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Richard Baker 24th April 2019

Kevin O'Sullivan 24th April 2019

Leonie is excellent. She is realistic as well as encouraging. Efficient yet courteous. Informative, interesting and effective.

Hyun Woo Kang 24th April 2019


Elsa Dixon 24th April 2019

Anna Lewis 24th April 2019

James Upton 24th April 2019

Both physio’s, Jonathan and Katherine, are professional, empathetic and committed to your safe recovery! Fully recommended.

Nick Robinson 24th April 2019

Charlotte 24th April 2019

Six Physio has been exceptionally professional and I have been able to see consistent progress over a fairly short time span.

Tim Last 24th April 2019

Phoebe Neil-Martin 24th April 2019

Overall I have had a very good experience with Six. Tom and Jules are great to work with and have provided me with a lot of support

William Heather 24th April 2019

Hannah 24th April 2019

I can always trust the team at Six Physio to provide incredible service and advice. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

D T 24th April 2019

Happy so far good atmosphere good decor good physios maybe magazines in waiting room could be upgraded ?

Anonymous 24th April 2019

I have had physio with Dav and also Jenny and they have both given me excellent treatment and been very clear throughout the process about what we are doing and how everything should evolve. I am extremely pleased with the care I am getting and with regards to physio with Jenny in particular it has been life changing. Thank you so much.

Rachel McIntyre 24th April 2019

Fitted me in immediately and listened to my needa and concerns. Gve me some exercises to do to try and avoid me coming back again!!

Matthew Enks 19th April 2019

Louise Makin 18th April 2019

Baani Singhb 18th April 2019

Claire 17th April 2019

I found Franscesca clear and reassuring in my post partum worries. We are working towards a clear goal in terms of pelvic floor for running and I have clear instructions as to how to get to that point.

Laura James 17th April 2019

Six physio are the best at finding and teaching long term solutions

William 17th April 2019

I found Rachelle very professional and thorough. It was good to have exercises e-mailed to me, which have helped a lot - I've incorporated them into my warm-up mobility exercises at the gym.

Lizzie 17th April 2019

Jeremy Parker helped me with IT Band syndrome three weeks before my marathon. He explained everything that was happening from the muscular issues themselves to what he was doing to fix it and how he was strapping up my leg. He’s fantastic, I’d highly recommend.

Julie Bond 17th April 2019


Filippo 17th April 2019

Tom Mullard 17th April 2019

Mark Brookes 17th April 2019

Your entire team is cheerful and helpful.

IAN Caller 17th April 2019

Very pleased with the treatment

vicki anderson 17th April 2019

Thomas 17th April 2019

Marcel Le Bachelet 17th April 2019

V friendly and professional

Guy 17th April 2019

Both Ben and Tom have been fantastic! I have received amazing treatment and feel it has massively contributed to a faster recovery. I can honestly say that I enjoy coming in to see the guys.

Matt Watts 17th April 2019

I was very impressed with the level of service provided to me by Martin at the Lindfield branch. His demeanour was very professional and he took the time to talk me through the causes of my knee problem in an easy to understand manner which was very helpful. When I visited I was training for my first marathon and thanks to the recommended exercises and taping, my knee came through unscathed! Constructive feedback: Although I appreciate the Lindfield branch is a small site, both times I visited there wasn’t anyone to greet me at reception and I was left to my own devices while waiting for the physio to become available. Not a major issue but something I did notice on both occasions. My visits were both after 5pm however.

Christopher John 17th April 2019

A shower would be nice for staff and possibly patients

Oliver 17th April 2019

Henry is a great physio, combines great treatment and solutions alongside thoughtful conversation during the sessions.

Jamie Erasmus 17th April 2019

Pattile 16th April 2019

Katherine Arbuthnot 16th April 2019

Brilliant service by both Sarah (running Guru) and Tessa. Really recommend them both. I had three weeks to sort myself out before running Marathon Des Sables, they gave me great exercises to follow, talked me through my running gait and made little changes that helped get me to the end of the six marathons with no injury - so really a brilliant achievement on their part - Thank you! Kate

Wei 14th April 2019

Merlin Christian 12th April 2019

Sofia Goncalves 11th April 2019

I wish you were a bit cheaper, but the quality of service is great!

Mr Keith House 11th April 2019

Cancellation charges are high. Events at work make very hard to book in advance with the current cancellation conditions.

- Six Physio Your feedback is appreciated, but our cancellation policy is not dissimilar to most other companies: if you are restricted by work events then we may have availability for a same day appt, if you are able to travel to one of our other clinics.

Omar 11th April 2019

I got a clear development plan and all steps were explained to me. I had 2 physiotherapists working with me and both have been great.

Lucy 11th April 2019

David Gemmell 11th April 2019

Philip Bradley 10th April 2019


Simon Harper 10th April 2019

Excellent specialists, just need more locations!! Have used for different ailments over the years.

Michael Barnard 10th April 2019

Alex Roy 10th April 2019

Camilla Baring 10th April 2019

Six Physio has been absolutely brilliant, I highly recommend Sarah (Turpin) who has been fantastic.

Elisa Edmonds 10th April 2019

Lynn Phillips 10th April 2019

Andrew MacConnachie 10th April 2019

everything has been brilliant, nothing to improve

Ranbir 10th April 2019

Amelia my physio is absolutely fantastic. So easy going , responsive and utterly focussed on helping me to get better. Never come across a medical professional so helpful and patient focussed. Works to your needs not her own agenda.

Alwyn DSouza 10th April 2019

Professional and well attended

Vanessa Howard 10th April 2019

I cant recommend Six Physio enough, thank you Tim and Alison for fixing my shoulder woes! A lovely team at the Kensington branch!

Jessica 10th April 2019

Jane Reedy 10th April 2019

I honestly cannot fault the treatment and service I received. Excellent

Tom Lester 10th April 2019

Kika Macdonald 10th April 2019

Habiba 9th April 2019

Georgie was absolutely great! She really helped my aches and pains. Professional and friendly.

Anne Lloyd Thomas 7th April 2019

Jones 4th April 2019

After an initial delay in contacting me, the administration has been efficient and very welcoming. The dialogue with the physiotherapist has been friendly but comprehensive and the treatment gentle. I always look forward to my next session.

Christian Elwes 4th April 2019

Great therapists and very accessible services

Ralph Kanter 3rd April 2019

I only wish to say that my Physiotherapist Samantha, was really the best I have ever had. She actually identified what I was suffering from my 1st oral description. She arranged for me to have a scan, which confirmed that her diagnosis was 100% correct. She then communicated very clearly what I had to do in daily exercises and managed my recuperation from an irritatingly painful and demobilising Baker's Cyst on the back of my left knee. I started with 1 x 60 minute at The Six Physio Massage Offices. This was, followed by a further 5 x 30 minute Massage sessions. I am about to start another 5 x 30 minute Massage sessions which appear to be resolving the situation very satisfactorily. When I first established what I had, I honestly thought that my skiing holiday would have to be cancelled. I now feel confident that I will be able to leave for a 7 day skiing holiday in 3 days time. Thanks to Samantha, I now feel that I will be able to go skiing without difficulty, provided that I ski carefully.

John Does 3rd April 2019

Nothing comes to mind. Maybe make sure that a secretary is always available at the front desk.

MS J JEANCOLAS 3rd April 2019

Physio told me to continue seeing my osteopath while seeing her as well. What's the point when the surgeon clearly said in his letter that i needed a change of scene. She did not treat me at all or asked me to take off my trousers despite a lower back pain.

- Six Physio That’s not entirely fair - your very obvious preconceived ideas about previous sessions and interventions don’t and won’t help you get any better. Sometimes doing the simple things really well, help.

Victoria batten 3rd April 2019

Amelia got straight to the root of my problem and presented the treatment options in a very clear and simple manner. She takes in to account the details of my daily life and has built a programme that is manageable and achievable.

Richard Burn 3rd April 2019

No rave reviews but I thought that diagnosis and treatment were professional and effective. Only miracle cures get a ten !

FM 3rd April 2019

Sara Medeot 3rd April 2019

Lauren 3rd April 2019

Ed has been outstanding, manages expectations brilliantly and understands my end goal for recovery.

Emma 3rd April 2019

Georgie was fantastic, she diagnosed my issue efficiently and was both friendly and encouraging. I have seen a dramatic improvement.

V Foster 3rd April 2019

Clare Seymour is by far the best hand therapist you could find. Excellent at managing expectations and explaining how injuries heal.

Nikki 3rd April 2019

I’ve had a great experience at Six Physio so far. My physiotherapist, Laura Ham, has been fantastic at assessing a couple of issues that have arisen since my pregnancy and has come up with a comprehensive but simple treatment programme for me. I couldn’t recommend her more.

George Ellis 3rd April 2019

Philippa Aylmer 3rd April 2019

Dhiren Vekaria 3rd April 2019

Caoimhe and Amy are a great team and have been brilliant in getting me running again!

Colin 30th March 2019

Quick appointment, friendly service, got exactly what I needed.

Judy Gardiner 30th March 2019

Easy to make an appointment. Front desk is very efficient. Hannah is amazing. Clear, concise assessment. Spot on treatment plans. Effective, professional, impressive. Very pleased with Six Physio.

Ian greenhalgh 28th March 2019

I have gone from being immobile to running in 10 weeks - brilliant service

Donato Naturo 27th March 2019

Jane 27th March 2019

I understand a whole lot more about what my body is doing now I’ve met Jenny and she has been incredibly helpful with my women’s physio sessions.

Charles Pearson 27th March 2019

The team at Six Physio are completely professional, approachable and have sorted out my hamstring issues! Now on the road to recovery.

Hannah 27th March 2019

Honest and sensitive physiotherapists. Great service.

Christopher 27th March 2019

SJG 27th March 2019

Georgie is confident yet considerate regarding women’s health matters. Encouraging and not intimidating. Front Desk staff always helpful and efficient.

Jessica stenhouse 27th March 2019

The treatment I have received so far has been outstanding. The physiotherapists have really taken the time to explain my back problems with me and have helped me recover a lot quicker than I expected!

Rob Varcoe 27th March 2019

Lucy Gormanston 27th March 2019

Both my therapists have been incredibly thorough and professional and are both lovely people, I am very impressed. The ladies on the front desk could not be more helpful so I would be happy to recommend Six Physio to friends and family

rhonaliza atkin 27th March 2019

Eve Jayawickrema 27th March 2019

Lauren at Moorgate was honestly fantastic and repeatedly went out of her way to help me

Sophie McGrath 27th March 2019

Anthea benton 27th March 2019

Perhaps the opportunity to book longer than 30 minute sessions

- Six Physio Anthea, unfortunately the session length is all down to your insurance policy - 60 min appointments are available but not when they are being paid for by a third party.

Jeremy Niland 27th March 2019

Great team, super helpful.

Michael 27th March 2019

Absolutely fantastic team and services at the Borough clinic

Imogen Walsh 27th March 2019

Extremely pleased with the service I have recieved - both physio and rehab have been knowledgable and positive in my recovery plan and dealing with the problem instead of just the pain. Would definititely recommend

Virginia Smythe 27th March 2019

James 27th March 2019

Six Physio have provided me with excellent rehab exercises that can be done easily at home for my shoulder injury

Karin Pringle 27th March 2019

Lucy is amazing. She is so focussed on getting me better that she goes the extra mile. I already am feeling so much better!

Fiona Galey 27th March 2019

Lauren 26th March 2019

As well as reducing the pain in my knee, the treatment I have received has been a positive and educational experience

Stephen Packwood 25th March 2019

Tom Cryer 25th March 2019

Kieran Holland 22nd March 2019

Access to the Parsons Green clinic is a bit difficult on cruches.

Sofie Nordgren 22nd March 2019

Great service with flexible booking system to fit around work. Would recommend!

Kik 22nd March 2019

Super friendly team from Reception to the Physio. Nice vibe.

John Loftus 21st March 2019

Written report / video of exercises would add to excellent service

Alka Ranger 21st March 2019

I would prefer to put my things in a locker rather than a box.

Ed 21st March 2019

I’m conflicted: whilst I don’t like visiting a physio (because of an injury), I love visiting Six Physio

Valerie Cohen 21st March 2019

I was very quickly put at ease for my first session and Jeremy was extremely efficient. He helped me through a very painful time when I injured my neck and I would not hesitate to contact him again if necessary.

Sanjeet Mukherjee 21st March 2019

Francesca Sassi 21st March 2019

Cristina 21st March 2019

Giuseppe 21st March 2019

robert bedford 21st March 2019

Vivienne Goldstein 21st March 2019

I am always impressed with the 3:1 pilates class run by Laura Ham and Jane Todman. When needed, I have received excellent explanations and exercises for the rehab of my various injuries. I recommend Six Physio all the time. It's such a pleasure to have such a great service ... and just round the corner from my home. I consider myself very fortunate ... please don't move!

James Gilbert-Green 21st March 2019

Lindel has been brilliant helping me sort out a calf tear - life saver!

Bharath KARIA 21st March 2019

I have been seeing Samantha Barlow for the treatment for my post complete knee replacement operation. I have no words to describe how happy I am and what a comprehensive treatment I have been getting. I will galdly recommend Six Physio to anybody who requires any physiotheraphy treatment..

Rebecca 21st March 2019

Francesca was absolutely fantastic. She went above and beyond in helping me. As a new mother with lots of emotion around my diagnosis and body changes she made me feel extremely comfortable and positive about my prospects for improvement. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Andy Shannon 21st March 2019

Always very professional and helps me look after myself

Sarah Plummer 21st March 2019

Great team and the best physio’s I have been to in London! For insurance purposes - it would be beneficial to know online how many sessions you have used.

Dimple 21st March 2019

The service i've received so far has been fantastic. The staff are so knowledgable about their work which puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable and in safe hands.

Ej 18th March 2019

Excellent service, there is never any waiting time, I thoroughly professional team with fabulous results

Sarah moody 17th March 2019

Calum Sillars 16th March 2019

High quality staff who give great advice

Gary Glennard 15th March 2019

Rahul 14th March 2019

Nicole James 14th March 2019

ciara fairley 13th March 2019

It would be good if you left more time between appointments - or stated that they only last 20 or 25 minutes rather than 30. This is now the second time I’ve seen a physio with you where they have started late - without any sort of apology (presumably because they are overrunning) then finished “on time” and charged me for the whole session. I don’t think it’s very good practice and I am unlikely to come back again.

- Six Physio Ciara - there is no excuse for short-changing you, whether for your recent physio appointment or prior massage. We've tried to contact you and have spoken to the therapists so they are aware it's not acceptable.

Yasmine Benjelloun 13th March 2019

Dorian Price 13th March 2019

Tom has offered really honest prognosis to my neuroma and provided a simple plan to build strength back up in my foot and calf. Thank you.

Mathilde 13th March 2019

Sherry Sheibani 13th March 2019

Thomas Smyth 13th March 2019

I would highly recommend both Madeleine and Kiah they have both been incredible. They are friendly, professional and have provided fantastic treatment.

Paul Lambert 13th March 2019

Great team at Six Physio, no negative feedback to provide :). The treatment and service had been good with positive progress being made.

Francesca 13th March 2019

Elena 13th March 2019

Miranda Moolenaar 13th March 2019

WILLIAM ROSS-HURST 13th March 2019

Nick Long 13th March 2019

Great service and I'm fixed!

Samir V 13th March 2019

Tomas was great. Very happy with the treatment and service by Six physio.

Richard Batham-Read 13th March 2019

Good precise diagnosis/advice and treatment. I have seen numerous physios over the years and 6P ar by far the best!!

Valentina Morelli 13th March 2019

Julia O 11th March 2019

Having used 6 Physio for myself for a number of years - so pleased to see they are just as good with children

Mark 7th March 2019

Very thorough initial assessment, referred me to a consultant as soon as possible and now I'm back receiving the following up treatment I need. I see definite further improvement to my range of movement at each session. Would highly recommend.

Carl Kearney 6th March 2019

I think you could be more timely in following up with treatment plans.

- Six Physio Will be sure to pass this on.... and see that it doesn't happen after your next session.

Richard 6th March 2019

Efficient, friendly, professional - have used twice over last few years for different problems and have been very impressed both times.

Maryanne Vernede 6th March 2019

I've had treatment from 3 manual therapists and 1 rehab therapist. All have really listened to what was going on with my back/knee problem and given me very specific treatment and exercises which have really helped.

Chris Gooding 6th March 2019

a creedon 6th March 2019

Alex Horner 6th March 2019

Overall been really happy, great ideas around developing the exercises each week and most importantly it is working.

Aoife 6th March 2019

Jon lawson 6th March 2019

Lauren Jackson 6th March 2019

If I'm entirely honest I've always been a bit sceptical of physio. When I've had it in the past it hasn't really achieved very much and the exercises have felt unachieavable which hasn't helped my natural tendency not to do them. Amelia and Juliet however have been great, They've helped me massively and my problems have improved significantly in the month or so I've been seeing them. I really appreciate that they take the time to make sure that the exercises are realistic for me and this, together with their positive attitudes, has made me much better at sticking to them and therefore progressing between sessions. Thank you!

Tas 6th March 2019

Have already published on your website - Tim is amazing!!

michael 5th March 2019

Kate was excellent - sorted out my shoulder pain - probably Bursitis - thank you

Seonaid Dacoury 4th March 2019

Paul 4th March 2019

Thanks for an awesome job, I felt like I genuinely knew everything I needed to know, and you made it quite methodical and straightforward. For a medical pro the Comms were outstanding! And it is comfortable even if I am still getting used to trying to use my left hand more for lifting the teapot.

Riccardo 1st March 2019

Iain 1st March 2019

Ailish is great! I was given a plan that helped right away and helped me get back to running with minimal enforced rest. Highly recommended!!

Maryam A 1st March 2019

You immediately know that you are in the best hands when you are at SixPhysio. Their therapists are very well qualified and understand sports injuries and how to treat them.

Alexander Howeson 1st March 2019

I did feel a little for my latest injury that i was unnecessarily passed over to rehab from treatment. Make sure that this is a relevant referral and not the default. It worked great for my last few injuries but i came in for a sore neck from an injury which was a bit of a one off and just needed some treatment. It felt a little like i was being upsold!

Mark Skinner 28th February 2019

Great service, lots of appointment availability and great treatment

Ron Plass 28th February 2019

Six Physio has been efficient , friendly and effective with their advice and treatment. The environment of the facility is inviting and modern.

Paul Bell 28th February 2019

Paul Holehouse 28th February 2019

The combination of hands on and exercises is a perfect combination for recovery. The programmes are adjusted regularly to to progressively aid recovery. Mega thanks to Juliet & Alex the really know there stuff and help you understand your body dynamics.

Bruce S 28th February 2019

I have had a long term chronic joint problem which I finally decided to address. The team at Six Leadenhall have been great both with physio and strength conditioning. They couldn’t have been more professional and I would highly recommend them.

Karen Crockford 28th February 2019

Fern is an amazing Physiotherapist who listens to what the problem is and is able to provide immediate relief. The exercises are clearly explained and achievable. I feel very confident that we are on the pathway to recovery with my particular problem.

Catherine Yardley 28th February 2019

Su Roberts 28th February 2019

Parge 28th February 2019

Every contact with SixPhysio has been great - efficient, prompt and excellent. Can't really ask for much more than that. Thanks Eddie, Al and the team.

Danielle 28th February 2019

Karen 28th February 2019

Highly skilled and knowledgeable physios with good communication skills. Very impressed with treatment from Tanya and Georgie

Yvonne Dale 28th February 2019

Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and caring at all times. She is passionate about helping people and I would highly recommend her.

Aidan Creedon 28th February 2019

Samantha 28th February 2019

Friendly employees, from the receptionists to Therapists, make the visit that bit mire personal; like they really do care about your wellbeing.

Lorraine Allen 28th February 2019

I am currently seeing Cathy. Not only is she amazing at her job, she is informative and is human, she understands that not everything is ideal when it comes to trying to fit recovery into general life and finds solutions to constraints.

Olivia 28th February 2019

Brilliant service, I have been seen at both the Monument and Leadenhall clinics. Impressed with the efficiency of booking and availability of appointments. Treatment has been brilliant and feel so much more confident going in to my first marathon in April.

Piero Faroldi 28th February 2019

Very friendly, patient and explain the issues and exercises very well.

Carlos 28th February 2019

Joanna Thomas 28th February 2019

Never have I meet such a lovely team of people. All willing to assist. However the changing area could be better looked after. It's looking a bit neglected.

Anonymous, London 28th February 2019

Consistently good treatment here. I have hurt my back, wrist and ankle on 3 separate occasions and each time six physio in Kensington have been excellent. Professional service and appointments are followed up with digital images of treatment exercises, when requested. High standards and highly recommend.

Rob 28th February 2019

I've been with Six for a few weeks now and have seen Kathy and Neil in relation to a knee/ hip problem and the experience has been great. I've found all the team at Six to be really approachable and the treatment is completely bespoke. We've moved from physio to strength/conditioning/running coaching and I'm already seeing some great results. For anyone with goals (half/marathon/sportives etc) I think it's definitely worth a visit whether it's for a niggle that you've ignored or you're just looking to fine-tune your technique. Good service and convenience (location and appointment times) comes at a premium but you really do get what you pay and it's definitely worth it.

Hugh 22nd February 2019

R M-Taha 21st February 2019

Highly professional!

Jane Clark 21st February 2019

Louis 21st February 2019

Amal Malik 21st February 2019

Davide was immediately able to figure out the cause of my injury and Ailish's rehab program helped me strengthen my muscles back to recovery in no time. I was super pleased with my experience at Six Physio.

David walters 20th February 2019

I've been seeing Tom and Jules for my foot injury. I can't speak more highly of them; they're always very professional, friendly and clearly care about their clients and helping them achieve results.

Margot 20th February 2019

Punctual. Very important to me. Efficient and professional. My physiotherapist is skilled, knowledgable and delightful.

Neil 20th February 2019

Jonathan Rose 20th February 2019

Catherine Paget 20th February 2019

Francesca 20th February 2019

Maria 20th February 2019

Professional and Friendly

Angela 20th February 2019

Cecilia 20th February 2019

P 20th February 2019

Janos Koenig 20th February 2019

I have been doing mainly Pilates at Parsons Green and Chelsea. Pretty much all instructors are of a very high calibre and I have enjoyed the exercises for close to 20 years now. I have had a few rehab sessions and the quality of the physios has been extremely high

Hannah Macey 20th February 2019

Edel has been so understanding, thorough and more knowledgable than I could have imagined. I went into my first appointment concerned, in a lot of pain and left reassured (in a lot less pain) with a clear treatment plan that has allowed me to recover quickly. Can't recommend more highly!

Rory 20th February 2019

Having come to six physio initially for a second opinion, my mind has been completely put at ease. After 3 months of pain, 4 weeks into my new plan with six physio and I'm back to doing the exercises I love in the gym.

Amelia Adams 20th February 2019

The team has looked after me so well, I was incredibly anxious that I wouldn’t be able to run properly again, but with a combination of treatments I’m back training. I’ve learnt so much about technique and pain management, and was most impressed by the level of interaction and follow up from all physiotherapists.

Amelia Adams 20th February 2019

Towny 20th February 2019

My son suggested I saw Mark the physiotherapist. Excellent recommendation and treatment. Very impressed that he recommended if I followed his advice and felt OK would only need to have sports massage on the next visit. He was 100% correct and had very beneficial massage from Chloe yesterday. Already rebooked.

Beatrix von Schroder 20th February 2019

Professional, friendly service. I was amazed by how quickly I could book an appointment.

Wends 20th February 2019

The attention to detail and understanding what you are hoping to achieve from the sessions during the consultation is excellent. I like the whole concept of Six Physio in that there is a hands-on session and then a workout session on the gym floor too which you can then incorporate in your daily life on an on-going basis to alleviate any further injuries.

Tej 20th February 2019

Friendly care, highly experienced physios and plenty of availability when scheduling appointments. Entire process is hassle-free. Really first-class treatment.

Gibson 20th February 2019

Both Lindel and Sarahl have been fantastic and helping me with my back and knee issues and have really lifted my spirits by helping getting to root of the problem and working to rectify them. I cant recommend them highly enough.

Connor 20th February 2019

From my first consultation I felt Alex had covered everything about my diagnosis and prognosis thoroughly, and that my needs were taken seriously.

Sam 17th February 2019

Great service - good availability of appointments, Lauren has been great at diagnosing and recommending treatment and the onsite gym invaluable for building strength work in.

Edd Perry 14th February 2019

I seen Caitlin and Neil for a few injuries and physio sessions over the last 24 months, and can only say great things. Knowledgeable, pleasant and always make me feel at ease. Would and have recommended!

Hind Torres 14th February 2019

Judy 13th February 2019

Totally professional, totally competent, totally lovely!! But your booking portal is dire.

- Six Physio Judy thank you.... we know and we are working on it - promise!

Louise 13th February 2019

I have been working with Six Physio’s excellent Oncology Team for a while. Recently I was unlucky enough to injure my knee while walking the dog, it has been reassuring that they are familiar with my orthopaedic consultant and able to liaise directly with him to plan my treatment program while still taking into account my original requirements. Not only that but they were reassuring and sympathetic.

Jen hedges 13th February 2019

Quicker sending of follow up material- I have not received my email detailing the exercises I need to do (1 week later) However the treatment I got was quick, effective and Davide was extremely professional.

- Six Physio Jen, we hold our hands up! No excuse for this & hopefully you have now received your exercises.

Simon Cooper 13th February 2019

Kenneth James Boston 13th February 2019

I have now been seeing Helen for physio for my post op knee replacement. From the first visit , I was highly impressed with her calm ,and genuine attitude , displaying the upmost care and professional approach. She used her excellent knowledge to explain what type of physio I would require and what to expect in terms of discomfort, which thanks to her , has been minimal. She has the ability to build ones confidence and thanks to her expert advice , I know I am turning the corner. I have every faith in this young lady and cannot thank her enough. She is an asset to Six Physio and I would certainly recommend her to any possible clients .

Jane 13th February 2019

You all somehow keep me going. Big thank you. I have been coming for years but wish I had discovered you even earlier

Stephen 13th February 2019

My problems were readily diagnosed and a regime of sports rehab exercises provided that rapidly brought me back to full time and pain free training again.

Leslie Guglielmetti 13th February 2019

Excellent assistance both from the massage point of view that for the Pilates and exercises. I have problems at my lower back that were assessed by Kate and Sarah .. two very professional physiotherapists. It will take time but now I know what I need to do and improve . The only negative point of Sux Pyhsio in Jubilee Place are the bathrooms ! Need to be improved and be kept clean thoroughly. And also the heating in the bathroom and in some of the rooms

Juliet 13th February 2019

Professional yet caring approach. My physiotherapist gave me a programme which was effective but easy to integrate into my day to day routine (not easy with a 4 month and 2.5 year old in tow!)

Melanie Galezowski 13th February 2019

Fantastic service and excellent treatment

Emilie 13th February 2019

Paolo camara 13th February 2019

Samantha is amazing

NEIL TAYLOR 13th February 2019

Emma Goring 13th February 2019

I was recommended Six Physio by a colleague and have been so impressed with the treatment I have received. The sessions have been thorough and I can see improvements. Great advice and tailored exercises. I would definitely recommend.

Cristina Hernandez Quevedo 13th February 2019

Heather 13th February 2019

Ive only had two appointments so far but I’m super happy with the care and treatment plan I’ve received. The detail of diagnosis and explanation of conditions plus treatment plan have all been to a high standard. This coupled with a caring and understanding approach to the more personal elements of treatments made for a winning combination.

Emma 13th February 2019

The treatment at Six Physio has been great. They have helped me overcome the issue and are now helping me to get stronger ready to run a half marathon!

Annastasia 13th February 2019

I found the structure of treatment and the planning involved in ensuring not only was my injury treated but also prevented in the future to be extremely beneficial

Sue Bowen 13th February 2019

Very impressed by advice received to date. Am very hopeful will help me manage current health issues.

Thomas Picone 13th February 2019

Professional outfit from front of house with appointments to the fact they handle your claim with health insurance providers to the exceptional physios themselves. My back has improved week by week since my first visit.

Julie 11th February 2019

Reception and friendly and very helpful and both my physios have been great.

Fiona Czerniawska 10th February 2019

Anonymous 8th February 2019

Mark 7th February 2019

None to be honest, overly happy with the professional staff and results.

Andrew Goodman 7th February 2019

Will 6th February 2019

It’s been a great experience so far helping me recover

Paola Coppola di Canzano 6th February 2019

Jenny Marshall 6th February 2019

There is an excellent atmosphere at Six Physio - from the initial phone call - which was both efficient and reassuring - before even arriving - followed by a warm welcome at reception. I had been recommended highly by others who had been to Six Physio - and gained really good results. I was a little hesitant as physio (and exercise) is not generally on my radar and the fact that I'm a little older than usual gym visitors can be intimidating. However, Jeremy seemed to realise that this was quite a new experience and immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process. I had been pretty shaken by an accident - and the treatment he gave me seemed to totally take all that into account and started a pretty gentle journey. After that I have had sessions with Amy in the Gym (another alien place for me) - but once again I was treated gently and encouraged. I know that there isn't a 'quick fix' as shoulders are a bit naughty - but I know that I'm improving and truly appreciate the on-going treatment which is certainly helping. I am trying to be consistent with the exercises - as I know it's important to help myself too. :-) All in all - I would recommend anyone to go to SIx Physio - they not only take away the pain ---------- but the anxiety too !!!!!

Antonietta 6th February 2019

I was offered two types of treatment for my BT band problem, one with Carla massaging my muscles to loosen them and one with Sarah showing me exercises to build strength and balance. I am completely satisfied with both types of sessions; Carla and Sarah are both very friendly and extremely professional. I would definitely recommend the centre.

Hana 6th February 2019

I was referred to Six Physio by a consultant who works with their hand and wrist specialists. I’ve been pleased with the treatment I have received so far, though I’m not fully clear on what my treatment plan is for the short- to medium- term.

Gemma Gooch 6th February 2019

De la vallée poussin fonda 6th February 2019

Grace 6th February 2019

Been to a few physios before Six Physio, and these guys are easily the best. They take a holistic approach - looking at how your whole body moves, not just a quick fix for where you've been injured - so you don't end up coming back for the exact same injury a few months later. Thoroughly recommended.

chris watson 6th February 2019

Martin Stott 6th February 2019

Ivan 6th February 2019

Ahsan Ali 6th February 2019

Cansu 6th February 2019

Emma 6th February 2019

They are really attentive and constructive, helping with every aspect of recovery

Craig 6th February 2019

Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff.

Vanessa Yell 6th February 2019

Gaby Lazarus 31st January 2019

Sam has provided a very effective ongoing treatment plan which has evolved after each session, with clear and precise instructions for exercises at home - the progress has been considerable and made me feel that I am in the best of hands working towards a complete recovery. I am also looking forward to restarting Pilates classes, totally confident that all the instructors are able to be creative in planning a programme that fully supports a return to my pre-injury fitness level.

Vicki Harrison 31st January 2019

Kirti Kariya 31st January 2019

Everyone is very kind and helpful.

Caroline Thomson 30th January 2019

JO PETRICH 30th January 2019

Philippa Davis 30th January 2019

Joey 30th January 2019

I've found the exercises to be really effective and well explained, and the physios have all been really helpful and friendly. The only issue I had was that my expectations were possibly too high regarding when I would be getting back to running at full capacity, which I think could have been communicated better.

cecile malaspina 30th January 2019

Claire Cook 30th January 2019

Benjamin 30th January 2019

The session was way to expensive - far too much and really took me by surprise. I appreciate that the team are highly qualified and really know what they are doing, but i genuinely felt like I'd been taken for a fool. I also feel strongly that your therapists and rooms could be smartened up a little bit, the session felt very uncomfortable.

- Six Physio Thanks for the feedback Benjamin - A little harsh we feel. All our fees are up on our website, and you only have to ask! Our fees are comparable to all the other clinics in the area and our set up easily surpasses most other clinics too. Horses for courses I guess, but we're deeply sorry we didn't meet your expectation.

Simona D'amico 30th January 2019

Frances Lubbe 30th January 2019

I have been completely at ease during my Six Physio sessions from the get go. The physios are personable and communicative, and I always felt like I knew exactly what was going on and why certain exercises were recommended.

Jean-Michel Karagah 30th January 2019

Bruce 30th January 2019

Caitlin was instrumental in me competing at the World Duathlon Championships - I thoroughly recommend!

john craig 30th January 2019

The lady that gave me my treatment was wonderful, she explained far more than the surgeon who did the op and her advice has meant that I have done the excercises and my hand has got better quicker than the surgeon said it would. thanks

Dominic Di Talamo 30th January 2019

John Loudon 28th January 2019

Friendly, very professional, thoughtful and very experienced staff

John Loudon 24th January 2019

Dee Allen 19th January 2019

Fantastic Women's Health Physio.

Tm 19th January 2019

Phoebe 17th January 2019

Really friendly physio's and received fantastic treatment & sound advice on how to treat injuries moving forwards. Appointment's were also available at really short notice which is always a huge bonus when you're in need! Feedback on pricing - very high and have considered looking elsewhere due to ongoing costs.

- Six Physio Thanks Phoebe, We think our fees represent great value for money - so much so we're very happy to recommend a cheaper practice, but we can't guarantee the quality of the treatment you get...or how you feel....or the advise.....or their availability!

Camilla 17th January 2019

Very professional, knowledgeable and personable instructors.

Russ Peters 16th January 2019

Good first appointment. Rubbish second appointment. Cost 70£ and set me back 3 weeks. Good third appointment. Happy for you to publish this.

- Six Physio Sorry to to hear you wouldn’t recommend us to your family. Frankie seems to be getting you back on track so hopefully we'll come out in a better light down the line.

Anonymous 16th January 2019

Best physio around. I have been coming for almost two years now and I couldn’t ask for more!

Richard Fisher 16th January 2019

Erika Treanor 16th January 2019

Jenny is a wonderful PF PT. She is patient, knowledgeable and personable. I have already recommended her to my friends.

Christine 16th January 2019

Rebuilding my strength with Laura after a year of medical treatment. She provides the perfect mix of hand holding and bullying. I’m already seeing results after only a few sessions.

Rob 16th January 2019

Borg the physio’s I’ve seen (Leonie and Juliet) have been consummate professionals, explaining my diagnosis, treatment and the preventive steps I can take to prevent similar problems in the future. And they’ve done so in an extremely affable and friendly way!

Spencer Bernstein 16th January 2019

Great work by Lauren and the team

Alice Barrell 16th January 2019

Pearlie Kee 16th January 2019

Sarah and James are good listeners and reassuring, and don't overload you with rehab excerises just enough to make progress

Jon Kennedy 16th January 2019

Bex 16th January 2019

I have seen two different women's health physios and been given very different advice and treatment programmes from each. I am not sure why. It would be great if the WH team at Six co-ordinated on best practice for specific conditions. I am thoroughly happy with my current programme, it was just a shame I didn't see my current physio first!

- Six Physio Thank you, all feedback greatly appreciated: there are different options to achieve the same goal - some which align themselves better with your (the patients') expectations. I'm sure the long term results will be the same, but we need need to up our game to make sure you have the best possible experience along the way.

Jamie Binstock 14th January 2019

Franziska 11th January 2019

Catherine Day 10th January 2019

Are Berentsen 10th January 2019

Really easy to book an appoinment. Efficient and friendly staff, both admin and therapist. Treatment has been excellent.

Tilly Munro 10th January 2019

Dan and Juliet are doing a brilliant job working as a team to get me back to full health - I really enjoy my visits - thank you.

Chris Hopton 10th January 2019

Ellie willis 9th January 2019

Louise Scott 9th January 2019

Highly skilled therapists who listen and offer constructive advice. They set realistic goals and have helped me with a number of different issues.

Sally McDougall 9th January 2019

Adam Coulter 9th January 2019

As always, the team at Six Physio are caring, thoughtful and most importantly – have made me a lot better!

Colum Mylod 9th January 2019

Kiah and Madeleine have been excellent with the treatment of my damaged knee. Fully informed and gently pushing

Bernard Fromson 9th January 2019

Great treatment, sorted out my problem quickly and gave excellent advise on recovery and exercises to protect me in the future

Faye Timby 9th January 2019

Davide & Ailish worked together to give me a diagnosis and then structure a plan to get me back in action and ready for the London Marathon. Both have been extremely friendly, supportive and encouraging. I'd recommend the team to anyone!

Matthew Morgan 9th January 2019

Ally Dickson 9th January 2019

Jamila 9th January 2019

Love the holistic approach that my physiotherapist takes - she’s brilliant!

Shirley Reid 9th January 2019

Very prompt, professional care - Thank you.

Anya 9th January 2019

I love coming to Six. The team are always helpful and friendly and understand the pain I’m in and treatment I need. They come in early and stay late to accommodate appointment times and are always cheery.

Jane Procter 9th January 2019

Tim has healing hands

C Beeson 9th January 2019

HW 9th January 2019

Emily Hatton 9th January 2019

Julie Rassat 9th January 2019

It would be good to have screensots of USS to keep and formally use to view progress. Otherwise, incredible communication and professionalism. I have see 5 doctors after my operation and for recovery. Georgie was by ar the best - very clear in her communication and comprehensive in her review of my situation. I am very grateful your service was recommended to me.

Julie 9th January 2019

Ann Goodger 7th January 2019

My experience with Luke and Laura has been thoughtful and professional. They have really sought to understand the issues I have been having and devised a plan for me to work on outside my sessions with them. This has truly worked and as a result I am about to enjoy a week's skiing with confidence in my physical ability.

Graham 5th January 2019

Six Physio staff explore until they get the correct diagnosis and then the therapy routines are bespoke and effective

Edward Munn 4th January 2019

Would be helpful to have a more direct line of communication with physio

- Six Physio Edward, we totally agree... leave it with us

Andrea 4th January 2019

Anna 3rd January 2019

Alice Gray 3rd January 2019

Really friendly service, asking lots of questions to get a holistic diagnosis

RiCo 3rd January 2019

Sean Bass 3rd January 2019

Sarah Hinton-Smith 3rd January 2019

Tunc Tezel 3rd January 2019

Elizabeth 3rd January 2019

Samantha is great and really understands the needs of clients. Elizabeth

Olivia 3rd January 2019

Dan Lettington 3rd January 2019

My initial assessment was so spot on. All the exercises I have been told to try are definitely helping my symptoms. The receptionist are all so friendly and accommodating. Sometimes I feel like the sessions could be a little longer.

JOHN BADGER 3rd January 2019

Jon Higgins 3rd January 2019

Julia Boyd 3rd January 2019

Edel is just brilliant. You feel you can't help but get better with her overseeing your recovery. Very reassuring and encouraging as well as being on the top of her game in purely professional terms.

Alister Stielow 3rd January 2019

I really like that my physiotherapist records my treatment exercises on my phone with detailed explanation of each movement so I can then refer back to these in my own time if need be.

Elliot 3rd January 2019

Rachel jones 3rd January 2019

Claire is wonderful. I instantly connected with her and I’m looking forward to treatments.

Lance harris 3rd January 2019

Friendly and helpful,but the sessions are short and by the time some discussion has taken place the session seems to be overtoo quickly.Therefore ,while quality is good it doesn’t feel like value for money

- Six Physio Great feedback - time flies when you're having fun (and getting better!) Your verbal update allows us to tailor your rehab and speed your recovery along. It's never about how much you do - but how you do it. Quality (versus quantity) allows your session to maximise the effectiveness of what you do in them. Looking forward to seeing you in clinic again soon.

Pek A. 2nd January 2019

I only been seen once in your practise, I can't give a precise opinion base on one visit!

Tina Zhang 30th December 2018

Sophia Foster 30th December 2018

Mark W 29th December 2018

Mel 29th December 2018

Maybe offering acupuncture

Paul Harris 29th December 2018

Toby takes care in understanding age physiology, lifestyle and activity levels before making a diagnosis and outlining a recovery plan of exercises.

Jason 29th December 2018

How about an online booking system

- Six Physio Believe it or not we do have one... but its rather clunky! Our all-singing-all-dancing one is just round the corner... we hope!

S Nissan 29th December 2018

Maged Hanna 29th December 2018

The combination of Manual therapy and rehab, helped isolote the problem and fill me with confidence.

Bryan Thomas 29th December 2018

Dood 28th December 2018

Susannah Parden 28th December 2018

MARIO DEMETRIOU 28th December 2018

Amy has been amazing!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mario.x

Juliet 28th December 2018

Gabriella Moraes 28th December 2018

Tira Shubart 28th December 2018

Charming, helpful & it works!

Stuart 28th December 2018

Christina Siegfredsen 28th December 2018

Excellent experience, feel progressively better with each visit which has made me feel really positive

Hannah 21st December 2018

RobD 20th December 2018

Every time I have an injury or a problem, six physio deliver a solution- and get me back to doing what I want to do

Holly 19th December 2018

From the first five minutes of my first appointment, I felt trust and belief in my physio which I hadn't encountered at other practices. My treatment is steady, positive and I actually look forward to my appointments!

Jade 19th December 2018

I was recommended by a colleague and I recommended my partner :) I’ve seen two physios here and they are both great! I will still recommend

Rachel Worrall 19th December 2018

Loved my two therapists Aty and Laura Ham , really professional and sweet evidence based advice and always feel so much better after seeing them

Jo 19th December 2018

Michael was great - understood my 15 yr old rugby son !!

David 19th December 2018

Dev 19th December 2018

Great team highly professional Neil has been very supportive throughout my rehabilitation for my knee so helpful would recommend them!

rachel williamson 19th December 2018

tim barber 19th December 2018

Eddie did marvellous job on fixing my knee and politely humiliating my my lack of core strength :)

Nancy Haynes-Belaid 19th December 2018

Julie Rocque 19th December 2018

Chintan 19th December 2018

Six Physio has helped me at so many occasions since 2014. Best of all, I got continued support and advice during an episode of RSI while I had to push through and meet M.A. final project deadline! Thank you for helping me achieve a distinction, and of course helping me fix RSI.

Nicola 19th December 2018

extremely efficient and very friendly service, I felt like I was in the best of hands.

Mrs Taylor 19th December 2018

I have been given immediate relief from pain and a longer term treatment plan to reduce future discomfort and help me return to increased activity levels in sport. Thank you

Ioanna 19th December 2018

Una 19th December 2018

From the receptionist to the physio, they create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere.

Sorin Berniczki 19th December 2018

Deepa 19th December 2018

Christian 18th December 2018

Fantastic and very professional

Jason 13th December 2018

Very friendly staff

Toni 13th December 2018

Very thorough consultation, I felt really listened to in terms of the physical problems I was having, and the exercises prescribed have been so helpful.

Mel 13th December 2018

Maha 12th December 2018

Six physio are excellent in every way , whether it is their Pilate classes or physio treatments.

Andy Martyin 12th December 2018

I'm starting to feel like one of those old vintage cars - they need a bit of work from time to time. Your mechanics have got me back on the road as good as new.

Yanita Oparlakova 12th December 2018

I’ve been a regular patient for more than a year now and the team in the Monument office has helped me immensely. They have always been very patient and careful when dealing with my rare condition. I am extremely grateful and I am not planning to stop visiting the center for both physio and pilates.

Valentina 12th December 2018

I wasn’t contacted after my appointment- as promised - to receive the exercise plan. The visit was a bit rushed and no follow up at all. Very expensive and not value for my money

- Six Physio We hold our hands up - not sending your exercises through is a huge error on our part. Apologies all round - these have now been sent. With regards timing, although we do our best we do very occasionally run over if we have complex clients. If this is the case you will always get your full appointment, even if it means our physios stay late.

Nisha Mistry 12th December 2018

Suad mohamed 12th December 2018

Francesca is brilliant at communicating effectively and helps me to understand what the issue is and how best to resolve it without all the medical jargon which can get quite confusing. Fantastic physiotherapist and would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

Tola Ogunlesi 12th December 2018

Great experiences with both Tomas Whyatt and Georgie Adams. Not just a matter of great treatment and pain relief, but they were both very forthcoming in providing tips and exercise to do outside of sessions to help progress. A great all-round service.

John Wise 12th December 2018

Lucy Flaws 7th December 2018

Armand de Lambilly 5th December 2018

My 6 on q2 was because I’m not completely finished so I’ll have to see how it goes. But the service is really friendly and clear.

Laura Winwood 5th December 2018

Francesca was extremely professional and made me feel at ease.

Gosia 5th December 2018

claudia de wolff 5th December 2018

William Saunders 5th December 2018

As ever Tom was brilliant on the diagnosis and James was excellent on the remedial side. This is the 4th time ive come in with different injuries and im 100 per cent in a short time again. So grateful.

edgar levy 5th December 2018

Harriet mandak 5th December 2018

Francesca is amazing. So knowledgeable and friendly, and really takes the time to help you understand any exercises that are prescribed to you.

Sam Rose 5th December 2018

P Lee 5th December 2018

It is easy to see that the entire staff at Sixphysio are willing to support and help you. They are professionals who bring warmth and care to their work.

Shivanshi Gupta 5th December 2018

I reached out to SixPhysio when my shoulder was in the worst state. Not only was l accommodated but I was also prioritised. My physiotherapist was great and really looked after me. Thanks for your help!

simon mapstone 5th December 2018

efficient and courteous

lisa 5th December 2018

Working with Jodi has given me back my freedom. I had no idea how quickly I could experience such a big difference.

Kim 5th December 2018

Ron 5th December 2018

Couldn’t fault it. Maybe if the physio could list the sports they have dealt with most. I had a hand expert but she didn’t know much about climbing injuries. Although her knowledge of the hand was super.

Dominic Pickavance 5th December 2018

wonderful new mobility in my wrist

Richard Moses 2nd December 2018

Alessio Roncallo 29th November 2018

Professionality and fun, I am very happy.

Inês 29th November 2018

Dav was very professional and friendly from the start. He explained everything to me clearly and gave me exercises to do at home to help the process of getting back on my feet. I have seen lots of improvement since I began sessions. The clinic is lovely and clean and welcoming. The receptions are very helpful and efficient. I have done physio elsewhere before and this was an improvement generally, also because I did not have to experience any excruciating pain to get well.

John Darby 29th November 2018

Eddie superstar.

John Darby 29th November 2018

Eddie superstar.

Monument 29th November 2018

Eddie superstar.

Kamini 29th November 2018

joanna Kimberley 29th November 2018

Laura Mackay 28th November 2018

it took some considerable time for my appointments to be sorted out due to certain restrictions imposed by Aviva. It was frustrating to have to chase this up having been assured that the appropriate person would be allocated to me and I would be contacted. Once I'd slightly thrown my toys out of the pram though everything was fine. however I must be honest, had I had the option of another practice at the time I may well not have used Six Physio. In retrospect I'm glad I didn't as the treatment has been great, but this was a major failing.

Will Ray 28th November 2018

Robin 28th November 2018

Please make your rates available on the website.

Lucy Becquart 28th November 2018

Pat Murphy-O'Connor 28th November 2018

malena muggli 28th November 2018

Georgie Collier 28th November 2018

Ann Gallet 28th November 2018

All staff very friendly and helpful. Communication is very good, perfect follow up!

Jayne King 28th November 2018

The treatment my son received for a hamstring injury was outstanding. From the starting point of diagnosis, the exercises through the rest period, the sports massage and rehabilitation. Fern was amazing. Thank you.

Charlotte 28th November 2018

Fantastic service, great recovery plan put in place and lovely staff!

M 28th November 2018

Laura 28th November 2018

I walked into six physio with a trapped nerve, about to go on a long hike.. within three days, the pain had reduced and my trip went ahead.Henry was very calm and manipulated my back precisely and carefully so I am back to normal and very thankful .

Wesley 28th November 2018

You fixed me. Simple as that. I was very sceptical about trying Physio but in justa few short weeks I have gone form pain to pain-free. I still have a long way to go before I am totally recovered - but I feel in safe hands with the guys at Six Physio

Stephen Butt 28th November 2018

Great engagement, made me feel relaxed and welcome. Got to the problem quickly and recommended course of treatment which is working

Tracy Swaffer 24th November 2018

Katrina was knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic - thank you.

Joao Alves 22nd November 2018

Rosella Lunnon 22nd November 2018

Wouldn't change a thing. I have seen several of the physiotherapists at both the Chelsea and Fitzrovia clinics and they are all incredibly helpful and thorough. They not only focus on your problem area, but give you a full body assessment to ensure the problem isn't a consequence of something else. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Daniela Nicola 22nd November 2018

Ian Exell 21st November 2018

Can’t thank Luke and Laura enough for looking after my injuries.... always fantastic service and care. Both have helped get me back on my feet.

Salvador 21st November 2018

Fern has been brilliant. Got to the root of the problem straight away and 3 weeks on I am well on my way to recovery!

Vicki Lee 21st November 2018

Margot 21st November 2018

Davide and Amy got my headache down really quick, super service.

Mica 21st November 2018

Francesca was excellent - really listened to my needs as a pregnant mum, and have excellent advice perfectly tailored to my understanding and circumstances. I have already recommended her to other pregnant friends experiencing discomfort.

Madeleine Leggett 21st November 2018

Jerry Mitchell 21st November 2018

Looking forward to the remodelled premises as having the outside door straight into the gym/studio sure isn't the best in our climate:)

S Everist 21st November 2018

Laura Hall 21st November 2018

Ben Smart 21st November 2018

Suvro 21st November 2018

Very friendly staff and they are practical. Easy to talk to and flexible with timings!

Kevin Woolvin 21st November 2018

None at all, all expectations met and rehab going much better than expected 👍

Peter 21st November 2018

Both Luke and Adrian are very professional, and I've built good rapports with them both over the sessions I have had - the only slight criticism would be to have a clearer structure/plan for the overall rehab, on occasions I feel it is a little spontaneous in a specific session and not part of a continued progression. I must stress a slight criticism and I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a high-class group of physios.

Adam Price 21st November 2018

Incredibly impressed. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff across the board. The team are really concerned with getting you better (which sounds obvious but this place really seems to care!)

Mason El Hage 21st November 2018

Six Physio have been extremely professional from day 1, and have located and helped me to treat the problems with my upper and lower back.

Marcus 21st November 2018

Tom was great. Seeing as the sessions are so short I felt that a lot was achieved in a limited time frame. Will recommend.

william Jones 21st November 2018

Great treatment in a relaxed environment. Really helped me prepare well for a charity boxing match.

David Harper 21st November 2018

Fern has been amazing at understanding the complex needs of my knee and causes of pain from elsewhere in my body. Not there yet but feeling very positive !

Michelle H. 21st November 2018

Doris Piva 19th November 2018

I think that the staff are genuinely nice. However, not that great in terms of efficiently treating me. Three out of 5 of my sessions were Pilates, which I understand is important, but with all due respect, I don't need medical insurance or pain treatment to do Pilates. James was nice to, but I don't think he really appreciated why I am there. So at the last session, even though I said that my lower back was still hurting, he didn't specifically say how he would address that, but just said that with more Pilates the issue would resolve, that there was no need to see him anymore. Maybe your business strategy is to get more people paying for Pilates there, but to me it was all a bit superficial.

- Six Physio There was a Pilates bias to your home exercise programme as these exercises were ideal for targeting your stiff mid back and these symptoms were improving. We did note your concerns that you still had some pain in your lower back and any form of exercise such as Pilates, in addition to you continuing your rehab sessions here will gain further improvements. The hands on work will make you feel better but will not get you better - it is the exercise that will do this, hence our suggestion!

Bert 18th November 2018

I found both James & Chris, to be very informative, experience & friendly. The Clinice was very clean & tidy too.

Tom 17th November 2018

Steve 16th November 2018

Kelli B 15th November 2018

Rob L 15th November 2018

Simply the best physiotherapists I have ever been to. They never fail to quickly identify and treat my injuries.

Robert Leigh 15th November 2018

Steve 15th November 2018

Tony B 15th November 2018

great therapist, exercises and treatment

Caroline 15th November 2018

Clair Astin 15th November 2018

Michael 15th November 2018

Kevin Andrews 15th November 2018

The care and understanding I have received has been perfect.

Margaret Morrison 15th November 2018

I would highly recommend.

priya prakash 15th November 2018

Make it easy to come into the physio at Foley Street. The stairs are daunting for someone with bad knees undergoing physio.

Martin 15th November 2018

Had physio at a previous company, I'm afraid they were very poor in comparison to Sixphysio recognised the problem as soon as I walked in the door!

Nadia Ameli 15th November 2018

Jackie alexander 15th November 2018

Georgie Fenn 15th November 2018

Abigail Southan 15th November 2018

I love the dual approach to Six Physio that prevents and changes, rather than simply 'treats'. The team are helpful, clued-up and more than competent - plus, they always all look like they absolutely love their job. I wouldn't have physio ANYWHERE else and have told everyone I know about Six Physio in Monument.

Tara Reale 15th November 2018

Jade dakota 15th November 2018

Toby was fantastic and I would highly recommend him and six physio to friends and family!

Ianlarnder 12th November 2018


Nafisa Tosh 12th November 2018

I was very happy with my treatment etc but I couldn’t continue because I was receiving NHS physio and they made me drop treatments with you.

LJS 11th November 2018

Friendly, attentive people who give you real input into your recovery programme.

Danny Duquemin-Sheil 11th November 2018

Julia 10th November 2018

Yes, the physio I saw was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. His treatment was immediately bought me relief and the issue has not re- occurred. General atmosphere in the practice was very friendly.

Jamie Hamblett 8th November 2018

Xiaolu Zhao 8th November 2018

The service was awful!After the treatment,my injured knees became worse!However,when I stopped,my knees are getting better!To be honest,the theracipist did not take the treatment seriously

- Six Physio Interesting! We've had a long discussion with your Physios and they voiced their opinion to you about your expectations around your injury within the limited time you had. There's not always a quick fix, unfortunately and recovery can take a bit of work and time, but we'd still love to try and help you.

Nicole Dearden 8th November 2018

Emma Martin 7th November 2018

Frank mellish 7th November 2018

J 7th November 2018

Miki Ferris 7th November 2018

Could follow up with a better plan written out, but I’d ers that a lot of therapists don’t have time for this. It would make it easier for our clients to understand and follow

Dave 7th November 2018

Happy with my rehabilitation - the team are thorough and motivated to help!

Lisa Farmer 7th November 2018

Caitlin and Neil have been fantastic, they listen to me and know their stuff!!

Andy 7th November 2018

Ellie Consta 7th November 2018

Jose de Naurois 7th November 2018

Really nice people, excellent care by my very competent and kind therapist. I am delighted with the results and happy to recommend 6 Physio in Fulham.

Aisling O'Leary 7th November 2018

Consistently Fantastic.

Aris Valtazanos 7th November 2018

It's still early days after my recent ACL + meniscus reconstruction, but the guidance and support from the Six Physio team (Amy and Tessa) has been crucial in improving my strength pre-op and getting my muscles going post-op! Highly recommended!

Noah Roth 7th November 2018

It’s hard to get an appt. but once I’m there it’s great

Lloyd Frankland 7th November 2018

Madoka 7th November 2018

Thank you Lauren and Julia for very quick recovery from my painful arm and shoulder! My life is completely changed because of your treatment.

Catherine 4th November 2018

I was moved by how caring and professional staff were . Unable to climb the stairs at Chelsea, the kindest staff were so considerate and organised I visit Kensington where there was a lift .

Carlota Boyer 2nd November 2018

Davide and Anna have been absolutely great. Seeing both of them has given my recovery a holistic approach alleviating the pain while working towards strengthening my legs. Thank you

Alison 1st November 2018

HV 1st November 2018

Super lovely staff. Very professional. And seem to really know their stuff! Communication is super easy and direct with front desk and therapists.

Adam Calam-Hale 1st November 2018

Simon Barrowcliff 1st November 2018

good experience - efficient and knowledgeable. reception area not a comfortable wait!

Joe 1st November 2018

Really nice, friendly staff. Very easy to communicate with and a great first impression, especially for someone using private insurance for the first time.

Tim 1st November 2018

Hayley is an excellent therapist, I'm very pleased with the progress she has helped me make towards a full recovery.

Nataliya 1st November 2018

Philippa SEEBOHM 1st November 2018

The physiotherapist was very helpful in explaining what my problem was, and gave me exsersises to do. I do them regularly, and my problem has cleared up quickly.

Daniel Wilder 1st November 2018

Carol 1st November 2018

Katrina at the Lindfield branch has been excellent at explaining my knee problem and the treatment so far has been very beneficial.

Nathalie Du Preez 1st November 2018

Maria 1st November 2018

Liz 1st November 2018

Best physiotherapists in London. Consummate professionals with deep knowledge of what's required for proper recovery from an injury or operation. I cannot say enough positive things about Six Physio

Darren Hogg 1st November 2018

Fantastic service to get over a complicated injury that other places couldn’t resolve

Peter Joslin 1st November 2018

Ann-Maree Blake 1st November 2018

As always the service was fabulous. Any time I need physio I have no hestitation in coming back to Six Physio as the service is consistently top notch.

Corinna Muncie 1st November 2018

As I’m someone who has had an array of injuries over the years. I’ve seen a number of physios for assistance. Sadly they haven’t always had the depth of knowledge the Six Physio team do. Resulting in me having longer recovery time & even pain. Post an annular tear my consultant referred me to Six Physio. From session one I was blown away. Not only by the dedication, knowledge and caring nature of the team. Also the professional detail given in emailing me my exact rehab/physio program online. No other physio has provided this previously and it’s a huge help. I now feel more confident and in control with a toolkit to help not only gain strength & stability but overcome pain through the exercises whilst I go about my day! I have already recommended Six physio to colleagues & my clients to through my Instagram page!

RUTH 1st November 2018

Bigger sign, if u r allowed to, outside the building. Is there only 1 loo, that is all i have found! V clean tidy premises, lovely staff and receptionists.

- Six Physio Thank you - trust me... we would definitely have bigger signage if we could, but we do have 2 loos!

RUTH 1st November 2018

Bigger sign, if u r allowed to, outside the building. Is there only 1 loo, that is all i have found! V clean tidy premises, lovely staff and receptionists.

- Six Physio Thank you - trust me... we would definitely have bigger signage if we could, but we do have 2 loos!

Maeve O Toole 1st November 2018

camilla 1st November 2018

Having experienced severe back pain and spasms and having gone to various specialist studios over Europe Six Studio and it's incredible team have been the only ones to not only fix me but keep me on track. They really care and the attention to detail is like no other.

Sandra Nikolic 1st November 2018

I highly recommend Six Physio - very friendly, and really know what they are doing. They listen and are very knowledgable but also very approachable. I arrived with a calf tear which was the consequence of running and playing tennis with an ankle injury that hadn't had time to heal properly. The treatment, advice and exercises I've been given have been excellent.

Maria Vittoria Prati 1st November 2018

Polly North 1st November 2018

This has been my first experience of physio; each step of the way has been more pleasurable, intelligent, and intuitive than I could have guessed. The reception staff have been as wonderful an experience as the treatment staff. They always greet me with a smile - enough to brighten any day AND have been accommodating - without fault. Nina, Solomon and Danni have worked hard to find ways to fit in round what I need - treatment and schedule wise - they make my visits worthwhile and possible. I have been for 3 or 4 sessions now and feel like I have improved physically, beyond what I thought possible, and discovered friends.

Emma 1st November 2018

Anonymous 1st November 2018

Maybe discussing what will happen in future appointments and where we're going to get to

Zein Al Maha Oweis 1st November 2018

Best Physio I have ever had. The place is accessible and they look after you by giving you the best advice you need during your session. Physiotherapists are efficient, on time and professional. Would recommend Six Physio to anyone.

Jim Blandford 26th October 2018

Great friendly staff, very good communications and prompt follow ups.

Mercedes Monjo 24th October 2018

Frank Brennan 24th October 2018

I thought Lauren was fantastic. She was extremely professional and knew to send me for an MRI which correctly showed that I had a tear in my Achilles which I’m about to into surgery for

Emily Husain 24th October 2018

James 24th October 2018

Six Physio has been by far the best and most comprehensive physiotherapy experience I've had. Other physiotherapists I saw previously have simply offered some massage and ultrasound on my injured knee, but Six Physio have offered a full rehabilitation programme, with videos and recommended equipment to use at home. I'm very pleased with the experience and would recommend to anyone looking for a quick and full recovery.

Susanne Brunner 24th October 2018

Melissa Rodrigs 24th October 2018

Anonymous 24th October 2018


Joe 24th October 2018

Stephen 24th October 2018

Great service that works on a holistic approach which sets SixPhysio apart from others.

Kate Turner 24th October 2018

Really lovely staff who know their stuff !

Henry Clifford 24th October 2018

Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Matthew Mundy 24th October 2018

Leslie 23rd October 2018

Chris 22nd October 2018

Very impressive set-up. Saw me originally at short notice and have since always been able to accommodate my diary. Treatment is top quality. Very happy.

Matt W 19th October 2018

Martin Enstone 18th October 2018

sam 18th October 2018

Justin De wan 18th October 2018

Anna 18th October 2018

A great team that really cares about you getting better. Treatment and approach are very specific to your needs, and they work. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Mahsa Abedi 17th October 2018

Matthew 17th October 2018

Tom 17th October 2018

I really rate the dual physiotherapist approach. Having had my injury a while it filled me with confidence knowing I would get the expertise of two professionals rather than one.

Harriet 17th October 2018

Very well run practice with an attractive atmosphere and excellent practitioners.

Angela 17th October 2018

Charlotte 17th October 2018

Ben 17th October 2018

A friendly and welcoming clinic, with highly skilled staff who really get to the root of the problem.

Sueli Williams 17th October 2018

Alan adamson 17th October 2018

Alex is a very clear communicator, making it easy to follow her advice and specific exercises. Reception staff also first-rate. Booking system also sound. Overall, an excellent experience.

Vrinda 17th October 2018

Experienced and knowledgeable therapists, great service

Alina Maria Besleaga 17th October 2018

Nicola Clargo 17th October 2018

Simon Heath 17th October 2018

Love Tim & the team !! Amazing at what they all do. Where osteopaths have failed you guys work wonders !! The only thing I would suggest & suggested it years ago would be to invest in some showers for those people that come to & from work.

A Campbell 17th October 2018

Exceptional on all levels from reception to the physios. Grateful to have found SixPhysio.

Tim 17th October 2018

Excellent service. Many thanks.

Anon 17th October 2018

Lauren was excellent. I thought she really listened to the issues I was having and adapted the treatment as we went along. There was no sense that she had just made up her mind on what the problem was and just giving a standard treatment.

Martina Ferrero 17th October 2018

John Howe 17th October 2018

Helen 17th October 2018

Sarah Palmer-Tomkinson 15th October 2018

Emma Fisher 11th October 2018

Bronwyn Garrett 10th October 2018

Alexis Howell-Jones 10th October 2018

Bhupesh 10th October 2018

Sarah McDonald 10th October 2018

Garth 10th October 2018

I have used Six Physio for over 12yrs and across 3-4 different branches and always had very good service, knowledgeable diagnosis and consistency of treatment regardless of who I have seen over the years. I recently reverted back to a local physio for ease of location but their results were nowhere near as good as Six Physio, so I have come back to where I know I will get the best treatment!

Carol Hodgman 10th October 2018

Savvy 10th October 2018

My physiotherapist Francesca is great , she has all round approach when it comes to address my condition with prolapse I.e physically and psychologically.

Kate Wessels 10th October 2018

I really enjoy the physio part, with Aty and would give that a 10/10, but don't find the rehab as useful as I do in the US

Cath Mather 10th October 2018

Geoff cross 10th October 2018

Great result for my problem

Hannah 10th October 2018

simon mapstone 10th October 2018

a good impression is made on entering your office.excellent and friendly greeting and no waiting

Joel Evans 10th October 2018

Absolute quality of service, helping me get back from injury to my sport.

Mark 10th October 2018

I came to Six Physio after injuring my shoulder a few months ago. After just one session with Toby it started to really loosen up, and as I continue to have my sessions with Toby and Neil, the improvement is amazing.

Natasha 10th October 2018

I have already recommended Six Physio to my mother-in-law. Clare has magic hands.

Rob 9th October 2018

Cameron 6th October 2018

Great experience at sixphysio parsons green, Francesca and Adrian helped me get over my injury and able to complete my first marathon!

Christine 6th October 2018

Emma 5th October 2018

After seeing multiple physios across the years for various injuries, there is now no where else I would go than Six physio. Toby and Neil have been great at communicating to me what they suspect the problem to be and how to go about solving the issue causing it.

Lisa Hart 5th October 2018

Alexandra 5th October 2018

Six Physio has helped me crack my long term, chronic pain issues with my neck and shoulder. The team there are amazing!

Ciala Myers 4th October 2018

Fabiana 4th October 2018

SRUTI AGARWAL 4th October 2018

Rob Wilkinson 4th October 2018

Neil Gallagher really understands the risks for runners. He did a great job for me preparing for a half marathon. Thanks, Neil!

Claire 4th October 2018

Elia Antonioudaki 4th October 2018

Dhananjay Vaidya 4th October 2018

Personal care... good communication !

AdrianWingate 4th October 2018

Charlotte 4th October 2018

The treatment has been fantastic, brilliant facilities and it’s really easy to book at convenient times.

Sophia Dunn 4th October 2018

Six Physio on Lindfield is a wonderful place. Treatment is superb. The physiotherapists understand my injury, and when things become unbalanced, provide effective, kind treatment. Most importantly! I don’t have to listen to radio or piped in music (if I did, I wouldn’t attend) and no one is fragranced or perfumed (ditto). If there is ‘music’, I won’t attend (I have misophonia), and am allergic to all forms of chemical fragrance. I have attended a Six Physio livation in London, but will never go back. It was loud, there was no privacy, everything was highly fragranced, you could not pay cash, and the reception staff lacked courtesy.

Paolo Camara 4th October 2018

Samantha Barlow is amazing. Nothing else to say

Will Hodgman 4th October 2018

Rachael, Beate, Sarah, and Becky get right to it and fix what is broken and cure what afflicts.

philip parvin 4th October 2018

A larger studio would be helpful

Lisa Tuffs 4th October 2018

Thomas Hancock 4th October 2018

Quick appointment. Great diagnosis and super effective treatment plan. Brilliant physio.

L Burns 4th October 2018

Six physio have been really helpful working with me to strengthen up my knees and lower back. They have treated me for acute pain but also provided me with a long term rehabilitation plan that is tailored to my future exercise aspirations. Thanks so much!

Giulia Di Palma 4th October 2018

It would be nice to receive a paper report confirming diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.

Florence Wells 4th October 2018

really great service at six physio- I came from another physio as they weren’t helping me and I’ve already felt better for seeing the physios at six. Thanks :)

Hannah Winchester 4th October 2018

Dimitrios Panagos 1st October 2018

Lissa 1st October 2018

Sam Gilson 28th September 2018

Martin was very welcoming. He made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in. I’m back running pain free now thanks to his help and giving me exercises to do. Would definitely go to Martin again as I know I would be very well looked after.

Kerri miller 26th September 2018

The clinic is seamless and well organised. The structure of appointments is very easy to understand and every physio I have dealt with has been professional with a sense of humour which always helps!

Michelle Dunne 26th September 2018

Tom in Moorgate is amazing!

Andy Young 26th September 2018

Neil Sutton 26th September 2018

Always great advice, been using Six Physio for years and will continue to do so.

Hebe Jenner 26th September 2018


Sam Telling 26th September 2018

Sole 26th September 2018

Galina Ward 26th September 2018

Neda Nikbakht 20th September 2018

KL 20th September 2018

Juliet Womack 19th September 2018

Mrs C 19th September 2018

I’ve been going to Six Physio over several years for one treatment or another and I always trust them to sort me out. Everyone there is very professional and friendly.

Ian Elliott 19th September 2018

Christian Burmester 19th September 2018

Really good communication and well timed lessons. Quick and accurate advices which helped me immediately. Great idea to take videos of exercises which can then be easily followed up upon at home.

Alicja Johnston 19th September 2018

M 19th September 2018

Richard Briscoe 19th September 2018

Becki 19th September 2018

Clear communication of advice and treatment during the appointments and afterwards.

Francesca Porter 19th September 2018

CJ 19th September 2018

Francesca is not only a very good physio but she is also friendly, positive and super dynamic. Everything you need to feel good and get better quickly!

Fran woodard 19th September 2018

Really comprehensive assessment and treatment. Professional and friendly.

Daniel 19th September 2018

S. Hurwitz. 19th September 2018

Great care and attention to detail both in diagnosing the condition and treating it.

Ann 19th September 2018

Fern is absolutely fantastic, great with people and an expert in her field. The only thing I could criticise is the room, very claustrophobic and sometimes not any paper roll for the couch, because she is so good I put those things aside

Natalie Marchant 19th September 2018

Paul Gaughan 19th September 2018

Hugo 19th September 2018

Absolutely fantastic service - met a physio (Ben Marsh) and running specialist (Neil Gallagher). Where the therapy and rehab was covered to have me back to strength as soon as possible and support along the way. Additionally they were very flexible with when they could see me - sometimes much later into the evening.

Megan 19th September 2018

I can’t recommend sixphysio highly enough. They’re incredibly thorough, and the tailored exercises for rehab are excellent.

Teresa Germano 19th September 2018

Caben Thancanamootoo 16th September 2018

Not a major problem but a slight lack of consistency in treatment options for same issues.

Helen 13th September 2018

Cj 12th September 2018

My physio so far has been caring, knowledgeable and well targeted to my condition, and I hope to continue to make progress.

Sarah Shrubb 12th September 2018

Catriona MacIntosh 12th September 2018

Lisa Woodberry 12th September 2018

I’ve been super happy with SixPhysio. Having tried another local London physio beforehand, the service and level of care at Six has been so much better - I am really pleased I changed.

Sarah Donovan 12th September 2018

Christopher Little 12th September 2018

David 12th September 2018

It helps that my pilates teacher is also my physiotherapist.

Alex 12th September 2018

Really great experience - perhaps a little more focus on follow-up exercises / rehab.

Jasmine Shea 12th September 2018

Viviana Gardener 12th September 2018

Matt Espley 12th September 2018

Farah Rangosch 12th September 2018

I have been looked after very well by all staff at Six Physio, Fitzrovia as well as Moorgate and would recommend them to anyone with anything relating requiring physiotherapy.

Judith Parker 8th September 2018

Satya Ghantasala 7th September 2018

june galgey 7th September 2018

rave rave. Katrina is wonderful and I noticed a real improvement after the first massage, so much so that I increased the time to a full hour.

jacqueline Berthold 5th September 2018

The one place I have every confidence in when I have a problem. Having experienced problems in the past which ended in major surgery, I would advise everyone to visit this clinic before anyone else. They have always given correct advice and apart from settling anything untoward, they have advised when it was necessary to see a specialist.

Shannon jewell 5th September 2018

Vickie Twist 5th September 2018

A great team! Everyone is professional and brilliant at what they do!

duncan macpherson 5th September 2018

I’ve been really impressed by Hannah who very quickly identifed which muscles in my affected shoulder were weak from a previous dislocation and promptly gave me a list of exercises to complete.

Vicky 5th September 2018

Super friendly and experienced team - really pleased to have found Six Physio.

Gabriela Hudson 5th September 2018

Lan-Lan Smith 5th September 2018

I like how the exercises are emailed to me, so I don’t have to worry about remembering them all during the sessions. The Kensington clinic has always been great with my bringing my 7 month old along with me as well.

Gaynor Deal 5th September 2018

Andrew Matuch 5th September 2018

Alexandra 5th September 2018

None so far, everything was/is great

Lavinia 5th September 2018

Oliver Feldwick 5th September 2018

Have always found it very personable, pragmatic, flexible and fun. Feels like the team is really engaged with figuring out what's going on and getting to the answer. Been very impressed and have already recommended to others!

Raman Sharma 5th September 2018

I couldn't be more positive about this outfit. Not only are they really on top of their game but everyone including reception is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Class!

Anil Sharad 5th September 2018

I love the strap line: cure, don’t treat. I’ve seen many physios before, but you guys have not only alleviated the symptoms, you’ve given me exercises that seriously help. I’m well on the way to a full recovery, which I had previously had thought was not possible! Very many thanks

Nana 5th September 2018

Fantastic physio. Relieves tension that pain killers weren’t touching.

Simon 5th September 2018

Philippa 5th September 2018

I have been having postnatal physio with Anat, who is wonderful - very knowledgeable and sensitive. I am so much better after only two appointments.

Mark W 5th September 2018

Neil was fantastic - played a key part in getting me back on track

Robert Harrison 5th September 2018

Mr Stephen Quinn 5th September 2018

Wonderful treatment from the excellent Alan Robb. Very professional.Kind but tough. Super reception from the team on the front desk. Love the text reminders.

Juliet Most 5th September 2018

All the staff from the receptionist to the knowledgeable Physio’s are delightful. Very happy and would highly recommend.

Kelsey Tanner 5th September 2018

Heather 5th September 2018

BN 5th September 2018

more intense treatment sessions required (less talking)

Bill 1st September 2018

Follow up email to check on progress was well appreciated

Alex Cassar 31st August 2018

Superb service from pre-treatment to post-treatment. Experts in their field and very welcoming. Keep up the great work!

Rebecca Kruyt 30th August 2018

Elly 30th August 2018

Leslie Harris 29th August 2018

I love Six Physio and always recommend it to my friends when they have injuries or pain that requires rehab. It's easy to book, and the staff are knowledgeable and personable - moreover, they always take time to walk through exercises, do manual work, etc, so I feel leaving as though I've been helped. In terms of constructive feedback - the one thing that I would find helpful as a returning client with a recurring issue is a better understanding of what the overarching program of rehabilitation should be. I realize that it's sometimes difficult for therapists to know up front, but it would be helpful to touch base directly throughout my treatment as to the immediate - mid-range - long term treatment plan. Even if this plan changes as we go, it would be valuable to get this feedback as we move through the rehabilitation process, as on my own I do not really know how to adjust my expectations for length of recovery, longer term implications, etc.

Maria 29th August 2018

AReed 29th August 2018

I felt confident that my therapist was knowledgeable and focussed on listening carefully to my symptoms to create an effective treatment program. I like that the exercises are sent by email as well as explained at the session.

Lucie Goulet 29th August 2018

Stephen 29th August 2018

Matthew Brown 29th August 2018

I've walked out of six physio feeling like I'd taken mind altering drugs as the improvement in my neck issue had been so noticeable.

Karl Moussalli 29th August 2018

Both Rachel and Leonie have been amazing at diagnosing; treating and recommending exercises to help me heal my shoulder injury. Highly recommended!

Nicola Swindells 29th August 2018

Chantel 29th August 2018

Tomas Whyatt is a fabulous physio, that ensures you can continue to do the activities you love while rehabilitating and strengthening the body so you can avoid further injuries.

Fraser Hardie 28th August 2018

Sam McDonnell 27th August 2018

Solomon (manual physio) and Laura (rehab work) have been brilliant. It's incredibly useful splitting the time between the two; they're really focused and efficient. It's also great to be sent clear diagrams and instructions for the exercises by Laura after each session.

Claire Bamford 27th August 2018

Simon Davies 23rd August 2018

Fantastic professional treatment and great chat too......!!

Eric Houston 23rd August 2018

Max Tory 22nd August 2018

Mrs Catherine Bickersteth 22nd August 2018

Ben and Tom are both knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapists who put me at ease and get maximum progress out of my fractured humerus each session. They go above and beyond in terms of being a prompt phone response away with advice and encouragement when I travel. I believe they will get my arm back to Swim/Bike/Reformer Pilates/Gymn function soon.

Steve Cornish 22nd August 2018

Communication is good, staff seem happy and it's certainly "service with a smile" from everyone. The treatment I am getting is good and feels right. It's uncertain exactly the cause of my problem but I'm hoping for a good result in the end.

E Harges 22nd August 2018

I have been several times over the years for various ailments. Each time the diagnosis was spot on, the exercises clearly diagrammed, and I was back up and running in no time. They are all marvellous!

Jennifer 22nd August 2018

Julie 22nd August 2018

Kevin long 22nd August 2018

The experience at sixphysio has been fantastic, super knowledgeable and professional team but laid back and friendly at the same time. Lovely facility. Brilliant all around.

Pete 22nd August 2018

I really rate the Six Physio team

Leda Tchiripova 22nd August 2018

Nicole Ware 22nd August 2018

Charlotte 22nd August 2018

I have been coming to Six Physio for 2 years now, all of the staff are really friendly and welcoming, I would highly recommend anyone to go to Six Physio.

Helena 22nd August 2018

Francesca is a very professional physiotherapist and an empathetic person plus she knows what she is doing! I’m so greatful I bumped into her!

dean smith 22nd August 2018

David Roberts 22nd August 2018

paul lyons 22nd August 2018

Sarah Pitts 20th August 2018

Carlo D’Amario 17th August 2018

In order to reach 10/best rate I think It will greato have at least a 40/45 mins treatment.

Abdul 17th August 2018

friendly staff with a great deal of knowledge

Tony Martinez 17th August 2018

Incredibly approachable and responsive team that have not only helped but also explained how to prevent it happening again.

Fiona Hamilton 17th August 2018

Camilla 16th August 2018

John 16th August 2018

Really impressed with Tomas - excellent - really helped with my back pain

Lucinda Hallan 16th August 2018

Anna 16th August 2018

Excellent Team. Professional, skilled, knowledgeable experts that you can rely and trust to help you while on the road to recovery. They set the bar for excellence way up there.

Mike Twist 16th August 2018

Fern cured my aches and pains and very friendly and professional

Graham McDecitt 16th August 2018

The consultation then therapy direction is clear and easy to follow. Additionally the staff are all positive and friendly.

Claudia Marques 16th August 2018

The therapists are amazing. Lovely people and really available for you at all times - I felt really well taken care of. That's why I'd recommend 6physio. However, I'd never spent this much money in health in my entire life - it was really hard for me to afford it. I realize thats not your fault and those are my own personal circumstances but what I think could have been better was: 1) at the time of diagnosis be told what kind of recovery I'm looking at - how many sessions and what type of sessions. I first came in expecting two and I'm now on I think number 8 and seeing two different therapists. I would have like to be reassured that I 100% needed all those sessions so I can plan my spendings. 2) maybe you'd consider a monthly payment rather than paying the full amount at the time of the session. When my back problem happened it was really unexpected and it was the end of the month so I really didn't account for the money I needed and it was though to pay it all. Anyway, I hope that is constructive criticism: I really felt nicely taken care of as I said and I'll be leaving a review when I'm done with treatment

Sindy Grewal 16th August 2018

Expert staff who care about clients. Welcoming & reassuring. Offer pragmatic advice & suggestions with realistic programmes for rehab & excercise. Thank you!

Vanessa Powell 16th August 2018

I was able to get an appointment on the day I called and received a prognosis and treatment. I was also given a follow up exercise plan which is the first time I have been advised of after care treatment.

Ahron Peskin 16th August 2018

Alex 16th August 2018

Sarah 16th August 2018

Very professional and understanding team

Amanda Harrison 16th August 2018

Everyone is always very helpful and kind

Hannah Leith 16th August 2018

Fantastic service and treatment that has given me the chance to get to the start line of my next big race, which I couldn’t have done without your help.

David 16th August 2018

Patrick ronan 16th August 2018

Peggy Guggenheim 16th August 2018

Jessica Davies 16th August 2018

Francis Phillimore 16th August 2018

In two sessions Tim Moule improved by back and gave some good exercises for my back.

Jocelyn 16th August 2018

Toby 16th August 2018

Nasreen Nazir 13th August 2018

There is some inconsistency between different physiotherapists in terms of notes they give you. The exercise pictures can also be a bit misleading and inaccurate, though are fine about 80% of the time.

- Six Physio Thanks so much for your feedback: we are in the process of completely overhauling our patient-facing system so the prescription of exercises will be much slicker.

Lottie Hughes 10th August 2018

Emma 9th August 2018

Laura and Ailish have been amazing. They have been attentive in listening to all my aches and concerns. The practical advice on how best to improve has also been extremely helpful. I'm very happy with the quality of care.

Patrick Taylor 8th August 2018

The Physio took great care in discussing and assessing my issue and, along with the treatment, gave some very useful suggestions to mitigate the problem before it started. This resulted in a very happy cyclist (i.e. me!) completing the 100 mile Prudential Ride London in an excellent time and with almost none of the back pain I had been suffering in the months before during my rides.

Holly 8th August 2018

Really thorough and helpful in explaining how I could heal and get back to normal movement ASAP. As well as exercises to take through life to help with movement and strengthening.

Katie Munro 7th August 2018

Elizabeth watkins 7th August 2018

Samantha helped me with a knee problem in July. I knew that is wasn't serious, and she supported that, but I am a very active 70. I only had a few days to resolve it as I was going on a walking holiday in Switzerland. Her advice was spot on and I took it. It was exercise and rest combined. My knee pain didn't stop me doing any activities and it again feels strong. She topped me up with advice and reminders and I am very pleased with six physio. Many thanks, EW

Richard Taylor 7th August 2018

Emma Hanley 7th August 2018

Venetia 7th August 2018

Martin Stott 7th August 2018

I’d rather not...

Clare 7th August 2018

...Thanks to Alex for rescuing my back in 4 days! My holiday was much more comfortable thanks to him. Lovely helpful people and nice sweets!

A Zilberkweit 7th August 2018

J Hirschl 7th August 2018

I called early one morning with a terrible neck problem, hardly able to move; I was given an appointment with Alex Hunter later that day and while I was still in some pain, I had much more movement and a series of exercises to help. I saw Alex two more times, each time gaining range of movement. I would highly recommend Six Physio as they were responsive, supportive and accessible.

Roberto Valladares 7th August 2018

Kostas Stathopoulos 7th August 2018

great people, great environment

Carol Corcoran 7th August 2018

Very knowledgeable and informative people. Always explain clearly what the treatment is, followed by relevant exercises. Couldn't speak more highly of all the people I have seen

Hannah Mactear 7th August 2018

Tarini Nayak 7th August 2018

Lily 7th August 2018

Kristen Roth 2nd August 2018

Colin Zhang 2nd August 2018

Everyone I’ve worked with at SixPhysio have been so fun and helpful. Never had a day feeling like I didn’t improve, all while having a blast doing it!

Gordon 1st August 2018

After a couple of sessions the pain in my knee has completely gone. Now I’m getting the help I need to avoid the problem coming back. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

Emma Bartolo 1st August 2018

Very pleased with my treatment at Six Physio - they really understood my needs and requirements and were adaptable to my triathlon training plan.

Mel Bradman 1st August 2018

Easy-going, smooth-running clinic with excellent facilities and light, airy treatment space. Felt I was in safe, competent hands from the word go and now have an exercise plan which will enhance my general level of fitness

Susie Lane 1st August 2018

Mathew Storr 1st August 2018

Ailish Toomly 1st August 2018

Ellie 1st August 2018

Really great staff - both the physios and the receptionists! Great communication, very friendly and knowledgeable and I've never had difficulties booking in.

Rafael Figuera Feliz 1st August 2018

Seong Joo 1st August 2018

My therapist is fantastic in every way, he's personable, knowledgable and treats the issues directly and proactively. The only thing I would say that can be improved would be the table set up when face down can have a new covering or a tissue paper covering to keep it sanitary.

Adrian Lowery 1st August 2018

TB 1st August 2018

Impeccable client service and close attention to detail from the therapist with highly personalised training plans. I feel very well taken care of!

Sunil S 1st August 2018

Alan and Anna are truly amazing and exceptional. They take the time to understand the root-cause of the issue and develop a program that is completely tailored to you.

Joe B 1st August 2018

By far the most professional Physio I have ever been too. The only guys that actually made a difference.

Caroline Robinson 30th July 2018

Fiona Troup is amazing! She is positive, professional, knowledgable and caring. She has helped me learn what is best for my back and neck problems and provided excellent, holistic care. The exercises and videos she sends have helped ensure that I can also make progress at home. Fiona has my highest recommendation! Thank you.

Rebecca 27th July 2018

Hannah is excellent - very professional, thorough and committed to seeing long term improvement in her patients. Thank you so much!

Sarah Gillies 27th July 2018

Extremely knowledgable and skilled team who have helped me enormously. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Margarita Powell 27th July 2018

I had may appointment with Alan, I found his diagnosis was exactly explained allowing me to fully understand my issue. Very helpful and professional young man. I was unable to return for follow up sessions with a trainer, but would have if I could. P.S. The receptionist we’re equally helpful and pleasant. I wouldn’t hesitate to return again. Hope this is helpful. Margarita Powell

giovanna carraro 27th July 2018

Caroline Adams 26th July 2018

I had an event looming - Alan and Anna helped me to get to the point where I could run/walk the 10k in spite of my hip injury - I'm extremely grateful to them as there was a lot at stake

Claire Chan 26th July 2018

I've been very impressed with the level of service and quality of treatment from Alan and Amy so far, very professional and they really try to go above and beyond!

Robert 25th July 2018

Alex has been vey helpful

Kamal 25th July 2018

Great service with qualified staff who are there to help.

Nicole 25th July 2018

Phil 25th July 2018

Great people, great treatment

Gafyn 25th July 2018

Andy Black 25th July 2018

Lana 25th July 2018

Great place! Everyone I dealt with were incredibly knowledgeable & professional whilst being lovely to work with. Loved the pragmatic approach like videoing exercises and quick responsiveness. Will recommend & come back if need be!

James Williams 25th July 2018

RS 25th July 2018

Peter Kaminski 25th July 2018

The only constructive feedback is for the team to explain the 'why' and 'how' of an injury as it makes it easier to understand the cause and how to fix the problem.

Jason 25th July 2018

Gavin Platman 25th July 2018

Jennie Powell 22nd July 2018

Have always received good feedback as to my progress, and helpful advise on which way to go next. Staff have always benn very caring

Misbah 20th July 2018

I wish their were 90 minute massage options, and also that treatment was more affordable as not everyone has insurance. However, the treatment I have received has been excellent. Some more pilates classes at 5pm/5:30pm during the week would also be good!

Helen Trevena 20th July 2018

Keiko hickma 19th July 2018

Sam 18th July 2018

Convenient and helpful. I quickly got an appointment. I probably would have come 3x per week if my therapist would have been available, but she only works at that clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Samantha Charles 18th July 2018

It’s a lot to take in all the exercises but six Physio send clear diagrams and explanations to ensure I know what i’m doing at home.

Dominique 17th July 2018

Oliver Willis 17th July 2018

Caimhe, Haley and the receptionist (sorry I don't know here name) are all fantastic couldn't ask for anything more from them.

Fiorella 17th July 2018

Excellent friendly professional staff - Megan and alex are really great and compassionate and understanding

Dion 17th July 2018

Outstanding treatment and care provided by Tim Galliver. I cant rate Tim highly enough! Massively recommended.

Toby 17th July 2018

kevin 17th July 2018

The service from Six is very professional, but also very human. The attitude os informal but very focussed on the needs of the client.

Guido 17th July 2018

I have been a client of six Physio for 10 years and have attended a number of different locations. My experience has been outstanding! Great people, very professional and effective and more importantly, people who care about your wellbeing!! Thank you six Physio!

Joanna 17th July 2018

Online appointment booking would be great:)

Jake 17th July 2018

natasha merchant 17th July 2018

Kate simmons 17th July 2018

Mike M 17th July 2018

Excellent staff, both in terms of friendliness and in attention to their subject matter.

Jen O 17th July 2018

Excellent treatment, would not go anywhere else.

Elinor Bell 17th July 2018

Robert Jenkins 17th July 2018

Elizabeth 17th July 2018

Alan and Anna were both fantastic at making me feel at ease. Being a bit on the sturdy side I could have felt very embarrassed in my awful little shorts, but they were great! What's more, they have got rid of my pain and my limp!

Edmund Wilkinson 17th July 2018

To date my experience at Six Physio has been overwhelmingly positive. I have had physiotherapy sessions with Kiah and rehabilitation sessions with Anat and found them to be beneficial. All staff are courteous, friendly and professional.

Terry Zanetti 17th July 2018

Great service, very professional. Would recommend, many thanks 👍

Lucy Apperly 17th July 2018

The website isn't that user friendly. A link at the top for bookings would be handyy

Torquil Law 17th July 2018

Jason 17th July 2018

My experience so far at Six Physio has been fantastic. The physios I've met with have taken the time and care to fully explain my condition, answer any and all questions and have provided me with a solid treatment plan. In just a few weeks I'm already seeing amazing results!

Hannah 17th July 2018

Emma Lowe 16th July 2018

Gill Carter 14th July 2018

Pascal 14th July 2018

Really friendly place. I always feel like I am getting dedicated treatment rather than generic exercises to do and am making constant progression.

Sara 14th July 2018

I love that six physio focus not just on getting me back to doing my favourite sports but on building the strength and muscles needed to make sure the injury doesn’t happen again

Clementine Beeson 13th July 2018

Lorena G 13th July 2018

Just a small detail I have picked up whilst in the practice....thre is no signal down there!it would be good to b able to use internet ;)

Parissa Monadjemi 12th July 2018

I came with two issues - one for the back and one for the knee. Pain was equal in both areas and my rehap therapist only really focused on the back and told me the pain in my knee is a baker cyst. I felt she didn't really know what she was treating and then when I asked should I see a doctor she said no as the treatment plan would be the same. I eventually did see a doctor and it turns out I have a disc issue and problems with my IT band. I also don't like the way rehab is separated from manual therapy and after spending an hour with the manual therapist, I got asked the same questions by the rehab physio and it really felt like the two had not talked to each other. After Karina was done with asking the same questions we only had 15 minutes for rehab which felt like a real waste two sessions covering the same questions! I do though rate Charlie the pilates instructor who was a very caring instructor and I attended her classes all through my pregnancy because she was so great. Its for Charlie that I have given the clinic a few points.

- Six Physio Parissa, thanks for your feedback. An important component of our treatment is to always ask why: a scan can reveal disc bulges and IT band issues, but why? It's often the way you move (from the back) that influences this, which it sounds like the physios were trying to treat. The disappointing bit is the apparent lack of communication: for this we can only apologise. With good conversations the manual and rehab split works really well. I understand you were due to see Matt at some stage, do book something there and we'll get to the bottom of this. Also, seconded on Charlie, she is excellent!

Jayne Clarke 12th July 2018

Jackie caswell 12th July 2018

Nicky 11th July 2018

I'd highly recommend Six Physio. The sessions always run on time and thanks to Helen my repetitive strain injury is a good deal better.

Nick Lloyd 11th July 2018

I am a repeat customer for Alan and Ailesh at Foley St - that says a lot but to clarify I think they are excellent - really value their opinion and help to date.

Glo Vanlint 11th July 2018

Treatment isn’t always pleasant but the outcome is almost miraculous. I am doing everything my physio told me to do and improvements continue. A very old problem is being treated and soon the whole problem will have disappeared. The pain was gone after the first treatment. I feel like a new, taller, woman. Thank you.

John-Paul Flintoff 11th July 2018

Sam was quick to locate the problem and always good humoured and encouraging as she showed me what to do about it - I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Emma 11th July 2018

Friendly, helpful and most importantly - effective!

Eddie Kerman 11th July 2018

Could not recommend support, attitude or quality of treatment more highly!

Gerard Wilson 11th July 2018

SixPhysio enabled our daughter to successfully complete two marathons when a leg injury seriously threatened a years training and considerable sponsorship.

Kylie Bowditch 11th July 2018

I’ve been meeting with both Rachel and Leonie and have found them both really thorough and very informative.

David Phillips 11th July 2018

Mis-diagnosed by employee who I understand has left the company. Awaiting refund but silence. Poor response to regular customers.

- Six Physio David, we can only apologise for our tardiness in getting back to you: glad we have spoken and sorted everything now.

Kannan 11th July 2018

Very friendly professional staff

Joanna 11th July 2018

I have been so happy with the treatment and support that I have received from Six Physio. They have helped me to feel more confident and back to being myself again, after my accident.

David Miller 11th July 2018

Six Physio are fab, combining expert knowledge with an understanding of the individual's need and motivation to get better - would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Chloe 11th July 2018

Colin 11th July 2018

The staff are always very friendly and Alex has always been so good in getting me mobile again.

Yas 11th July 2018

Wendy 11th July 2018

Not really. Except thank you!

ian noble 11th July 2018

Claire 7th July 2018

Katie 6th July 2018

Repeat customer after several years injury-free running. Excellent results again this time. Wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Anon. 5th July 2018

A most professional but charming team - exceeding the expectations of a notoriously tough and demanding (legal background) customer!

Matthew Brooks 5th July 2018

A O 5th July 2018

Fantastic team providing a fantastic service

Lee Britton 5th July 2018

I have been seeing Kristen and Lauren who are very professional and are really helping after being in pain for a long time.

Andrew Young 5th July 2018

I have received some great help and advice at Six Physio. Right from the off, the staff have been helpful, supportive and caring and within just a few weeks my condition has improved beyond recognition. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Jessica Wright 4th July 2018

Shafaq Ahmed 4th July 2018

Both Laura and Helen at Parsons Green are doing great job, they know their stuff and are working hard to ease my symptoms.

Margherita Protti 4th July 2018

I always had an incredible service at Six Physio and they always managed to solve my problems quickly and for long term. Now that I’m a new mum they also help me to look after my baby while I’m having treatment which is super helpful. I couldn’t recommend them more! Excellent service and wonderful people!

D. Quinn 4th July 2018

Cleaner then a Hospital. Very professional!! Well informed.

Susie Phillips 4th July 2018

Excellent care, both on the physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy front and achieving good results. Third time I have used SixPhysio after a recommendation from a work colleague.

Annabel 4th July 2018

Imogen 4th July 2018

Simon 4th July 2018

Amanda 4th July 2018

John 4th July 2018

Ryan L 4th July 2018

Excellent communication

Alice Pearson 4th July 2018

Maria 4th July 2018

Having to do this on weekdays during work hours I was pleased to see that I was always seen on time and always left on time. And although it was only a 30 minute session each time, nothing ever felt rushed. It was also great that whoever I saw that day had already read up on my notes and what we did last or what I said last time I went in, so they were well informed and no time was wasted explaining things over and over again. The area to exercise in looks very small at first, but somehow once you are there in your kit, talking to your physio and concentrating on what you are doing, you really do not notice anyone else around you.

Jo 4th July 2018

Will 4th July 2018

Dania Sauza 4th July 2018

Vicky Lazarus 4th July 2018

Isabel 3rd July 2018

Amrita Dhillon 2nd July 2018

I came into the clinic with chronic pain. Now there are quite a few days I am free of pain and I understand what I am/was doing wrong! Im still not there but hoping it continues!

Robin 2nd July 2018

Gaby 1st July 2018

Hannah @ Moorgate is an absolute gem - she is so knowledgeable, 'gets' it straightaway, has a wonderful manner, and most importantly makes you feel so comfortable...and all with a smile.

Aurelie 29th June 2018

I love sixphysio! Great team: enthusiastic, professional and dedicated to their patient!

Adam Lincoln 29th June 2018

I've found everyone at Six Physio to be cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring similar treatment.

Hayley Campbell 28th June 2018

Kathryn McMillan 28th June 2018

Kelly McAree 28th June 2018

Jenny is super clear and makes me feel at ease and ensures I fully understand everything. She’s an amazing Physio

Siobhan 28th June 2018

I saw two therapists: Helen for diagnosis and Adrian for rehab. Not sure what was the point of that especially as I spent 15 mins of my first session with Adrian explaining what the diagnosis was. He had no notes from previous appointments or details of what exercises Helen had prescribed. What was especially surprising was Adrian had actually sat in on one of my sessions with Helen. Clearly communication between therapists needs to be a lot more efficient.

- Six Physio Thanks for chatting on the phone today. Great to hear you're pleased with the actual physio intervention but something has evidently gone awry with our comms. Lessons learnt and we look forward to proving so in your next session!

Omer Anis 28th June 2018

Giorgia Colombo 27th June 2018

Malcolm Ziff 27th June 2018

Samantha was very knowledgeable about my medical problem.The excercise programme cured my Bakers Cyst on the knee.

Kenneth Watters 27th June 2018

Cristina 27th June 2018

Tom 27th June 2018

Extremely happy with the two physiotherapists that I saw after an ankle injury from sports. This helped speed up the recovery period, thanks to Ben and Tom.

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