Kimberley Brunette

Manual Physio

Hand Physiotherapist

Pilates Physio

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Qualified from:

University of Newcastle, Australia

Past employment:

Acute care in the NHS , MSK outpatients in Australia, Private hospital working in acute orthopaedic for post operative athletes, paediatrics and the general population.

Working background:

I have recently worked under leading world class orthopaedic surgeons to facilitate protocols and assist with pre and post op rehabilitation of high-profile athletes; including academy and premier league footballers and rugby league. I also have a keen interest in working amongst the paediatric age group and have experience with young athletes.

I have worked within the NHS public sector as well as the equivalent public health sector in Australia prior to moving to the United Kingdom. I am very excited to join Six Physio to further pursue my interest in manual therapy, hand therapy, sports rehabilitation and clinical pilates. I have a keen interest in upper limb and hand patients, and have worked with upper limb orthopaedic surgeries at the Cromwell Hospital prior to my time at Six. I also have a level II certificate in fitness and in my spare time, you will either find me travelling, at the gym, drinking coffee or whipping up some clean treats in the kitchen.

Your almost most-outstanding achievement:

Seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) while dog sledding in the artic circle 3 times in one week!

What would you cook if I came round for dinner?

Home made pizzas with your choice of toppings

Where should we go on holiday?

On an African safari

If you could take one thing into space, what would it be:

All of my loved ones will be coming on the trip

What’s the one thing you haven’t confessed to your parents?

Despite what I said throughout my teenage years, my little brother is actually awesome

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