Strength & Conditioning Training

Strength & Conditioning Training

Jason St Clair Newman joins the team at Six Physio Lindfield, offering this new and exciting service.

What is Strength & Conditioning Training?

Jason’s expertise is in improving a client’s athletic performance by considering the demands of their sport or activity, their daily lifestyle and what they want to achieve.

Whether you are a Youth athlete playing multiple sports competitively or someone simply wanting to get fit for a ski season or move better on the tennis court,  you will have a programme tailored to you: no two people are alike even when playing the same sport or participating in the same activity.

Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Speed, Power, Conditioning, and the ability to move well are all considered when creating an athletic development programme. A client’s strengths and weaknesses, injury history and the common injuries associated with the sporting activity will be constantly evaluated and adjusted. Continued development is key, taking everything into consideration as a client’s bespoke programme progresses.

Why train with Jason?

Your training programme will be dynamic and constantly changing, from day to day and week to week, just as your body and energy levels change. During a session, adjustments are often made, ensuring correct technique, injury prevention and progress are addressed continually. Under Jason’s watchful eye, an experienced & qualified coach, this process will be fluid and he will simultaneously teach you how to recognise all the above and make your own changes when needed.

For 23 years Jason has been putting health at the forefront of all programmes he develops, referring out to colleagues and other team members when necessary, so you will always get the best advice.

What other benefits are there?

In addition to your training sessions, you will have free access to a professional App showing your bespoke programme, with assisted videos, tips and monitoring. This allows Jason to keep your training on track.

What level athlete is this suitable for?

‘Any level’ is the simple answer: every person is different and no matter where you are in your journey, it’s your motivation to be better that is the determining factor. Jason’s key drivers are to provide you with high-quality coaching, making a difference regardless of your ability, level, and goals. He’s worked with professional athletes down to 8-year-olds and everyone in between!

How is a session run?

1-to-1 sessions can be 30min or 60min: you will have Jason’s undivided attention

1-to-2: training with a buddy can give you that little extra push, a great motivation. 30min & 60min sessions available.

1-to-4: This is currently for Youth athletes only and is designed around building the foundation needed to help them progress further within their sports/activities. These classes are 60min and content will depend on the group’s abilities.

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