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  1. 29 Jun 17

    Efficient and professional

  2. 28 Jun 17

    1. booking process smooth and straightforward, staff super-friendly 2. physios are great: knowledgeable, friendly, punctual, clinically excellent 3. i find the black towelling couch covers to be quite icky. They never look very clean

  3. 28 Jun 17

  4. 28 Jun 17

    Excellent professional service. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

  5. 28 Jun 17

  6. 28 Jun 17

  7. 28 Jun 17

  8. 28 Jun 17

  9. 28 Jun 17

    I believe the standard session should be at least 45 minutes if not an hour, to be able to diagnose and treat.

  10. 28 Jun 17

  11. 22 Jun 17

  12. 22 Jun 17

    Not really, if you have good pbysios who know their stuff can't be bettered. Though I would like to ring clinic directly.

  13. 21 Jun 17

    Very professional, non-judgmental and most important, made me realise how important the treatment was and that I definitely needled to come back?

  14. 21 Jun 17

    It is by far the beast physic treatment I have ever had. The specialist has a deep knowledge of the anatomy, the injury, and uses a combination of approaches to relieve the pain and speed up the recovery. He was recommended by the surgeon I saw as I asked for someone that will be good not only at treating but at explaining and answering questions. I am more than impressed and feel that I am recovering much faster and better that I had expected. The rest of the team is immensely friendly and efficient.

  15. 21 Jun 17

  16. 21 Jun 17

    I normally find it difficult to get along with physiotherapists whom I find are usually bossy, hearty, overly sporty and generally not my cup of tea. But I have always been able to empathise with the Six Physio therapists and appreciate their help and advice very much. They were recommended to me by my wonderful osteopath, Naval Mair, who said that the Six Physio are "the best".

  17. 21 Jun 17

  18. 21 Jun 17

    Within few weeks (2 sessions) my condition and wellbeing improved so much, so I am very happy. Obviously, a lot of work came down to me but the advice and given 'homework' were excellent.

  19. 21 Jun 17

    Julia is very friendly and personable. The treatment plan is also very practical and I'll be continuing some of the exercises even after I have recovered.

  20. 21 Jun 17

    I saw Richard at the Kensington practice. Perfect explanation of what my back problems were and what needed to be done. By the end of the first session I was already feeling better in my head about it and physically as well. Very thorough, professional and results from day 1!

  21. 21 Jun 17

  22. 21 Jun 17

    I think you should invest in air conditioning, or move!

  23. 21 Jun 17

  24. 21 Jun 17

    The treatment, prompt emailing of exercises and follow ups have all been top notch.

  25. 21 Jun 17

  26. 19 Jun 17

    After a spell in hospital I had a number of physios over about 6 months. I made little or no progress during this time. 6 Physio was recommended to me and I have to say that I have made more progress with Caitlin and Laura at Lime street in 3 weeks than I made in 6 months. I am really happy I chose the team at 6 physio as I am back playing golf and off the pain killing medication - Big thanks from me.

  27. 16 Jun 17

    Deidre is awesome. She is incredibly understanding and knowledgeable and has given me the confidence and optimism to work through post-birth challenges.

  28. 16 Jun 17

    Every time I have been to Six Physio (I've had a separated AC joint, post hip arthroscopy pain and wrist pain) I have received excellent service, all the physio therapists are amazing, I've been happy and seen always seen results, they are all very knowledgeable and I totally truest them. Not forgetting the reception staff, they are always cheery and very helpful . I Love Six Physio :)

  29. 15 Jun 17

    Excellent diagnosis and treatment. Friendly service. All I could wish for

  30. 15 Jun 17

    Excellent in every way

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