Qualified from:

Ecole Internationale do Theatre Jacques Lecoq,Roehampton University

Also fluent in:


Past employment:

London Borough of Richmond Healthcare Trust,
The City Literary Institute
Westminster Adult Education
CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning and Training)

Working background:

After attending Drama School in both London and Paris, I worked in the Theatre, as an Actor/Director. My Training was extremely Physical and included Mime, Movement and Acrobatics. I then moved on to become a Drama-therapist,working in the Mental Health Sector. After this I returned to my physical roots and re-trained so that I could teach Anatomy and Physiology, Circuits, Aerobics and Personal Training. I did so in Adult Education and privately, from a London base.I also trained and worked as an Assessor on Personal Training courses.

When my family and I moved out of London to Sussex, I began developing my own Personal Training practice. I now teach Personal Training and Pilates freelance as well as from my own studio. I enjoy working with a diverse group of clients and patients. My particular pleasure comes from enabling people to address areas of physical difficulty so that they can achieve their personal goals and enjoy having a healthy responsive body.

Your almost most-outstanding achievement:

Writing,producing and starring in Scrooge the play whilst at school

What would you cook if I came round for dinner?

Tuna steak with mango and avocado salsa,followed by lemon tart,vanilla ice cream & raspberries

Where should we go on holiday?

Sardinia-in the south

If you could take one thing into space, what would it be:

A torch

What’s the one thing you haven’t confessed to your parents?

I don’t believe in Santa anymore

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