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  1. 26 Apr 17

  2. 26 Apr 17

    The Physio was fantastic , the admin is pretty poor.

  3. 26 Apr 17

  4. 26 Apr 17

  5. 26 Apr 17

    Very pleased with my treatment so far and already noticing a big difference with my back - excercise programme very helpful and proving to be effective.

  6. 26 Apr 17

    Excellent service from start to finish

  7. 26 Apr 17

    Would you be able to send a reminder for pilates classes in the same way as you do for physio sessions?

  8. 26 Apr 17

  9. 26 Apr 17

    The people are wonderful and treat you as a colleague rather than a patient. They take a genuine interest in you and your problem and work so hard to help both in the short term and long.

  10. 26 Apr 17

    Have a cleaner bed with changing tissus and cushion

  11. 26 Apr 17

    Excellent service and advice received from both physiotherapists.

  12. 24 Apr 17

  13. 21 Apr 17

    Perhaps a bit more advice on what to do next

  14. 21 Apr 17

    Deirdre is amazing and has already given me back some confidence

  15. 19 Apr 17

  16. 19 Apr 17

    The team at Six are fantastic! Really knowledgeable and very efficient, highly recommend.

  17. 19 Apr 17

  18. 19 Apr 17

    I've seen Richard and Ruth - Richard was very slow to send me any exercise plans (and once I didn't receive them at all) but Ruth has been very timely sending me the exercises the same day as my appointment.

  19. 19 Apr 17

    The Treatment rooms like a little jaded - but no real complaints at all, the team are ace :)

  20. 19 Apr 17

    Both Tomas and Rachel have been fantastic in alleviating my neck pain and providing with excellent rehabilitation exercises that have worked quickly and effectively. They are also lovely people on a personal level as well as being excellent physios!

  21. 19 Apr 17

  22. 19 Apr 17

  23. 19 Apr 17

    It has been really useful to see 2 physio's - one to diagnose the treatment and help with tapping/massage etc. and the other to assist with strengthening exercises. I've found this combination has worked really well.

  24. 19 Apr 17

    A real sense of professionalism combined with personalised care

  25. 19 Apr 17

  26. 19 Apr 17

    no all fine

  27. 19 Apr 17

    On every occasion I have had cause to visit Six Physio, my problem has been correctly diagnosed and treated with respect

  28. 19 Apr 17

    Difficulty in booking, didn't receive diary invite.

    Six Physio – 19 Apr 17

    SixPhysio logo

    Technology! We have a new email system and have been made aware of a few issues. We can only apologise, our system shows diary invites were sent but we'll make sure they get through next time.

  29. 19 Apr 17

    I have found the team really friendly and helpful (Julia and Tom). Really good exercises given and easy to follow and always sent through quickly by email. Only small criticism would be the changing facilities.

  30. 19 Apr 17

    The photos alongside the exercises aren't always the most helpful. Maybe you could produce an app that has videos of people doing the exercises?

    Six Physio – 19 Apr 17

    SixPhysio logo

    Tom, we agree... it's on our 'to do' list

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