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Tobina Wilson

Chelsea SW3

  1. Consultant Physio
  2. Cycling Specialist

Tobina Marx (nee Wilson)

Tobina is currently on Maternity Leave

​Tobina Wilson kicked off her physio life at Manchester University and then returned south to join the crew at Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust for a few years, working closely with the orthopaedic, chronic pain and spinal teams. In 2007 she ventured to sunny Melbourne to complete her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. As a keen sportsperson Melbourne provided an ideal environment to get into cycling and triathlons and added to her love of climbing, tennis and winter sports. Within sports Tobina has worked with rugby, cricket, rowing, cycling and football teams and individuals from an amateur level to an international level.  A spell as a military physiotherapist included work at Sandhurst and Headley Court.

Since Tobina joined Six Physio in 2008 she has helped set up two clinics and now loves running the Chelsea Clinic with the fabulous team there.  She is passionate about offering highly tailored, intelligent physio and uses her role as the company rehab lead alongside Fiona Troup to share this passion and keep everyone pushing forwards.  Alongside her Clinic Director role, Tobina works as a consultant with Sports teams, film crews and expedition physio in the UK and around the world.    When the chance arises Tobina likes to balance her work in Chelsea with her own adventure each year with her most recent trip as a physio in Sierra Leone for three months working in an elite football academy.

Tobina's main skill is chasing a detailed and specific assessment to ensure optimal treatment and excellent rehabilitation of an injury with a very holistic approach to ensure that the root cause of every issue is found and addressed.  She has extensive experience in spinal pain, lower limb rehab and complex shoulder presentations among other areas.  She also heads up the bike assessments at Six with Stephen Garvey to help minimise symptoms and optimise performance and has worked with a range of commuters to semi-professionals with an ever growing gang of lycra clad enthusiasts heading out to various sportifs and even longer events such as RAAM.

She is a local girl in the South West but is more easily found on a cliff face, dirt track or boat on the weekends escaping the big smoke.