis, prognosis, your anatomy, your pain (what, why, how to settle), normal function and how to return to this, management of pregnancy-related aches and pains, birth preparation, how to improve healing postpartum, optimising pelvic floor and bladder and bowel function, diastasis recovery and abdominal muscle retraining.
  • Prescribe and progress: methods to relieve pain and promote healing, self-directed manual therapy techniques, graded exercise programs to get you strong and back to normal again.

Just imagine, you could come out of this enforced isolation time stronger, fitter and pain- or symptom-free!

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