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Tomas Whyatt

Manual Physio

Running Guru

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Qualified from:

RCSI, Dublin, Ireland

Past employment:

Worked in both the public and private health sector in Singapore for a number of years before relocating to the UK

Working background:

I worked in the public health sector in Singapore with roles treating sports injuries and people after fracture and surgery. Began working in a clinic focussing on sports injuries, especially Ironman athletes and ultra-runners. I worked as the physio pitch-side in Shanghai for the Singapore Lions Gaelic Football team, assessing and treating acute injuries.


This love of all sports has enabled me to use my knowledge and join the Running team at Six Physio, offering advice to any runner… literally!

Your almost most-outstanding achievement:

Holding my breath for two and a half minutes

What would you cook if I came round for dinner?


Where should we go on holiday?

Peru is nice this time of year

If you could take one thing into space, what would it be:

A Rubiks Cube…plenty of time to learn in space!

What’s the one thing you haven’t confessed to your parents?

The real reason I ended up in A&E in Laos…

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