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Fiona Troup

Fiona Troup

Fiona has practiced as a physiotherapist, with a deep interest in sports, for over 20 years in Australia, USA and the UK. As one of the early physiotherapists in Australia to train as a fully certified Pilates Instructor, she has utilised the method in clinical practice since 1999, integrating it with a functional approach for rehabilitation and physical conditioning. Fiona has a particular expertise in the management of long-term recurrent injury presentations, complex pain presentations, hypermobility and improving overall physical competency and performance.  

Personally passionate about sport, fitness and well-being, Fiona has closely studied the trends in health and fitness over the past 25 years. Having completed research at The Royal Brompton Hospital on dysfunctional breathing patterns and their relationship to musculoskeletal dysfunction, Fiona now integrates breathwork in her day to day practice. 

Fiona sees movement as integral to health and wellness and is committed to help people improve their quality of life and performance. She believes that great manual therapy and active rehabilitation are critical for long-term resolution, and that true success is achieved with lifestyle and habit changes, coupled with consistent intelligent exercise. Fiona will ensure that program delivery execution is both safe and effective. Over the last 12 years she has also gained very substantial experience training physiotherapists in the UK and, with Tobina Wilson, leads the development of the Rehab and Pilates teams company wide at Six Physio.