Caitlin Seto

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Pilates Physio

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Qualified from:

Keele University

Past employment:

CK Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Rouge Valley Sports Injury and Wellness
HealthMax Physiotherapy clinics

Working background:

I achieved my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo and have completed my Master’s of Science in Physiotherapy at Keele University. I am also certified in Soft Tissue Release with the Canadian Athletic Therapist’s association. From working in multiple MSK clinics, I have treated a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, workplace injuries and chronic pain through exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy and hydrotherapy. I’ve worked with various populations such as pre- and post-surgical patients, scoliosis patients and cancer patients. I also spent time in the NHS working on various wards such as A&E, trauma and orthopaedics, stroke, and geriatrics. My special interests include Pilates and taping.

Your almost most-outstanding achievement:

Moving to London!

What would you cook if I came round for dinner?

Spaghetti carbonara

Where should we go on holiday?


If you could take one thing into space, what would it be:

My dog

What’s the one thing you haven’t confessed to your parents?

If they don't know, they'll never find out!

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