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  1. 21 Oct 17

  2. 21 Oct 17

    Everyone is incredibly friendly and efficient at the Moorgate branch, I couldn't rate them highly enough!

  3. 19 Oct 17

    The communication at the centre and around books and exercise plans is first rate.

  4. 19 Oct 17

  5. 18 Oct 17

    The treatment has been excellent. I have had physio before so I can compare. I'm impressed with the time taken to carefully explain causes and thoroughly go through exercises.

  6. 18 Oct 17

    I am a very keen sportsman, so I have had need to use Six Phyiso for many years. I have always found their diagnosis and treatments to be accurate are helpful.

  7. 18 Oct 17

    Everything has been excellent!!

  8. 18 Oct 17

    No . Not a good experience from which I am not yet fully recovered.

    Six Physio – 18 Oct 17

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    With such low scores, we've clearly not met your expectations here. Hopefully, we can chat when you're back from holiday and get you back on track.

  9. 18 Oct 17

    Fantastic service and would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a physio.

  10. 18 Oct 17

    Both Ben and Karina were excellent and its great to find somewhere that doesn't just solve the immediate problem but also works to ensure that it wont happen again with the rehab physio and exercises .

  11. 18 Oct 17

    Fiona has been brilliant in diagnosing and coming up with a treatment plan. Very prompt response. It would be helpful to have utube vids of the exercises to check that they are being completed properly.

  12. 18 Oct 17

  13. 18 Oct 17

  14. 18 Oct 17

  15. 18 Oct 17

  16. 14 Oct 17

    Quick diagnosis and good combination of short term improvement and medium term rehab. Nice friendly service to take your mind off the pain.

  17. 13 Oct 17

  18. 12 Oct 17

  19. 12 Oct 17

  20. 12 Oct 17

    Six physio has very professional therapist who do know their stuff . So far i had nothing but good experience with my treatments.

  21. 12 Oct 17

    no, it was all great.

  22. 11 Oct 17

    Love the fact there's so many appointments available early or late.

  23. 11 Oct 17

    Whilst I loved the initial session with the physio (Steve), I did not find the excercising session with the trainer useful. The exercises suggested don't seem to move the needle and are too difficult to follow.

    Six Physio – 12 Oct 17

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    Manual treatment helps you feel better, but feeling better isn’t getting better. That needle will move, rehab just needs more time - more frequent visits will help speed this up.

  24. 11 Oct 17

  25. 11 Oct 17

    The staff I have come in contact with in the PG practice from the reception ladies to the physios have been faultless. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable. The medical attention received as been first class and would highly recommend the company to friends in the area. Many thanks

  26. 11 Oct 17

    Gemma and Allie were both very clear about my back problem and showed me many ways to improve my posture. I now sit, stand and workout very differently thanks to their diagnosis.

  27. 11 Oct 17

  28. 11 Oct 17

    Camilla is wonderful - really knows her stuff. Such a shame I am moving abroad!

  29. 11 Oct 17


  30. 11 Oct 17

    As a family we have seen many physios over the years Helen is the best we have seen. She has a wonderful manner, is extremely knowledgeable and explains things every well. We will not be going anywhere else.

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