Qualified from:

Pilates Institute - Michael King

Past employment:

Movement lab Cape Town
Studio 54 Cape Town
Ten Pilates, Chiswick
The Park Club

Working background:

Danced for the stormers rugby team in Cape Town, randomly did a book cover with Darren Gough, trained many incredible people in the broadcasting industry as well working alongside many of the great Pilates pioneers of this century!

Your almost most-outstanding achievement:

My kids ❤️ Oh work related? Maintaining relationships with clients who are now great friends!

What would you cook if I came round for dinner?

Pasta bolognaise with a beetroot and feta salad

Where should we go on holiday?

Mauritius or Cape Town

If you could take one thing into space, what would it be:

Lip balm

What’s the one thing you haven’t confessed to your parents?

Boarding school was zero fun

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