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Serena Morgan

Chelsea SW3

  1. Sports Massage Therapist
  2. Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Serena Morgan

Serena trained professionally and worked professionally as dancer for over 10 years and currently works as a member of the London cast of STOMP as well as practising Yoga and Barrecore.   Her interest for the musculoskeletal system stemmed from extensive touring and constantly seeking treatment for injuries.

Starting her studies in Nepal and continuing globally she then chose a level 5 sports & remedial massage qualification in London at NLSSM. Since then she has worked on dancers and musicians, mothers-to- be, corporate clients, the London marathon, Ealing Trail finders Rugby Club and more.  She also volunteers her time to charity, providing massage to those with both mental and physical disabilities.  Every day Serena is continuing to develop her knowledge of how to repair, restore and re-ignite the body through sports massage.

Serena likes to treat the individual.  Every body is different and every person is different.  Whether you be a professional ballet dancer or a first time cross trainer Serena incorporates everything she has learnt (and continues to learn) as a therapist, as a dancer and as a person, from London and around the globe to cater to your individual needs.