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Sandor Kantor Jan 30th, 2023

5 stars

Cigdem G. H. Jan 28th, 2023

I am very thankful to Gabriel Fingeret, my physiotherapist at Six Phyio Finchley Road. I was trying to recover from a terrible slipped disc and back pain and was referred to Six Physio by my Spinal Surgeon. I had 5 sessions in December 2022 and started to walk without a crutch after the 2nd session. My pain level on my back and leg decreased immensely. Gabriel was is very kind, understanding and at the same time very disciplined about the exercises. The staff is also very friendly. I completely trust Gabriel and Six Physio and highly recommend them. I feel so much better now.

anonymous please Jan 25th, 2023

I have been so happy with the program I have been doing with Sarah Green. She took the time to analyse my form, which straight away allowed her to recognize what muscle groups weren't working and also offer constructive corrections. She has also taken time to make sure that my exercises are appropriate for muscle groups I am trying to awaken, and also doable. I am definitely seeing results. I also like the electronic delivery of the exercise program as the videos help to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly.

Bethan Jan 25th, 2023

I went to Six Physio after I had my daughter for a Women’s Health appointment. It was brilliant and gave me the information and reassurance I needed to get back to exercise!

Howard & Judi Stagg Jan 25th, 2023

Excellent service in Lindfield, we are so lucky to have you nearby.

Caroline Jan 11th, 2023

Initially came for treatment regarding tendonitis in my arm, which was resolved after relatively few appointments. When I had a problem with knee pain a few months later my immediate thought was to book an appointment with SixPhysio rather than go the GP route. I have not been disappointed.

Robin Elias Jan 11th, 2023

Good, professional service for physio on a painful neck, followed by helpful exercise advice from ***

Martyn Baker Jan 07th, 2023

Since seeing*** on 9th December l have heard nothing from him although he said he would send me some guidance notes on suitable exercises to help tackle my frozen shoulder. I look forward to hearing from him. Happy New Year. ***

- Six PhysioWe can only apologise for the delay you had in receiving these exercises - we'll be sure to send within 24hrs moving forwards.

Ian Harvey Jan 07th, 2023

Your on-line exercises are very helpful, together with the videos and check list. But there is only one check possible per day. It's recommended that I do my exercises 2x per day. It would be nice to have in the on-line check list a column for a second set of exercises. Otherwise I am back to keeping track of things on sheets of paper, which woud be a retrograde step.

- Six PhysioHI Ian, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately this is an off-the-shelf product that doesn't have this ability, but we have requested a feature be added, as your suggestion makes perfect sense!

Campos Jan 06th, 2023

Staff seemed unprepared, haven't read emails sent by referral consultant; lack of consistency from week to week.

- Six PhysioBeatriz, this is not what we like to hear! We've spoken to your Physios and will ensure this doesn't happen moving forwards, as we pride ourselves on seamless Comms and this is not the experience you received.

Ron Waggett Jan 05th, 2023

Excellent, informative discussions and treatment with helpful follow up and clear progress/targets. Staff and physios friendly , welcoming and very professional. Very pleased with the treatment and will be using them again (when needed). Good facilities too.

Katie Heller Jan 05th, 2023

It was great to see *** so quickly and to be understood about my hand problem. I am doing my exercises but it has not healed and I am hoping that I am improving. Looking forward to my follow up spot in a few weeks. Thanks , ***

MRT Jan 05th, 2023

Everyone's lovely and my physio *** is wonderful. It's just a bit expensive...

VMC Jan 05th, 2023

A fantastically helpful, friendly and efficient front of house team. Great Physiotherapists, who were able to diagnose and explain the issue very quickly, providing reassurance. And good hands on treatment and effective, but not onerous, exercises to follow through. An extremely positive experience.

Hazel F Jan 05th, 2023

I saw ***, the vestibular physio at ***, as I had been suffering from vertigo for months and other practitioners I had seen were unable to sort it out. He was able andI am really grateful.

MMa Jan 05th, 2023

Have enjoyed mu treatment and gave been improving significantly. Would be beneficial to provide a plan to patient on first day so they know what the course of action will be in future sessions. Also recommending further medical tests may be beneficial early on so that we know the full diagnosis before proceeding with treatment

Tessa Jan 05th, 2023

***, *** and recently *** have been fantastic! They have taken their specialized skillsets and applied them to my injury while demonstrating empathy, experience and passion. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm in helping me heal!

Harry Jan 05th, 2023

Friendly, helpful and constructive.

Jacintha fernando Dec 25th, 2022

I am very setisfay

Bruno Dec 22nd, 2022

Fran has been fantastic! Taken the time for a proper diagnostic and adapted the course of treatment as things evolved.

Trevor Slack Dec 21st, 2022

I have had sessions with Gabriel and Julia at Six Physio's Moorgate clinic with regards to lower back pain I have been experiencing. Both physiotherapists were engaging and knowledgeable and were able to explain clearly and effectively what the issue was and how best to treat it. This included some treatment in the clinic and some exercises to do at home. I would certainly highly recommend Six Physio.

Anna Schick Dec 20th, 2022

The national health system need to look at yours.

Sam Dec 20th, 2022

Really professional and friendly staff. I can’t believe I waited so long to get physio - I notice the difference already!

Cherryl Murray Dec 20th, 2022

Alexa my physiotherapist, has been amazing and has helped me so much. Thank you.

David Dec 20th, 2022

I thought Jennifer was brilliant. She really knew her stuff and her many suggestions to aid the healing in my hand were all extremely helpful. I have had a similar op before and didn’t receive anything like as good a service from the physio so I understand much better now how important it is to this bit right. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone requiring similar treatment. Thank you 😊

Tim Dec 20th, 2022

A good session with Allison Swan. She recommended referral to a specialist in Manchester Square re ligament problem with index finger.

Deborah Dec 20th, 2022

I was recommended to Jennifer Parr for hand therapy post op. I can't recommend her more highly. Jennifer has given fantastic advice and exercise regime for a very bumpy scar as well as movement. Very reassuring and caring as well as expert advice. This is a lovely, friendly clinic and I'm so glad I found it.

Michael Dec 20th, 2022

Miraj is superb. His expertise and attention to detail has put me on the road to recovery from an operation on my foot.

Jonny Wreaves Dec 20th, 2022

Fantastic service from all the team

Angie Dec 20th, 2022

A very positive and thorough treatment plan which quickly brought great results

Mo K Dec 20th, 2022

I was treated with respect and total understanding of my pain. The physios are absolutely lovely and they have improved my condition a huge amount. I would highly recommend this practice.

Lalita Goel Dec 18th, 2022

I am very pleased with my hand therapist. She has given me good advice She is very knowledgeable and able to assess me very well. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sue Poulton Dec 14th, 2022

Alex was an absolute star! She was such a help in my recovery from a broken ankle. She was reassuring and always positive and encouraging. It really helped having someone explain about the recovery process and timeframe as I initially didn't understand the injury very well and was worried that my recovery wasn't progressing.

Max Dec 12th, 2022

I came to Six after a bike accident, barely able to walk more than five minutes without pain, and with other physio not giving results. Gilly carefully and astutely diagnosed the underlying problem, then prescribed an extremely effective set of exercises, which evolved as we went on. A month later I’m completely recovered. I’m hugely impressed and grateful. Thank you!

Anthony Johnson Dec 10th, 2022

Great experience. Very warm, but professional atmosphere. Invaluable.

Jenna Dec 08th, 2022

Friendly and effective treatment!

Rachel Dec 07th, 2022

Really constructive and thoughtful advice provided as to how to improve areas of concern. Helpful follow up sessions and emails.

ceri evans Dec 07th, 2022

Really lovely, helpful team who also know exactly how to sort out posture and pain.Thankyou very much

Charlotte Dec 07th, 2022

Natalia has been brilliant .

C. T. Dec 07th, 2022

My experience has been great and Matt and Neyomi have been very supportive in helping me build confidence and strength

HELEN FENNELL Dec 07th, 2022

Kirsten is an amazing teacher, friendly professional, and so knowledgeable- I really feel she can help me

Ellen Lewis Dec 07th, 2022

I’ve had an absolutely incredible experience with Lucy. I initially was going to the *** branch, but started Pilates with Lucy since it was closer to home. I have some pretty tricky health things going on, and it’s very clear she has an in-depth knowledge in women’s health and general physio, and a thirst to understand more and get to the bottom of issues. She also is incredibly empathetic. I have recommended her to my friends and family because of my fantastic experience. I would love for there to be more Pilates classes available with her because it can often be tricky to get in!

Christine M Dec 07th, 2022

The Pilates classes are a great way to transition back to ‘normal life’ after knee replacement or other long recovery surgery.

Charis Dec 07th, 2022

I’ve been seeing Neyomi for about a month and a half now with a bad shoulder. She’s been really great and given me exercises that are easy to do at home and are building the strength back into my shoulder. She’s also really friendly and great to chat with!

ONN Dec 07th, 2022

My Physiotherapist was really great! Clearly very knowledgeable and great at her job. Unfortunately, I found the premises very difficult to access and quite dangerous, which is surprising considering the building is used for Physiotherapy. Due to this, I could not return after my first session. In October I had a knee reconstruction consisting of an ACL repair, medial meniscus and lateral meniscus repair. I attended for my first physio appointment one week post operatively, which was likely a little too early. However, my experience accessing the premises showed me that it would not be possible to continue to attend in the ensuing weeks. On the day I attended it rained. This made the red bricks outside the building slippery for crutches. These bricks are present just before the 8-9 stairs leading up to the front door and they are also present at the top of the stairs, just before the front door. The front door is also quite heavy. Having been buzzed in by the receptionist, I found it very difficult to navigate the process of pushing the door open, keeping my balance with two crutches against the slippery red bricks, whilst not being able to fully weight bear on one leg. Needless to say, this resulted in one of my crutches slipping but luckily I did not fall. Once the consultation was completed, I left the building and successfully navigated myself down the stairs only to again have one of my crutches slip on the red bricks at the bottom of the stairs. I was to stay on crutches for 6 weeks post-operatively and, considering it was the autumn, the rain could not be avoided. I knew I would require a minimum of one session per week but this was not going to be possible considering the circumstances of my first visit.

Nicola Dec 07th, 2022

Booking online is not easy - I would like to be able to select the person and then see their availability. The site is clunky and seems to take you round in circles.

- Six PhysioNicola, we appreciate your feedback: unfortunately this is an off-the-shelf system for which we have requested changes to make more seamless... it's one of the best out there but we know it isn't ideal. Hope the physio treatment was good!

Hilary Dec 07th, 2022

Expert, friendly physios who really helped with my ankle and hip issues

Larry B Dec 05th, 2022

Love the friendly informal atmosphere, knowing that I’m in the hands of true professionals.

TillyM Dec 01st, 2022

I have been cared for by Gabriel for a shoulder issue over the past six weeks. He has used a varied repertoire of massage, manipulation, dry needling and exercises in the studio to bring me back to full mobility. His abilities, technique and skills are wizardly! Thank you for making me better Gabriel.

Bertland Spencer Nov 24th, 2022

Excellent services. extremely professional and an experience Team Hopefully I'll get Ellie and Lisa on my next visit. Kind regards ***

Jay Nov 24th, 2022

Friendly, professional, caring staff - from reception to the specialists. Clean facilities. Getting me on the right path. I am ever so grateful.

n/a Nov 24th, 2022

Very professional service, with holistic overviews of health issues.

Niki Nov 24th, 2022

Caiomhe is awesome, really one of a kind!

Tim Cole Nov 23rd, 2022

A friendly bunch from phone booking to treatment which is professional and targeted to your needs, they have kept me going for years.

AdamS Nov 20th, 2022

It is the 3rd time I am using their services. Twice for small issues and now for a more serious health issue. It is a very welcoming environment. The personnel always try to ease my concerns and educate me about the issue on top of helping me with the exercises.

Bejul Nov 17th, 2022

I love my physiotherapist Caoimhe! She is so knowledgable and skilled and I trust her with my care. She’s flexible and changes my management plan dependent on how I feel. My quality of life and pain has significantly improved since I’ve started seeing her and I wish I’d found her sooner.

Lizzie and piers Nov 17th, 2022

Wonderful treatment from the moment we walk through the door - from receptionist to physiotherapist - all wonderful.

Sonjs Nov 16th, 2022

Really professional, warm and engaging therapists who really listen and go the extra mile to get to the bottom of an issue and provide the best solutions and programmes for recovery.

JColvin Nov 16th, 2022

Very personable whilst remaining professional. I don’t dread going in there even though physio may not be all that pleasant, so the team are doing something right! Reception as soon as you walk in the door is welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Jonathan Nov 16th, 2022

A very thoughtful and practical approach to rehab following a sports injury at Brazilian jiujitsu . I cannot recommend Caitlin and the Six Physio team at Chelsea highly enough.

Sidney Ross Nov 11th, 2022

Excellent and professional

Martyn Nov 10th, 2022

Jes has worked wonders on my leg - many thanks!

Micheala Nov 09th, 2022

Will continue to recommend this wonderful service to anyone who will listen. Could not get GP appointment, thankfully I was seen rapidly, diagnosed, treated and educated as to how to avoid this injury in future. Thank you so much

Anonymous Nov 09th, 2022

I have Pilates with both both Sam and Nathalia who are just marvellous. They both have so much time for each client. I also have physio with Gee and Nathalia. I am always mentioning this clinic for Pilates and some of my family and friends have now joined up as well.

Susan Nov 09th, 2022

Love the fact that there can be interaction between the treatments and staff involved. Good feed back.

Oxana M Nov 09th, 2022

While the physio specialist was great - Hugely disappointed with finance team of Sixphysio. Had to do endless emails/ communication between Insurance and finance team for quite basic issue. Sixphysio finance lacked any intent to propose solutions, truly lacking any client service. Hope this will be addressed and improved so your clients can enjoy the physio with seamless service.

- Six PhysioOxana, when you sign our New Patient form you agree to our T&Cs, hence the quantity of emails. We were purely explaining the details re billing between you the patient, your insurance policy and our terms. Delighted to hear Physio was great.

Vanessa Andreae Nov 09th, 2022

I have had bilateral partial knee replacements at the beginning of October 22. My tag team of physiotherapists (that know who they are!) have been utterly brilliant at both supporting me as I have wept, encouraging me as I’ve felt I’m failing and generally getting me feeling like I really will be able to achieve what I want (with a bit more time and effort). I genuinely look forward to seeing both of them and can see the improvements daily.

Julian Hansford Nov 09th, 2022

A very professional and courteous service. Iain was sympathetic to understanding my issues with ongoing back pain and quickly resolved the matter.

CSau Nov 09th, 2022

Couldn't recommend highly enough, worth every penny to have someone really listen, understand your problem and help find a solution!

Alex Nov 05th, 2022

Alex and the Six Physio team have been great from day 1. They go through all the details of the issue, how we will proceed and offer great support with exercise online as well. I would definitely recommend them.

Sian Nov 03rd, 2022

Great service really helped me to improve gradually with the right support and skills

Graham Henderson Nov 03rd, 2022

I had a bout of sciatica and was greatly helped by both Mathew and Miraj. This is the second occasion that I have used the clinic (tennis elbow a few years ago) and can thoroughly recommend the service.

Kaoru Tada Nov 03rd, 2022

I have been to Kensington Clinic five times so far and I love the welcoming mood of the staff every time. My consultation lasts about 40 - 45 minutes and Davide kindly asks me how my home exercises have progressed since the last time, any problems I have and suggests the next exercises to do. What I was very impressed was that Davide made an exercise programme for me each time and printed it out, which I thought was very organised and patient-friendly. I put the printout on my fridge door so that I don't forget it :D Many thanks for your help!!

Jim Pickering Nov 02nd, 2022

very well run clinic relaxing and friendly. Allison Swan the masseuse great.

Christina Nov 02nd, 2022

The physiotherapy I have received has been excellent, I am always listened to and a suitable plan developed to help with the problem. Much appreciated.

Logan Nov 02nd, 2022

Top-quality physio services, with friendly and knowledgeable staff

Anon Nov 02nd, 2022

Slightly cramped facilities but that doesn't detract from the wonderful care and positive attitude of everyone at Lindfield.

Sophie Nov 02nd, 2022

I have been seeing Jenny for a few weeks. She is very personable and has helped me already after only a couple of sessions with some issues that previous pelvic floor physiotherapists haven’t made any difference to. Thank you!

Mr. Wan Aziz Ibrahim Nov 02nd, 2022

All staff at Finchley are very good and my Pilates teacher, Natalia, is excellent.

Luke Nov 02nd, 2022

Really nice team and Very attentive - knew the cause right away and came up with some exercises for me to do to strengthen the area. Feel really good now and would highly recommend the team at six physio Lindfield

lolowa alattiya Nov 02nd, 2022

everything is fine, i don’t need any suggestions

Shri Nov 02nd, 2022

The staff at sixphysio are super helpful and the physiotherapist I’ve seen (Larissa Christian) has made me really comfortable throughly my sessions

Rhiannon Nov 02nd, 2022

I’ve had a very good experience with the women’s health physiotherapy so far in my treatment.

Ben Booth Oct 21st, 2022

Tanya identified the cause of my problem and has provided hands-on physio together with exercises which have led to a substantial ongoing improvement. I've used Six Physio several times over the last few years and on every occasion have found them to be effective.

Matt Belding Oct 20th, 2022

Have met both Adam and Lizzie at the Chelsea branch. Both are lovely and really know their craft. Would definitely recommend.

Paul Adams Oct 20th, 2022

I got good treatment and practical advice

Angus Oct 20th, 2022

It is great - sometimes wish though could receive a print-out or pdf with summary of exercises.

- Six PhysioHi Angus, if it's easier for you, please ask Jen to email you a pdf.

Emily Oct 20th, 2022

My 12 year old is getting excellent care from Ian. He is very thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Six Physio in Lindfield.

Jack Edmonstone Oct 20th, 2022

Amy has helped massively!

Xavier Oct 12th, 2022

Great expertise and care. I recommend you to everyone!

Tas Koulias Oct 12th, 2022

I wish everyone was as dependable and knowledgeable as Eddie and his team. Always amazing advice and they know exactly what’s wrong with you!

FRKS Oct 12th, 2022

The service has been good, but the costs are cripplingly high. £6 for a tub of putty, and £95 for a follow up. I can’t afford you.

- Six PhysioAs you've mentioned the service is good: our specialist physios have years of training with their fees being competitively priced accordingly.

Chris Kinnear Oct 12th, 2022

Super experience, now able to return to normal exercising.

Kasia Oct 12th, 2022

Fantastic care and great approach to the client. Highly recommended

Amelia Oct 12th, 2022

Managed to get a quick appointment and some useful advice to help manage some niggles before my marathon. Thank you!

Dhivs Sep 28th, 2022

I've had a fantastic experience so far. Alan is very friendly and has been hugely helpful. He listens and I feel truly safe with him knowing he will offer me the best course of action for recovery. He has helped tremendous amounts even across other unrelated concerns/injuries. He's continued to support me even though I've had to put my physio on hold. I would 100% recommend the clinic and Alan to everyone.

Rachel Paterson Sep 28th, 2022

I couldn’t have landed a better physio to support me through the final weeks of my pregnancy. Fran has been not only a physical support, but mentally too, helping me understand what’s going on with my muscles and ligaments, so I can better support myself when I’m not in the clinic receiving treatment. The level of professionalism and expertise leaves me reassured and actually eager to attend each session, even though it can be a bit painful! The front of house, ease of booking of appointments, and promptness of each session has only cemented my positive experience. 100% recommend.

A Booth Sep 28th, 2022

Jen was very helpful and made some very useful suggestions.

Jacqui Sep 28th, 2022

Brilliant, supportive Pilates teachers, I've been coming for years and always recommend you to friends. More recently, I have seen the specialist women's physio, who is excellent and has already made a big difference.

Omar Sep 27th, 2022

Very professional service. Easy to schedule appointments. Jen really helped me in my ongoing recovery from a fractured wrist

Valerie Sep 27th, 2022

Very professional treatment

Jules Sep 27th, 2022

Very sympathetic and helpful

Andrés Saint-Jean Sep 27th, 2022

Awesome team, truly caring, very reactive when questions arise

Lori Sep 27th, 2022

Something about the space I find rather depressing but the physio treatment was very good.

- Six PhysioGreat to hear the treatment you received was good.

Robert Sep 27th, 2022

Gee sorted out my sore foot. Many thanks.

Lucy Sep 27th, 2022

Professional help getting back from injury - excellent

Emily Sep 27th, 2022

My sessions have been so helpful and I've noticed an improvement really quickly! I also really appreciate the focus on my own aims (i.e. what I want to be able to get back to doing)

Eli Sep 27th, 2022

Although my therapist released my muscles i didn’t heal because it was an incorrect diagnosis. I went to an osteopath and he realised it was not my spine/disc what was causing the pain but muscular on glutes.

- Six PhysioAt Six Physio we pride ourselves on long term results, so your osteopath may have treated the immediate pain but whether or not this is a long-term solution is yet to be seen. In your follow-up sessions you requested your neck to be treated, indicating that your lower back/ glute issue had been resolved.

Jeremy Sep 25th, 2022

I have been coming to Six Physio for over a month and training with Physiotherapists Rushil and Abi. Both are fantastic. I have been recently working more closely with Abi and could not recommend her more. She has full in depth knowledge and doesn't just prescribe generic exercises like most other physios. She understands the issue at hand and has constructed a rehab program that actually works. Couldn't ask for more!

Rob Martin Sep 14th, 2022

Very pleased with the treatment and advice from Rushil - many thanks

Anonymous Sep 14th, 2022

Brilliant! This is the best physio clinic in London.

Clare Sep 14th, 2022

Well organised treatment plan

Alex Isard Sep 12th, 2022

Jennifer is fabulous in helping find the route of my pain and giving me exercises to help it. While not totally gone, my pain has already improved after just a few weeks.

Elizabeth Meyer Sep 08th, 2022

Excellent very professional encouraging and kind!

Anon Sep 08th, 2022

Such fantastic treatment and facilities. Have already recommended you to friends who are pregnant/postpartum.

Sandra Sep 07th, 2022

I found Samantha and Natalia to be very efficient and caring. They really helped me and gave me confidence.

Anne-Marie Sep 07th, 2022

Professional physiotherapist.

Jan West Sep 07th, 2022

Professional, friendly ambiance and excellent physio treatment.

Chris Downing Sep 07th, 2022

My massage was excellent and it done the trick my headaches stoped

Ines Sep 07th, 2022

Have had a LOT of physios in my life and Leonie's expertise, support and understanding on how to handle complex injuries is unparalleled - can't thank her enough.

Isobel Neilson-Clark Sep 07th, 2022

Really great physio's, good approach and kind people. Genuinely look out for your best interests and work with you to gain the most out of your programme. Good availability and very flexible.

Felix Sep 07th, 2022

I have been seeing Jeremy at Six Physio, since I had a skiing accident in 2010. He has been brilliant and reassuring and since then I have seen him for multiple other minor issues.

Joanne Aug 31st, 2022

I am currently attending physio sessions with Julia at the Moorgate branch. She is brilliant, full of knowledge and gives me great guidance of what exercises/ strengthening training best suits my injury and what I need going forward to assist with my future training.

H!! Aug 24th, 2022


Ellie Aug 24th, 2022

I have to say that this is the best physio experience I've had. The combined rehab/manual physio I've had has been really helpful and has made me feel much more confident in my recovery. The facilities are great and the physios are so knowledgeable and professional as well as being lovely people to see on a weekly basis. As a self paying patient (rather than insurance) the session price definitely hurts the wallet, but I don't feel like it's overpriced for the service you get.

H. Shoa Aug 24th, 2022

excellent attention and service

James Davis Aug 24th, 2022

The person who exercises for me is very good. From the first day, he started exercising and I am getting better and better

Hana Stepanova Aug 24th, 2022

Very professional and helpful.

Aubbrhea Seymour Aug 11th, 2022

Paul at SixPhysio was amazing. He listened and really understood before giving me pain-relieving treatment and at-home exercises to heal. I have nothing but good things to say about Paul and the rest of the team. My experiences at SixPhysio have always been positives ones!

A.Wilshire Aug 10th, 2022

I’ve felt listened to and looked after. Both the practitioners I have seen are very knowledgeable and encouraging and are very positive people. I always leave feeling better than when I entered.

Mick Aug 10th, 2022

The staff are very professional, informative but still have a friendly manner. They are happy to give advice and encourage you to ask questions. I was given exercises to do, which were explained and these were followed up with an email containing descriptive diagrams of the correct way to carry out the exercises. Very happy with the service I received and highly recommend their services.

Elaine Fenn Aug 10th, 2022

I have found the efficiency and treatment exemplary at the Kensington venue. The expertise ,care , patience and dedication of Mr Davide Tieppo has been most impressive , and the staff always kind, helpful and understanding. Thank you very much for making my visits so profitable and pleasant at at a time when I was worried about my injury.

Marina Gomez Jul 30th, 2022

I have seen amazing progress so I truly appreciate the genuine expertise and kindness of Rachel and Neyomi. After an awful ankle injury which has affected my leg, I feel stronger and more confident. I can’t recommend enough the attention and service whixh Six Physio offers.

Ilana Jul 28th, 2022

I’ve been going to Six Physio for many years for various injuries, and during pregnancy and for post natal recovery. I’m always impressed with the knowledge, guidance, professionalism and friendliness of everyone I’ve seen. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Brigid Battiscombe Jul 27th, 2022

I LOVE my pilates class with Tobina.

Regina Jul 26th, 2022

After only two sessions with Marsha my back was like new...

Karen Smith Jul 15th, 2022

SixPhysio has helped me through my injury and the team were so professional, friendly and efficient that I'd go nowhere else, thoroughly recommend.

Richard Jul 14th, 2022

Jules and Leanne are both excellent at helping me recover from sciatica

Kim G Jul 13th, 2022

Caitlin diagnosed my issue within minutes and I already felt a great improvement after our first session. Exceptionally professional and exceptionally well informed. The clinic was easy to access and the treatment room very spacious. All round a six star service for a reasonable fee.

Unhappy customer Jul 13th, 2022

After three very expensive sessions my injury was no better so I have gone elsewhere for further treatment.

- Six PhysioAccording to your emails, the exercises we prescribed were working and you were pleased with the progress you were making: return to running takes time, generally longer than one wishes but we aim to set realistic expectations.

C. Ogbonna Jul 13th, 2022

The lady who saw my mother for shoulder pain was totally amazing. Halfway through the physio session, she said she thought there might be some tendon damage and asked for us to get some imaging done. She was correct!!!! She even helped with issues we had not specifically sought assistance with. Well worth the consultation fee!

Jeremy Jul 13th, 2022

Six physio are very welcoming and Anna is extremely knowledgeable having twice solved problems I’ve had. Would definitely recommend 👍🏻

PCC Jul 13th, 2022

Excellent in terms of the booking etc process and follow up. most importantly excellent Physio

PB6 Jul 13th, 2022

Did not feel the first consultation for shoulder trouble was as thorough as I have had elsewhere though manipulation helped for a day. When I returned from holiday saw physio again twice then referred for remedial exercises 2 days later having had appointments on the Monday and Thursday - really felt was being given as many appointments as they coyld fit in for their financial gain but did not help. So decided to go elsewhere. Had an appointment with a chiropractor who in one treatment achieved what 5 at Six Physio could not

- Six PhysioYour notes show progress was being made until you returned to tennis prematurely. Our ethos isn't about a quick fix, which I'm sure the chiropractor has given you, at Six it's about rehab and the long term gains.

Milos Jul 13th, 2022

Superb team full of practical knowledge and experience and a strong ability to communicate clearly .

Paul (Chalky) Jul 02nd, 2022

Clean tidy excellent communication and my Neck is %100 better Highly recommend

Jeremy Davidson Jul 02nd, 2022

Having had not very good experiences with physios in the past, my expectations were not high, however Adam is outstanding. Highly recommended.

Angela Jun 30th, 2022

David was very helpful with my broken finger and I would certainly recommend Sixphysio.

MandyS Jun 30th, 2022

Six Physio is a really well-organised, welcoming place, with lovely staff and a very relaxed but efficient feel. Paul gave me great recommendations and treatment, explaining things clearly and helping me recover from my shoulder pain very quickly.

Sarah B Jun 24th, 2022

My NCT teacher told me that a ‘Mummy MOT’ was a must post birth and she was completely right! I had a full hour with a physio who gave structure to my recovery. After an un-planned c-section I was unsure what I could and couldn’t do and Aty listed exercises and made sure I knew how to do them. Best money ever spent!

ian Jun 24th, 2022

the best. i am a fan.

Brandon Bartram Jun 23rd, 2022

I worked with Miraj and really enjoyed my sessions with him.

kaz Jun 23rd, 2022

I’ve been getting treatments from Dav for my backache. He’s very knowledgeable, experienced and super lovely. It’s great that I don’t have to worry anything about recommending him to my friends and colleagues and he’ll be there to give them his helping hands. Thanks Dav!

Lord Charles Allen Jun 23rd, 2022

The physiotherapist is fist rate. Very friendly and experienced.

Paula Winnings Jun 21st, 2022

I was recommended to the Lindfield branch by two separate people. I found Alex Keogh very easy to get on with and very helpful, although I only needed two sessions to put me in the right direction to do the necessary exercises. The whole experience was relaxing and reassuring for my problem.

C Hastings Jun 20th, 2022

Excellent staff, efficient, professional and very competent. Clean, good equipment, friendly staff and easy to get to.

Emma Jun 16th, 2022

Both my physios - Kelly and Gilly - have been amazing at helping me work towards long term strength and stability in my leg. Both are really personable and friendly. It was particularly useful videoing myself performing the exercises so that I can look back on that when practicing and also eventually see the improvement I have made.

wayne Jun 15th, 2022

the team was super professional and equally caring and empathic . they networked so well and ensured i was referred to the best specialist doctor . fantastic

Janet Jun 15th, 2022

The reception staff are friendly, professional and helpful. I have worked with Anna and Alan, both of whom are experienced, responsive and excellent. The facilities are good, and the other therapists are friendly and always seem very professional and knowledgeable; and so I feel that if for any reason the people I know were on leave etc., I can consult their colleagues.

Lyn Penfold Jun 15th, 2022

Finding a good physio is difficult. Finding a team of physios who are available, able, friendly, encouraging, organised, helpful and informative is exceptional. I definitely will (and indeed I have already) recommend Six Physio to anyone who needs treatment.

Steve Davies Jun 15th, 2022

Very effective treatment delivered in a superb manner.

Marilyn B. Jun 15th, 2022

I have been doing the exercises Natalia gave me, and I really do feel that my back has improved. She is an excellent physio and a charming person!

G D Jun 15th, 2022

All the massage and physiotherapists I've seen at sixphysio have been absolutely stellar, great at explaining treatments, how to continue working on things at home, and tailoring things to my access needs. I've run into difficulty a few times when trying to find out ahead my appointment whether different locations are step-free, and struggled to access a couple of locations which had stairs going into the building. I really wish this info were easier to find, particularly as I'm coming to physiotherapy for mobility problems.

- Six PhysioThank you for this feedback, we will update details on our website. Apologies you struggled to find out information with regards access, all our clinics have step free access but it might not be obvious on arrival.

Ruth Hay Jun 07th, 2022

I was referred to Six Physio by a colleague when struggling with an ankle sprain and fractured toe; I had lost confidence and was still in a lot of discomfort approximately eight weeks after a fall. I'd not had physio before, but Caoimhe was so patient and helpful and I am now feeling so much better. Exercises have been explained and tailored to what I could do at each visit. Thank you Caoimhe - I am very grateful to you!

Jo Cotton May 26th, 2022

Explanation of treatment both massage & physio very good followed by excellent technique in both & helpful recommended exercises . Lovely atmosphere at reception too.

Juliet May 25th, 2022

Very helpful

Martin Bean May 25th, 2022

With a couple of ailments I have been supported by Jen, Abby and Emma. All three are immensely professional and competent. Working together on my shoulder Emma and Abby communicate closely. Exercises are clear (helped with email reminders of how to do them) and manageable. The booking system is easy and coordinated - I don’t have to go back to admin, instead all three can book and move around each others’ bookings. All in all a very good experience. I am also making progress!

Barry Dixon May 24th, 2022

Clean nice facilities

Ana Corvalan May 24th, 2022

Jenn has been excellent. Very patient and good at explaining the impact of the exercises in my body to help reach full recovery.

Nick Browne May 24th, 2022

My legs are not I good condition. They feel heavy. Would this be because of the exercises?

- Six PhysioHI Nick, Neyomi will get back to you later today, to discuss this with you in more detail.

Peter Moss May 24th, 2022

I have been very impressed, from when I first made contact with Anna and with Alex in the way she has helped me..Peter Moss

Francis Lillie May 24th, 2022

Excellent history taking with good support in process of treatment between sessions. Excellent communication and good diagnosis.

Benjamin Gilbert May 24th, 2022

Very professional. great knowledge. the combination of people and skills works extremely well, having a mix of hands on work and exercises to get a superior outcome. i am being treated following ankle surgery. i moved from another physio where i felt i wasn't seeing results. the results are certainly coming now. thank you!

Margaret Bryant May 24th, 2022

Would rather not have my feedback published on the website unless it can be done anomostly.

Barbara L. May 11th, 2022

Alexa, is a fantastic physiotherapist and seeing results for my injury only after a few sessions. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.

Heather Lewis May 07th, 2022

I’m feeling the best I have felt for a years. Alex is an amazing physio and all round lovely person. I’ve recently started to see Paul in the gym for some strength building exercises and they are definitely working. With Alex and Paul’s support I’m in much less pain and feel that it’s possible to get back to my old self again. 10/10

John Root May 06th, 2022

Excellent throughout

Patricia May 05th, 2022

It always feels like Six Physio practitioners are the best in their field. Appraised on the latest methods and thinking, delivering a dynamic, deeply personal service. I rate them very highly and commend them to you.

Daniel Mardle Apr 28th, 2022

I went with a good idea of the issue relating to running. I first saw Alex who took a lead from what I wanted as an outcome and as such tailored her response accordingly which was nice to have what I thought I needed to do listened to. We confirmed the issue and she gave me some basic starting exercises and stretches to do but referred me to a colleague who specialised in running injuries. He reviewed everything and did a really detailed analysis of my technique and strength abilities furthering homework to more specific areas to focus on. Loved their approach and ease of communication. They weren’t pushy on follow up appointments which is refreshing and would definitely recommend and go back as and when I require any further advice or treatment.

Ricky Apr 21st, 2022

Very happy the combination of physio and sports massage has really helped. Best physio I’ve be been too!

Nicola Apr 20th, 2022

Leanne was great - totally professional, knowledgeable and able to explain each stage of my recovery and what rehabilitation exercises would work best. She was reassuring but pushed too .. I really enjoyed working with her and couldn't recommend her highly enough.

xxx Apr 20th, 2022

Miraj Joshi has been excellent and his advice / treatment has been very helpful. I have come down with Covid so not feeling well to perform exercises as often as I should be doing which is frustrating. London surcharge is disappointing as the cost of treatment is too high for as many visits as I would like.

Susan Sewell Apr 20th, 2022

Very friendly team, and Alex is very good.

Corina K Apr 20th, 2022

Therapists are professional and have been able to help me through my pain very effectively. The clinic itself is very clean and tidy as well. Six Physio helped me back on track very quickly and I’d like to particularly thank Adam and Abi for their support.

Anthony Gimson Apr 20th, 2022

Excellent treatment for my back problem but I suspect it was cured predominantly by time. The exercises certainly helped. I thought the prices charged were generally fair though the price for half hour was disproportionately high.

Victoria Apr 13th, 2022

I felt very upset after my appointment, the physio I saw did not have a good bedside manner, kept asking about sex despite me not bringing it up and I was charged a fortune only to be told to do pelvic floor exercises

- Six PhysioThere are times when Physiotherapy cannot be a quick fix and symptom management is key, if clear expectations were not forthcoming in your initial appointment then we hope the follow-up phone call & emails clarified everything in more detail. The Pelvic Floor muscles play a key role in child birth, bladder and bowel control and sexual function, so we need to ask about all of these in order to ascertain a clear picture before we begin treatment.

Elizabeth Apr 13th, 2022

I found the support amazing, the physio was fantastic and I will definitely return for some Pilates.

John Tucker Apr 13th, 2022

Professional and personable team from reception to the physiotherapist First class prognosis and treatment, clear instructions of what exercises I needed to do to strength the damaged muscle without aggravating the injury.

Tigist Apr 12th, 2022

I’m really happy with the service I’m getting and with my Physiotherapist.

Kristian Done Apr 07th, 2022

From the moment i walked into the building i was made to feel welcome and instantly felt at ease. During the initial appointment, Alex listened to my problem intently and dealt with my back issue, displaying excellent knowledge and understanding of what i needed. Not only treating the pain but providing me with information and exercises to take away. I also attended some rehab sessions with Paul, which were equally administered with the same attention and detail to what my needs and limitations were. What i really liked about Six Physio was that they did not try and get me to book more appointments, they said as and when i need them to get in touch. I found refreshing as i have visited other physio's that schedule appointments to what your medical provider has authorised and not what you actually need. I could not recommend Six Physio highly enough and both Alex and Paul have 100% not only helped my back complaint but also helped me understand the potential causes of the issue.

Tricia Apr 06th, 2022

Matt has given a lot of attention to my injury, is a good listener and has set me on the road to recovery. He has been pro-active in suggesting what needs to happen to aid this. It has been very reassuring to know that I can contact him with any queries, I have done so and received a very helpful reply. I have felt very comfortable seeing him and he has a very pleasant manner.

Elizabeth Mar 29th, 2022

thank you for all your help and support

John Williams Mar 29th, 2022

I feel I have been given treated by a professional and caring practitioner. Leanne has explained my treatment and the reasons for it, which is leading to the improvements that I hope to achieve. I am very positive about my experiences and optimistic for future progress.

Ron Waggett Mar 29th, 2022

Friendly, helpful staff and welcoming reception. Efficient and effective treatment from skilled, knowledgeable physiotherapists. Helpful and informative follow up. Well resourced, professional environment. I‘ve been very pleased with my experience/treatment.

Kim Brayshaw Mar 24th, 2022

Excellent service

Ash Mar 23rd, 2022

The staff were very friendly and helpful. Some better/more signage outside the moorgate branch would be great as I missed the entrance several times until I asked someone where it was.

Jo Elvin Mar 23rd, 2022

Very efficient, friendly and you sorted out what I thought was going to be a long term neck problem in one visit. So maybe you're too efficient!

Gareth Mar 16th, 2022

Excellent physio practise. Has helped with numerous sports injuries over the years. Tobina Marx is particularly outstanding.

Naman Agarwal Mar 10th, 2022

I had fractured my wrist while playing football. After my cast was removed I was advised to get physio therapy. I found sixphysio online and chose them because some of their team members specialise in wrist treatments. I was treated my Davide at the Kennsington clinic. The therapy was extremely useful and essential to gain back my strength and flexibility. The team is extremely professional and experienced.

Tony & Caroline Mar 10th, 2022

Really excellent diagnostic and treatment skills. Friendly and kind.

Henry Miles Mar 10th, 2022

Charming and professional staff offering an easy recover for moi, very grateful to say the least.

Leslie Mar 02nd, 2022

Paul has done wonders to relieve the pain from my sciatica. The reception and welcome from other staff is very reassuring.

Grant L Mar 02nd, 2022

Very personable and its helping my shoulder greatly

Caroline Mar 01st, 2022

Immediately felt at ease. Complete confidence in Paul.

Rowena Winkler Mar 01st, 2022

I have always found the Physios at Six Physio to be very professional, friendly and helpful. One's specific needs are easily catered for, both in classes and in individual sessions. The overall results of treatment have been particularly good, and one really feels that the physios care about one's well-being.

Sue P Mar 01st, 2022

Very happy with Six Physio. Was given advice and an exercise sheet was emailed. I was also able to email Paul and received a prompt and very helpful reply.

Sonnia Mar 01st, 2022

Alan and Larissa are fantastic! Both are hugely knowledgeable- they know the precise exercises and therapy that are best to address my injury. My recovery progress has been very quick and I'm absolutely delighted! This is my second time going to Six Physio and like the first time, they heal an injury in such a way that the injury does not recur in the future. Thank you!

Colette Mar 01st, 2022

First rate physio treatment. I would highly recommend Six Physio

Jane Mar 01st, 2022


Anita Houghton Feb 20th, 2022

Excellent experience of my treatment (hand ligament tear). Much care has been taken by therapist. Everyone involved have been very friendly and approachable. All appointments have been efficient throughout.

Maureen Rice Feb 16th, 2022

In the few weeks I have been seen by Natalia, her expertise and experience has helped keep me pain free.

Patricia Feb 16th, 2022

Very friendly and supportive team - knowledgeable, caring, and expert physios providing comprehensive & tráileres treatments (Gee is great!).

Simon Feb 16th, 2022

Anna is a brilliant, caring and helpful physio who takes the time to integrate my treatment with my lifestyle and daily regime.

David Brown Feb 16th, 2022

You are all lovely and very skilled :). Just a tad expensive - I am (fairly) sure competitive and fair but over the long term the sums mount up. Also over the last months some of the reservations systems, payments and counting of the number of sessions has been a tad wonky...

john mcentee Feb 10th, 2022

I had four sessions with Hannah for a very panful Achilles.After each consultation/massage there was a noticable improvement. . Her advice on exercises I followed to the latter and was cheered by the result. She was skilful, professional and friendly putting me at my ease.

Adronie alford Feb 10th, 2022

Any is wonderful and I always recommend her

Patricia Spencer Feb 10th, 2022

Rachel has helped me a great deal. She is very understanding and I look forward to seeing her later this month.

Alberto Feb 10th, 2022

Great work, Leonie and Hayley are very helpful. Their coordinated effort is showing in my improvements every day.

Lorraine Frawley Feb 02nd, 2022

Excellent care and service, everyone I have seen have made me feel comfortable and at ease

David Mehra Feb 02nd, 2022

Excellent service. Strange that they say its takes 6 weeks to clear a cheque. Recommend they change bank.

cigdem demirtas Jan 28th, 2022

Unfortunately I do not recommend the service I received from six Physio, they could not find the problem and the treatment correctly and I have been to emergency operation because of wrong treatment.

- Six PhysioUnfortunately in cases like this Physio is unlikely to help as you were already so far down the line of nerve root compression, we wish you well in your recovery.

Christian Carrillo Jan 13th, 2022

Leanne is a fantastic therapist and I am so glad she treated me. I’ve gone through many, many physiotherapists over the years and I can definitely say she’s been the best. I was quite injured and very worried about travelling overseas when I met her but her treatment got me right very quickly and dealing with her was excellent. Thanks very much!

Clare Jan 12th, 2022

I think the centre is clean and well resourced. My Physio has excellent knowledge and has been able to assess me, set exercises for me to work on home which she has allowed me to record and reviewed. She has also communicated with my consultant prior to a follow up appointment. Excellent service!

Barbara Jan 12th, 2022

Excellent admin staff and very knowledgeable physio. Jenny evaluated my problem and diagnosed the issue. She gave a very clear set of exercises and resources.

Laverne M Burke Jan 12th, 2022

Hazel was friendly, excellent, and professional, she took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I’ve been doing my stomach exercises and I feel great.

Ken Wilson Jan 12th, 2022

Hayley is the perfect trainer/supervisor to someone like me recovering from a hip operation. She's informative, chatty and sympathetic, but when you (the patient) need to up your game, she turns into a slave driver. Exactly as it should be. Take no prisoners.

Graham Welford Jan 12th, 2022

A very pleasant environment. I was getting fed up with my injury just not getting any better, but after a couple of treatments by Alex I can see improvement, so I am encouraged that her diagnosis is correct and we are heading in the right direction.

Roz Kerslake Jan 06th, 2022

A special thankyou to Alex Keogh at Lindfield. Professional treatment good advice and a helpful follow up exercise regime following my knee replacement op. Alex was recommended by my daughter.

Jennifer Jan 05th, 2022

Excellent help from Leanne, who has successfully helped to rehabilitate my shoulder after a very painful injury. I'm so grateful for her expertise.

Ruth Jan 05th, 2022

Kind, professional and thorough . Exercises are beginning to help me.

Antonia Konzotis Jan 05th, 2022

I very much liked the way exercises are printed out for clients. That's immensely helpful and professional.

Margaret McCollum Jan 05th, 2022

Reception is the first point of contact for most organisations and at 6Physio it is very welcoming and efficient. My Therapist is professional , knowledgeable,,welcoming and encouraging. She makes you feel relaxed and sets realistic goals. She takes time to explain things, inspires confidence and answers questions. Having spent 40 very full time years working on the front line of the NHS, I know that I am in excellent hands.

Ken Watters Jan 05th, 2022

Tailored treatment which has helped a lot. Friendly and professional staff

Julia Brown Jan 05th, 2022

Excellent Pilates and Physio sessions. A very professional and welcoming Centre. Highly recommend.

Charlotte Fry Jan 05th, 2022

Sympathetic, professional treatment and realistic recovery plans. Really nice, friendly staff. Thoroughly recommend.

Silvia Titi Jan 05th, 2022

This time I have not been happy with the care I have received at your practice. it was superficial and careless. I therefore decide to get treated somewhere else.

- Six PhysioThank you for taking the time to talk through your treatment with us.

Reece Baptista (on behalf of my mum, Kiesse). Jan 02nd, 2022

I just wanted to say thank you to the team at SixPhysio for helping my mum with her shoulder pain. The time it took to arrange an initial appointment and for her to be seen by your physiotherapist was very quick. The videos you provided afterwards were helpful. Thank you once again!

John Dec 29th, 2021

Flexible appointment times and a friendly knowledgeable team would recommend

Hugh Macmillan Dec 29th, 2021

I expect to be back when the Omicron scare recedes a bit.

Kim Dec 02nd, 2021

My exprience at Sixphysio Martin Lane as been exemplary; my Physiotherapist Eddie has worked out a programme for me that has aided my recovery. I would recommend highly to colleagues.

Stuart Dec 02nd, 2021

I have had a great experience with Six Physio. They have been supportive, patient and innovative to help find exercises and strategies for a chronic injury.

Natalie Dec 01st, 2021

The team at Six Physio are friendly, knowledgeable and highly skilled. I experienced immediate improvement from session one, and my joint issues are reducing further with each week.

Ryan Dec 01st, 2021

In my experience over the last two years they are professional, skillful and friendly. What's not to like?

Deb Davies Dec 01st, 2021

The treatment I have received from Caitlin Miles has been exceptional. Very quick assessment of the hip problem meant that I could immediately start to cure the problem. The strengthening exercises I've been given have made an improvement in the initial couple of weeks and I am confident that I will be able to manage to make a recovery for the long term and hopefully be able to avoid future episodes occurring as often, if at all!

William - Lindfield Dec 01st, 2021

Reception, Paul and Richard have all created a very positive and professional impression. And the treatment has been and continues to be very effective. A winning combination. Thank you.

Richard Greer Dec 01st, 2021

Always helpful when booking, and the sessions I have had have been immensely helpful.

Anna Dec 01st, 2021

Jane Todman is an excellent physio. She helped me at short notice to prepare for a 500 mile walk when I had an issue with one of my hips. She is very professional and pragmatic. She listens, adjusting and targeting the treatment on the basis of her extensive experience. Thanks to Jane, I completed the walk pain free!

Paul Barwick Dec 01st, 2021

Very good exercises & tuition in them given by Julia .

Julia Weston Dec 01st, 2021

Excellent session which has made an immediate difference to my health issues. Felt like I was in expert hands but also that all the suggestions of things I could do between sessions were manageable snd practical.

Magoo Dec 01st, 2021

Prompt highly efficient service

Bill Webb Nov 26th, 2021

The problem with my back is long standing. My sessions with Paul were very useful and have been followed up with Pilates classes

Susie Phillips Nov 24th, 2021

I have used SixPhysio a number of times and always get amazing service and treatment.

Louise Ellis Nov 20th, 2021

Six Physio in Fitzrovia are brilliant! They always have appointments available, always run to time, are polite and professional, and the team have a great friendly and approachable manner.

Merle Nov 18th, 2021

I can only saw how I have received physio,the relief I get from a visit to six physio is amazing and helpful.

Katerina Nov 17th, 2021

Six Studio is a fantastic physio! I particularly LOVE my physiotherapist Sam Barlow, she is amazing, as well as being so pleasant and lovely she is very professional and has brought me back to health in good time! She is patient, kind and provides a variety of techniques to rehabilitate! I highly recommend this place; it also follows strictly a;; COVID precautions required which makes me feel safe. It really would be even better if they also provided support for those in wheelchairs and expanded their offerings this way, as i think many more can benefit.

RoyW Nov 17th, 2021

A good experience to try and resolve old injuries which have seized up in our present set of circumstances. Left with a practical set of exercises to help alleviate the pain

Samuel Ajose Nov 07th, 2021

Your services are ok and professional. Your staff are friendly and communicating. All stages of treatment are well explai ed before therapy are are carfied out which makes you know what to expect.

Racheal Nov 03rd, 2021

I find the venue at Mansion House to be very clean and has a calming atmosphere. More importantly my Physician, Danni is very welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable and at ease, I’d highly recommend my physician to my friends & family.

Shen Nov 03rd, 2021

Already made a recommendation.

Renata Kosova Nov 03rd, 2021

So far all good, thank you!

ADG Nov 03rd, 2021

very friendly and professional. I will come back but have been unwell. Angela

Federico Nov 03rd, 2021

Highly recommended

Sandra Wiseman Oct 20th, 2021

I was satisfied with you service

Helena Oct 20th, 2021

My appointment with Aty was very informative and in depth and I really felt she listened to all my concerns and gave me some extremely useful advice

J Ballantyne Oct 20th, 2021

Excellent professional, knowledgeable and caring team

Letizia Oct 20th, 2021

I booked an appointment for a deep pain on my back and the therapist spend 10 mins talking then about 15mins of treatment and then the rest of the time giving me exercises for the future (which I complained about but she said it was the standard procedure). They just want to get you back-in for the next session and make more money, not at all focused on patient health and pain. When I left and felt same as before, still lot of pain and never went back of course

- Six PhysioThanks for the feedback - Unfortunately your Insurance company only pays for a 30 min consultation and the initial 10 minutes is vital for the physio to understand what your issues are and devise a plan after the physical assessment. We'd love to spend longer in that initial session to make a real difference, however this is dictated by your insurance company and not us. Miracles can't happen in 30 minutes, and is why we rebook you to carry on our care.

Nisha Rahman Oct 20th, 2021

Miss O Brien was amazing and taught me so much during the 1st two visits. I have been feeling much better ever since the visit and will visit again after I have had my baby and get a refresher for my SPD issues.

Neil smith Oct 13th, 2021

Paul Watson - great physio. So knowledgeable. He is given me confidence with my injury

Madeleine Yates Oct 11th, 2021

Excellent service.

Geraldine Broadley Oct 07th, 2021

I will always choose SixPhysio over and above any other, in particular pts tip et Alex Keogh.

Magz Oct 06th, 2021

Charlotte has been great! She is very thoughtful and supporting and I have already made great progress in my recovery from a foot injury and I can't thank her enough!

Leo Oct 06th, 2021

Great help with exercises for my sciatica, walking, pacing myself, etc

Irina Oct 06th, 2021

Lucy has been brilliant! Very professional and understanding advice and guidance with my teenage daughter’s neck issues, Would highly recommend her,

BMTB Oct 06th, 2021

I would love to be able to take off the mask now.

Pete Tame Oct 06th, 2021

Excellent diagnosis and treatment. Legend! Cheers Matt

Anon. Oct 06th, 2021

The key reason why I and other members of our family keep returning to Six Physio is the high quality of the staff. They know what they're doing and why they're doing it.

E. A. Oct 06th, 2021

Excellent clinic. The staff are always welcoming and warm and provide a wealth of advice. The location is easily accessible as well. Winner all round! I always feel well cared for when I come in.

Belinda Oct 06th, 2021

Most helpful and responsive to questions and ailments

Allison L Oct 06th, 2021

The staff at Six Physio are incomparable. From the reception team, to the individual therapists. I love how they make each and every person feel cared for and like you're their only focus. They are not only top notch at their jobs, but the aftercare and support is second to none. A pleasure to deal with from start to finish.

Karen Oct 06th, 2021

Rachel Hughes is a brilliant physio, an empathetic and thoughtful practitioner.

Anthony. Oct 06th, 2021

My first time visiting a physio was an excellent experience.

Peter Sep 22nd, 2021

This is my second experience of Alex helping me. She is very knowledgeable and very caring and successful in aiding my recovery.

Paul Adams Sep 22nd, 2021

Nothing to add

Rob Martin Sep 22nd, 2021

Great experience with Tanya Wong - very clear explanation of the issue I'm experiencing and worked hard to construct a treatment and recovery plan that works for me

Heidi Sep 22nd, 2021

Abbie has been absolutely amazing in supporting me to get back to feeling normal following the birth of my second child. I visited just 6 days after giving birth as was in a lot of pain and struggling with walking and moving in general. She was extremely informative and reassuring and was very thorough in her assessment and treatment of me. I have been back two further times and continue to see improvements after each visit. The clinic were also amazing when it came to my newborn who had become distressed whilst waiting with his Dad for my appt to finish. They kindly offered me a treatment room to feed him in and ensured I had water and was comfortable. It was much appreciated by both myself and my hungry son! Can’t recommend six physio enough as all the staff are extremely friendly and welcoming and will ensure that they support you in any way they can to get back to good health.

Alastair McDermid Sep 22nd, 2021

Everybody at 6Physio Lindfield are lovely - happy, caring people. I have been looked after by Alex, Amy and Katrina, lovely caring and very good Physios in my humble opinion Wouldn't hesitate to guide people to 6Physio

A F Sep 22nd, 2021

I must refer many 10's of clients to you annually. I think you guys are great (I used to work for you!). I had recent appointments with Hannah at Kensington who was brilliant. However your pricing structure is outrageous, almost deceptive. There is no way to justify (and certainly without full transparency) an initial appointment of one hour being £*** and a follow up one hour at £***. I was really surprised to learn the cost of the follow up AFTER it had happened. Its a pretty fair assumption (having been involved with physiotherapy for over 20 years) that the cost is the same for an hour of time. Its' just a little deceptive and leaves a bad feeling. Do let me know your thoughts. ***

- Six PhysioIt's always good to hear we offer great Physio - our Initial hour has always been discounted, in order to offer an assessment, diagnosis and begin treatment. (Much like the majority of other physio companies.) Follow-ups tend to be 30mins, so if one has a 60min follow-up it will be double the price. Sorry to hear it left a bad feeling and hopefully this won't stop you referring into us now that we've explained.

Monty's Mum Sep 19th, 2021

Have found the whole experience "with my bad back" excellent. Both the treatment by Paul and the the admin/reception is stress free and extremely helpful. Will certainly recommend.

Terry H Sep 18th, 2021

My first experience has helped me start to improve. Matt understood my hopes and aims.

Carol Sep 16th, 2021

Great experience felt safe at all times treated very kindly.

Dianne Calvert Sep 16th, 2021

We are so lucky to have this clinic in Lindfield

anon Sep 15th, 2021

The first appointment went well . But unfortunately;y the second appointment was cancelled but they only;y let us know when we got to the appointment at 8.30 am . My husband has difficulty walking so we had ordered a taxi. They had sent an email at 8.10am but we had already left the house , A phone call would have been appreciated and professional to save usa wasted journey.

- Six PhysioReally sorry to hear this, your husband's Physio called in sick that morning but you definitely should have had a phone call at such short notice. We will follow this up to ensure it doesn't happen again and hope to see you back for a follow-up appointment.

Milly Gold Sep 15th, 2021

Wonderful healing place.Thank you to Alex and Anna.. Both went beyond their duty of care. Thank you ..

Michael GI George Sep 15th, 2021

The staff are very pleasant and extremely profficinals. I highly recomend SIX PHYSIO to everyone.

Sheelagh Sep 15th, 2021

I am most impressed with Amelia. She is friendly, huge knowledgeable and clearly very experienced. I feel in very safe hands. Her treatment with with Dry Needling has helped support a more rapid recovery. Thank you, Amelia.

Alan Sep 01st, 2021

Many thanks for helping me to get running again as quickly as possible.

Elizabeth F Sep 01st, 2021

So splendid in all respects...top marks however you look at it and always a treat to call in. Hugh thanks to everyone.

Gordon Sep 01st, 2021

Excellent care and aftrr care too. Thank you and would highly recommend

Sally Tennant Aug 19th, 2021

Great physio’s, rehab very personalised, zoom classes good but admin and booking system chronically bad

- Six PhysioHi Sally, we are continually working with our provider to improve the issues with the booking system. The pandemic has meant several changes with Chelsea's admin team, which should be back on track shortly.

Michal Aug 18th, 2021

Excellent treatment from Mr Eddie Smith. Can’t recommend more

Jamie Aug 18th, 2021

Larissa has been amazing. She has accommodated my advanced pregnancy with adapted exercises, conducted very effective manual therapy to assist with my PGP and listened to my concerns about my pelvic floor and other issues. I feel very supported by her and look forward to seeing her to the end of my pregnancy and also postnatally.

rather not be on website Aug 18th, 2021

Everyone is very welcoming and listens carefully. The treatment recommended really seems to be working.

Bernard Aug 18th, 2021

Excellent physio. Calm and efficient administration.

s mehta Aug 18th, 2021

anna was lovely and her treatment was excellent too

Niranjan Aug 17th, 2021

Some therapists are really good and know their trade, while others are average. It can be hit and miss. Generally, I found the Moorgate branch to be quite good. The gym at Mansion House and Monument branches don't have much equipment, and for most exercises, an alternate equipment or option had to be used. The therapist did not send me the list of exercises after each session. I had to remember them or jot them down quickly.

- Six PhysioWe will ensure your therapist sends exercises after your next session, as there is no excuse for this.

Helen Moran Aug 07th, 2021

I was in a lot of pain in my lower back, not knowing what was wrong. I felt that my physiotherapist was extremely thorough in assessing exactly what the problem was and I trusted what she had to say

Reg Aug 06th, 2021

Very good treatment from nice professional team members. Their approach is challenging but this is much more likely to result in positive outcomes.

Bill Aug 04th, 2021

as usual get to the source of the issue and provide good exercises to remedy

Millard Tongson Jul 24th, 2021

Alex and Paul are both great providing the best service to their costumer.very accommodating and friendly..

Teresa Jul 22nd, 2021

I am a very grateful client at Six Physio. Whether it is for pilates classes with Karina , or recently , physio with Charlotte

Meher Jul 22nd, 2021

I have no suggestions. This is the first time I've needed a physiotherapist and I'm quite happy. Feels good, I feel cared for.

David Leen Jul 22nd, 2021

Too many emails regarding a single payment.Just need a text confirming payment taken or one email. Fees are confusing, I never know what I am going to pay, can't find on the website either.

- Six PhysioDavid - sorry for the confusion, our prices can be found on sixphysio.com/prices. With regards payment, our terms are 'All invoices must be paid by return' so our system automatically sends 3 spaced-out reminder SMS messages if the payment hasn't been made within 48 hours.

Claire Jul 14th, 2021

Six Physio is the first place I call when I need physio treatment. They are professional and efficient.

Cammy Jul 14th, 2021

Good diagnosis friendly positive attitude and rehab started immediately

Hazel Jul 14th, 2021

I've had the VERY best experience at SIX physio. I have really enjoyed (even the painful bits!) of the physio that I have had and will continue to have if and when necessary. My therapist is thoughtful, knowledgeable and cheerful. I couldn't want more.

NRH Jul 14th, 2021

The treatment I received was very good and the diagnosis was well explained and made sense. Also the post treatment exercises and stretches seem to be working. This is the first time I used SixPhysio and I would use them again.

Phil Jul 14th, 2021

So glad I went to see Matt at the Parsons Green clinic. He was recommended by a friend and within the space of two weeks had me at the point I could pass my fitness test for a job-dependent role. Can’t thank or recommend him enough!!

Muhammad Munir Jul 14th, 2021

Excellent and professional service

daisy shemtov Jul 08th, 2021

The treatment was very very good.

Colin Thubron Jul 08th, 2021

Very professional and attentive.

Ammy Seth Jul 08th, 2021

Both the Therapists who have treated me have been excellent

Lawand Jul 08th, 2021

The team in Finchley Road are fantastic. . I see Rachel Maccabbe for my wrist, she is amazing and I am extremely happy with her. Recently I see Samantha for my left leg, she is also fantastic and very informative. Great team, it feels like I am in great and professional hands. Thank you guys.

Richard Jul 08th, 2021

Excellent. Very efficient but personal as well. And it’s working!

Zeynab Jul 04th, 2021

My personal physiotherapist Gee, is incredibly caring and professional. Helped me get ready for my ACL reconstruction in 3 weeks. Will be seeing a lot more of her after my surgery.

Kathy Jul 01st, 2021

Really open spacious environment and extremely friendly. I saw Dan and James who have both been fantastic. Really informative and helpful, explaining the process and medical issues clearly and simply. Best physio practice I have been to.

Helen Ogunbiyi Jun 30th, 2021

Brilliant physio

Ron-Charles Jun 30th, 2021

Friendly, professional and positive approach . Such a good and holistic way to deal with injury management. Have helped me greatly, no hesitation in recommending.

M.A. Jun 30th, 2021

This is an excellent place for physiotherapy and regular machine training.

Kate Allen Jun 30th, 2021

Amy has been incredibly helpful and kind with helping me recover from Long covid. She has given me helpful links for yoga sessions and constructive exercises to do at home. I am feeling better than when I first came so hopefully things will improve in the long term for me.

Richard Jun 30th, 2021

Excellent in every way. Efficient reception and Mark a very good physio.

Pippa Jun 28th, 2021

I went to see Six Physio for a post-natal check up, as I was experiencing some back pain. Aty was really thorough and gave me some exercises to do which really helped. I haven’t needed to go back.

Dana E.V. Jun 23rd, 2021

The physiotherapist Gee is great and kind, very professional and welcoming. The clinic is clean, and the staff is very friendly.

sfg Jun 20th, 2021


Sophie Broad Jun 16th, 2021

Alex was utterly incredible - am so grateful!

Ian H Jun 16th, 2021

Professional, thoughtful and friendly advice as I have eased myself into Pilates as a beginner. Booking, reminder and payment arrangements are very efficient

Brian Jun 16th, 2021

Excellent approach and new immediately the problem

Fraser M Jun 16th, 2021

I've relied on Six Physio since a friend's recommendation in 2013 led to my first visit. I remain very happy with the service they provide.

Laura Lonsdale Jun 16th, 2021

Just excellent in every way

Kate M Jun 03rd, 2021

Friendly, approachable, accommodating & knowledgeable. Early on in treatment of injury but confident I am in safe hands. Have already recommended 6Physio to a friend.

Henry Carter Jun 02nd, 2021

Highly informative and professional physio's. I would recommend to anyone looking for efficient and effective recovery.

Elin Jun 02nd, 2021

Both me and my husband has used Six Physio with great results. Happy and friendly staff, and incredibly competent!

Georgina Jun 02nd, 2021

Fantastic. The quality of my practitioner was excellent. After a fairly traumatic birth experience and next to no postpartum support from the NHS, this appointment was the most personalised care I have had in the UK to date. I have recommended a post birth review with a women’s health physio at SIX as a non-negotiable appointment to my mothers group and anyone else that will listen!

Ben Whattam May 26th, 2021

Six Physio has always been my go-to physio, and my recent visit to Fulham continued the great experience I'd had at their Harley Street clinic. Great appreciation for those with a sport injury (even those ageing!) for importance of getting back to activity as soon as possible.

Hazel F May 26th, 2021

It was really helpful to see Julia Barber in the Moorgate clinic. She ascertained what my problem was, gave me some manual therepy and advice on ways forward.

Elizabeth May 26th, 2021

Alan has curing hands! Alan Robb is my go-to physio, he is knowledgeable and friendly. I have confidence in him and have recommended him to my partner.

Rachel May 16th, 2021

Alan was really helpful, diagnosed the problem and gave solutions to cure it.

Merle Burrows May 12th, 2021

Only been twice but found every one very nice and helpful with my issues. Would recommend.

omar May 12th, 2021

excellent service

Stephen Peak May 12th, 2021

I received a good balance of an explanation of body mechanics together with he way forward to recovery.

Karina Kaufmann May 12th, 2021

Easy to get convient appointments. Felt very well cared for by my very skilled physio and it was great that he was able to answer all my questions and get back to me with the info I needed.

Cheryl White May 10th, 2021

I was lucky enough to get physio through work due to a work related shoulder injury. I have a fantastic physiotherapist, Alexandra Keogh, who is professional, cheerful, very informative and demonstrated and emailed over exercises to do in between treatments. I would absolutely recommend SIXPHYSIO for anyone needing or considering physio. Thank you to all the team for your dedication and hard work.

Catharine May 07th, 2021

The actual physiotherapy was fine but because the physiotherapist was maskless my fear of exposure to Covid was greater than the benefits of the treatment

- Six PhysioThank you for the feedback - we know that your treating physio has been in touch with you. All the Physios have had their second jabs and take 2 lateral flow tests a week, we hope the rest of the sessions go well.

Robert Hutchinson May 06th, 2021

I have been going to Six Physio for many years and always found them very helpful particularly coming up with very good exercises for the various problems I have encountered and I would certainly recommend them wholeheartedly.

Nick May 06th, 2021

Great, professional and friendly staff.in the heart of the village

miles maskell May 06th, 2021

Have given you a rating (as above) of 9 out of ten

Veronica May 06th, 2021

Great physios, very helpful advice and incredibly polite and friendly

Tamara May 06th, 2021

Great team They know what they are doing And great attitude

no name May 06th, 2021

things did not go well, but my concern has been properly dealt with

- Six PhysioPleased to hear it's been dealt with accordingly.

Stuart Apr 29th, 2021

I was able to book an appointment promptly. I feel secure with the COVID precautions. The physio I saw was professional, thorough and helpful. I have been very impressed so far.

Martin Apr 29th, 2021

My back problem was quickly diagnosed and the appropriate massage carried out . With good advice from the physio I am now letting the recovery process take its course.

NickW Apr 28th, 2021

I like the way different disciplines come together to provide holistic treatment, I have had better results with SixPhysio than at previous clinics.

Francesca Apr 28th, 2021

Nice and professional

rod Apr 27th, 2021

totally confidence inspiring

Cam Apr 21st, 2021

James did w great job all round - explaining the issue and making me feel better about what to do next

Sruti Apr 21st, 2021

I have been to Six Physio with various complaints needing Physio help and came out stronger each time. They also offer Physio based Pilates which is great post treatment to build strength.

Anne-Sophie Apr 21st, 2021

Highly recommend Six Physio. After only two sessions with Ben, I can feel tremendous progress. I was also sent very relevant information about my injury by email and we then went over any potential questions together.

Tom Apr 21st, 2021

Very friendly, and non-clinical feel

Christina Apr 18th, 2021

I’m so happy to have seen Caitlin and Ailish for my recent neck and lower back problems - they worked together to provide immediate relief from the pain but also provided exercises and suggestions to get me back to exercise ASAP and keep me moving in the long term!

Adam Amura Apr 15th, 2021

James Davis was incredible! A physiotherapist of the highest order with wisdom, grace and respect. James, if you are reading this, the knowledge that you imparted on me has saved my bodybuilding career and has kept my Mr Olympia dream alive at a time when it could have crumbled. I am forever in your debt 🙏

Sue Apr 14th, 2021

Two sessions with Caoimhe sorted out my back pain and left me with a plan of action for further management of my problem. A delightful therapist and very professional and caring.

Bob Apr 14th, 2021

Knowlegeable and practical phsio therapy,which resolved tendon injury.

Sophie W Apr 14th, 2021

Really excellent treatment by Lucy for c section recovery. I've already recommended her to friends!

Ermanna Calella Apr 08th, 2021

They are all very considerate, professional and polite.

Claudine Apr 07th, 2021

Gee listens to my needs and I truly believe she knows what she is doing and makes me feel relaxed and in good hands I feel she is showing me how to ensure I fix my problem and will ensure i know what I’m doing when I’m no longer under her

Claire Apr 07th, 2021

Good understanding of the issue and structured treatment plan. Feeling better already, although only time will tell if the problem is resolved long term.

Helena Apr 07th, 2021

Great facility with a variety of gym equipment. The exercise plan is practiced during the session and emailed afterwards (with links to videos if necessary). A big thank you to my physio (Neil) as I'm very happy with the care and treatment I am receiving.

Tim Hartley Apr 03rd, 2021

Alex was able to immediately pinpoint where I felt the muscular strain. Therefore her treatment was immediately effective. Thank you Alex. Jayde also advised the correct and effective exercises for me. Thank you. I highly recommend SixPhysio

(private) Apr 01st, 2021

The team is great! My impression is that Anna and Jeremy are very knowledgable in their fields and really passionate about what they do - actually caring that you get better. They both helped me immensely with my injury. Additionally, Siana has been super helpful in resolving any logistical issues making the process worry-free. 10/10

Rory Mar 31st, 2021

Six Physio have been very helpful, they have shown me a new way to run without doing more injury in the long term, and how to build to be able to run again from my injury.

Kiana Mar 31st, 2021

Jenny at the Fitzrovia clinic was recommended by my OBG and the lady knew what she was talking about. I cannot praise Jenny enough. She is very competent, highly skilled at what she does, very pleasant, and very positive. She helped me regain muscle function and strength of the pelvic floor. I was suffering a multitude of issues after having given birth and I’m really pleased with the progress we made in only 4 months. The only thing I’d suggest is for the clinic to allow a 5-minute gap between appointments because there’s a few minutes required to let the last person leave and clean up after them, before allowing the next person come in. I cherished every minute of my treatment and so when we started late which happened quite frequently I’d get a bit annoyed. Alternatively, the clinic can advertise and sell the treatment sessions for 25 minutes instead of 30 in order to set expectations straight.

Stephen Quinn Mar 28th, 2021

I have severe back ache from time to time. Six Physio sorts me out, gets me standing upright, and walking fast. Great company.

Guy Alcock Mar 24th, 2021

6 physio are extremely friendly professional and always get me back to full fitness from all my injuries

Ted Skelton Mar 24th, 2021

I was totally satisfied with treatment.

RM Mar 24th, 2021

I've received physio from a number of different providers in the past, but Six Physio is in a class of its own. The staff are super friendly, very professional and really know their stuff. Highly recommended!

Claire Mar 24th, 2021

Great care and attention. Very good at listening and providing understandable and useful information, exercises and tips. Would definitely recommend!

Adrian Mar 24th, 2021

Jeremy is excellent. I highly recommend him

David Redfern Mar 24th, 2021

Dan was great and definitely massively helped sort out my issue.

Jacqueline Mar 19th, 2021

Really there is not much I can say other than I would not go to anyone else other than Jeremy! I have the utmost faith in his treatments as experienced over the years. I hope he will remain at SIXPHYSIO for many years to come! Thank you!

Brian Johnson Mar 18th, 2021

Very helpful

Adolfas Mar 18th, 2021

One of the best experiences I had in health sector. Alan and Anna not just very knowledgable and able to tailor treatment perfectly, which shows in my speedy recovery. They also get the time to know you and make you feel like they really care about their patient. Very best in my opinion! Thank you

Iulia Mar 18th, 2021

I only have good things to say about Amy. She really helped with my issue and she's very knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

Ben Elsey Mar 10th, 2021

Excellent service and I’ve been really impressed with the programme that has really helped me get back to running. I’ve attended a few physios in the past but never had aftercare programme like this - really recommend Six Physio and the staff at the Lindfield Centre. Thank you.

Jon Archer Mar 10th, 2021

I saw Matt Wilkinson regarding a shoulder pain that I now believe was related to an old injury but it had never been addressed correctly in the past. Matt's advice, recommendations and approach were excellent and it has allowed me to address a weakness in my shoulder that was clearly inhibiting my progress in the gym. Not only has the pain been completely removed but I am showing a signicant improvement in all excercises where the rotator cuff needs to be engaged thanks to rebuilding the muscle in the correct way.

Myles Cave-Browne-Cave Mar 10th, 2021

Great. I felt very comfortable coming to the clinic and I'm very happy with the treatment that I've received so far.

M Allsop Mar 04th, 2021

Six physio has treated both myself and my son. As a health care professional I have only positive and glowing comments. From the friendliness of the staff, to the efficacy of the treatment all aspects are done very well.

Mark Mar 03rd, 2021


David Headland Mar 03rd, 2021

Caoimhe has really helped me with the rehabilitation of my achilles, she has helped me understand the injury, and has really tailored a program to my individual needs. The whole process has been incredibly professional.

Abi Mar 03rd, 2021

Excellent service. Came with years of back pain, had seen lots of physiotherapists before and nothing had really helped, but Diarmaid has been brilliant and through my sessions with him my pain and movement has improved so much. Admin team really friendly and professional- always able to change appointments when necessary and get reminders before every appointment. Can't fault the service.

Jon Stigwood Mar 02nd, 2021

fantastic facilities with care and attention to my injury and individual supervised exercises within the session.

Ed Woolf Feb 25th, 2021

Really helped my back