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  1. 22 Mar 17

  2. 22 Mar 17

  3. 22 Mar 17

    I find the time slots (30 mins) leave little time to really work on rehabilitation whilst at the premises. Sometimes I can't recall the technique for each exercise.

  4. 22 Mar 17

    Ben is a great physio!

  5. 22 Mar 17

    Excellent treatment, but curtailed by only having a half hour session.

  6. 22 Mar 17

  7. 22 Mar 17

    Tanya has really helped with my tension headaches, she explains everything she does and the exercises she has given me are working wonders.

  8. 22 Mar 17

  9. 22 Mar 17

    Just want to qualify the 8 rating for treatment - it has been really good but it didn't get rid of the problem. I need to find time to come back in. Caitlin is brilliant. Really professional and speaks with the kind of confidence that you want from someone who you are trusting with important parts of your body!

  10. 22 Mar 17

  11. 22 Mar 17

    Emailing of exercises, booking process and reminder emails/texts are first rate. Staff very knowledgeable and really want to help. Sessions are efficient and run to time. Facilities at the centre are well kept.

  12. 22 Mar 17

  13. 22 Mar 17

    Really impressed with the physios

  14. 16 Mar 17

  15. 16 Mar 17

    An excellent all-around physiotherapy company - the prognosis, treatment and advice is excellent and it is matched by amenable and gregarious staff members such as Receptionists, Administrators and Accounts personnel. The Parsons Green facility that I have used is clean and professional, and the location is particularly helpful thanks to its proximity to the local Parsons Green Tube Station. I have used them for years and the consistency frankly is excellent.

  16. 15 Mar 17

    I'm really happy with treatment I am receiving from David Mercy and Ailish Toomey. Both are friendly, approachable and professional.

  17. 15 Mar 17

  18. 15 Mar 17

  19. 15 Mar 17

  20. 15 Mar 17

    Deirdre is the right balance of positivity on a sensitive issue

  21. 15 Mar 17

    Cutting-edge rehab treatment that let me regain muscle strength & joint control. Discomfort and pain in the joint has improved a great deal too. Very very impressed with results. Will def. go back.

  22. 15 Mar 17

    Keep going - the service is great!

  23. 15 Mar 17

    Very professional

  24. 15 Mar 17

    Stop focusing on the iPAD and focus on the patient. Within a 30 min session actual treatment time is probably only 50%. No real communication of the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.

    Six Physio – 16 Mar 17

    SixPhysio logo

    Hi Jason, the iPads are reallly good for collecting data and documenting the session. However, I'm sorry your experience hasn't lived up to our rep. Let's chat over the next few days and find a way to get you back on track.

  25. 15 Mar 17

    Beate is so great

  26. 15 Mar 17

    Really impressed by the personal touch of the staff.

  27. 15 Mar 17

    The whole experience from booking sessions, to receiving treatment, then followed up with an email with specific exercises was seamless. Very professional and very personable staff, who really know what they're doing.

  28. 15 Mar 17

  29. 15 Mar 17

    Both Alan Robb and Tom Walker have been extremely thourough explaining everything whilst having my treatment.

  30. 15 Mar 17

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