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Michelle Fisher Oct 15th, 2020

Rachel was fantastic! Really helpful and knowledgeable. I’m so lucky to have met her

Jens Oct 14th, 2020


Jon Oct 03rd, 2020

I was very impressed with my friendly, clear and expert assessment by Jenny Constable. I've been around the houses with a pelvic floor issue and Jenny was the first clinician who really listened to me and understood my experience. I now feel positive about my condition, thanks to working with an experienced specialist. Wish I'd come in sooner!

Paul Oct 02nd, 2020

Very thorough service received from Six Physio in Borough, lots of questions asked and felt like they were really interested in aiding my recovery from my shoulder injury from bike crashes

Maggie Oct 01st, 2020

On this occasion I was treated by Lucy; very friendly, remembered me from previous visits (nice touch). Can not fault the treat or the advice & would happily return in the future. My only negative comment is the level of the price increase! I understand that covid-19 has impacted businesses, but it’s also hit your clients too.

- Six PhysioWe do understand that COVID-19 has hit everyone and while we appreciate there is never a good time to increase prices it’s not something we ‘do for the sake of it annually’, in fact our last price increase was 2 yrs ago in Oct 2018. Unfortunately we need to increase our prices in line with financial pressures, incl additional cost of reduced capacity, additional cleaning & PPE. Hopefully you are on the road to a speedy recovery.

Benjy Kirk Oct 01st, 2020

I've always been very impressed with Six Physio and have come to really trust in you to know what the problem is - and to prescribe an effective course of treatment. I feel extremely grateful for that. I would have rated 10/10, but the prices do sting and it makes me much more hesitant to engage with your services. I've noticed that staff always seem slightly surprised when I say I'm paying out my own pocket - as it would seem most patients go via health insurance. For those paying their own way, and particularly those on lower incomes, It would be wonderful to see some treatment options which friendlier on the wallet... as well as loyalty being rewarded somehow. As I feel the high prices are reflective of them mostly being covered by insurance companies. At least that's my perception!

Jade Samuels Oct 01st, 2020

I have been in a few times throughout my pregnancies to see Aty, as I always feel she is incredibly knowledgable with all things pregnancy and pre/post natal related. As usual, she was able to give me the best guidance and exercises to help with my lower back and pelvic floor concerns. I will be back once baby is out!

Charmaine Oct 01st, 2020

My physio is so supportive and kind. I can't to be cured :)

Arthur Levi Oct 01st, 2020

Megan is great!

Hannah Oct 01st, 2020

Been seen by six physio for the last 7 years and always been friendly, helpful and very good at their job. I have been back since lockdown and the clinic has adapted to provide a safe environment whilst continuing to provide good care.

DAL Sep 29th, 2020

Rachel has helped no end with my home working neck and shoulder ailments. Clinic experience also thoroughly reassuring.

Simon Sep 29th, 2020

Great one on one session with Fern to diagnose a shoulder problem, treat it & provide exercises to build it back up including a follow up email outlining the exercises.

Eric Sep 28th, 2020

Fantastic experience with Amelia and great physio treatment with huge knowledge and an impressive, holistic approach to target treatment on a road to effective recovery. Always good communication from SixPhysio too and an excellent format for passing on exercises and treatment.

Alma Sep 27th, 2020

Jenny is a thoughtful & experienced practitioner. I just started my treatment & feel confident that I am on the right track. All of the COVID precautions are being followed so I feel very safe.

Marie Sep 27th, 2020

Extremely helpful, compassionate and reassuring. Took a more holistic approach than I was expecting, and even followed up with extensive written notes, further reading and recommendations

Julien Sep 24th, 2020

Excellent physios, very professional and very helpful for my recovery

Lau Sep 24th, 2020

Very professional and knowledgeable.

Karen Sep 24th, 2020

I felt safe and comfortable in the clinic.

Pete N Sep 24th, 2020

Appointment face to face was fine. Kept as socially distant as possible, masks at all times and very professional as always.

Robin W Sep 24th, 2020

Really practical and professional treatment on both occasions

Robyn Sep 24th, 2020

Cannot rave more about Six Physio. I have been going to the clinic at monument for about 3 years and whether it’s my back, shoulder or foot, they never fail to either fix the issue, or work with third parties to help find long term solutions. A bit pricey, but always worth it!

Dave Sep 17th, 2020

Excellent and friendly service and very professional

Andy Sep 17th, 2020

Excellent service and help from Rachel

Olga Muscat Sep 17th, 2020

Your screening form ahead of an appointment is out of date. You are asking if the patient was abroad, and you decline a face to face visit if they were abroad. This is in conflict with the UK quarantine policy. If the patient was abroad and finished their 2 week quarantine and the patient has no symptoms, does this mean still no physio face to face at six-physio? How long does the patient have to be back from being abroad for you to allow a face to face session. Why can they do everything else like a hairdresses, tube and go to work but not have physio? This is crazy.

Carly Sep 17th, 2020

Caoimhe was brilliant - she explained everything, showed genuine care and gave very clear and manageable next steps. I have recommended to other women in my antenatal group who have similarly been impressed.

Richard Sep 14th, 2020

Face to face is unavoidable for physio and I can honestly say that the SixPhysio team did a great job. From masking and washing on entry to paperless invoices (by email), they are on top of it. COVID aside, I was very pleased with the session too - thorough and personable. Keep it up!

Patricia Monahan Sep 13th, 2020

My anxiety diminished when I met Fern .She understood how nervous I was.After the first visit I could reduce the pain killers which was important to me .My ability to walk, without too much pain ,improved gradually and continues to do so.Fern isa very understanding lady.She is the ultimate professional with fine expertise and a kind and affable nature.

Patricia Sep 10th, 2020

All good!

Maggie Lloyd Sep 10th, 2020

Alex is a great physio and wastes no time addressing your problem hands on. Hygiene rules adhered to. Very happy. Any suggestions - perhaps a head rest with a disposable covering.

Dr John Loftus Sep 10th, 2020

Excellent clinical assessments and advice from experienced therapists whom I have used now for a variety of ailments over the past 8 years-thank you!

James Hayward Sep 10th, 2020

Friendly, professional, great service - wish I’d gone earlier! Got to the root of the injury really quickly, agreed a recovery plan and all in first session.

Christopher Wright Sep 10th, 2020

Davide, the physio, was waiting for me on arrival. He had no support as there seemed to be no one else there. Davide was excellent & very helpful in explaining what had gone wrong. The room we were in was very hot & airless & needed air-conditioning. Some chilled water out of a dispenser would have been appreciated

Eric W. Sep 10th, 2020

A first class physio set up and I have used them a number of times for a variety of injuries with great results - most recently with Amelia who has been fantastic. Insightful treatment with quick results, I would definitely recommend them as as a first class organisation for physio treatment.

Klara Fokicheva Sep 08th, 2020

Very professional and straight to the point, took into consideration all of my worries/ troubles and I finally feel like I’m curing issues that Have been ignored and dismissed at doctors.

ehm Sep 03rd, 2020

Very attentive and focused treatment for back problem. Grateful for expertise.

Miss Ibrahim Sep 03rd, 2020

I’ve always used six physio and never disappointed with the results. Great care and attention is always provided. I’ve always recommended your services to friends and family. Keep up the great work!

Aaron Sep 03rd, 2020

Kim was very helpful and listens to my queries, teaching me at depth about biomechanics and answering whatever questions I have. Very professional!

Anonymous Sep 03rd, 2020

Great all round

Christian Alessi Sep 03rd, 2020


Brendan Gilmore Sep 03rd, 2020

Everything was well thought through and the fact I could complete forms online was great.

F Shaw Aug 20th, 2020

Very constructive and informative session to address dizziness.

Richard T Aug 20th, 2020

Mark is a top guy, helpful and good company

Bernie Aug 20th, 2020

Samantha is always helpful and her treatments are very effective. Highly recommended.

Jamie W Aug 20th, 2020

Wow - a life changing physio session on activating the muscles in my feet to improve my flexibility and reduce post-sport pain. Would highly recommend!

Carol Corcoran Aug 20th, 2020

As always a highly professional experience with all current Covid rules adhered to. So glad to be able to be seen face to face.

Patricia Aug 14th, 2020

I've been to Six Physio on several occasions and to three different clinics. The service provided is always impeccable. Super friendly staff and really good professionals who have always understood my problems and helped me get better fast. The combo of massage + rehab works really well, in my opinion.

Louise Aug 13th, 2020

Excellent session with Eddie. Have me real confidence about the way forward with my injury and the clinic procedures made me feel very confident in this new Covid world.

Steve Aug 13th, 2020

Very grateful - excellent care and advice, as always.

Neil Bamford Aug 07th, 2020

From being sure I had sciatica, the first session revealed that the problem was my knee joint. Brilliant. Physio with my new knee promises full recovery.

Edward Kerner Aug 07th, 2020

All very professional and welcoming

Chris Aug 06th, 2020

Just had first appointment with Fern at Lindfield as I've had lower back pain for some time - too long!! Diligent review and "prodding" followed by introduction to exercises subsequently emailed. Next appointment in a weeks time. Confident I will be fixed.

Jacques Aug 06th, 2020

Katie analysed the problem and initiated corrective exercise treatment. I am very comfortable with her approach to dealing with my injury. Regular monthly visits to a physio is essential rather than when a problem occurs. Bad posture and alignment requires remedial action early.

Emma Aug 03rd, 2020

Georgie was fantastically knowledgeable and reassuring and took time to explain both the assessment process and the exercises. I would highly recommend her.

Milo Aug 01st, 2020

Like their slogan says, they aim to cure. Gee has been fantastic though lockdown and now, she has an impressive attention to detail. I had a chest injury that was extremely painful, it’s basically gone now. I am very grateful for all her attention and knowledge.

JDS Jul 31st, 2020

Felt totally safe in the context of Covid. Face Mask for patient. Face shield for physio. Hand sanitizer, etc. Bring your own mask as according to a rather rude sign they might charge you. Great physio session. Very knowledgeable physio with great interpersonal skills.

David Jul 31st, 2020

Very well organised with gloves, sanitiser, masks; fully distanced etc gave confidence.

Nicola Scott Jul 31st, 2020

Sarah Turpin. the Physio, who managed my appointments was extrememly efficient and thorough. I struggle to do my exercises to manage my back problems due to my own inertia. Sarah provided some very simple advice which has really motivated me. I am actually doing my exercises. Their motto of fixing is absolutely true. Aside from this I have found all the team at Six Physio to be professional with a excellent skill set.

Ms Allan Jul 30th, 2020

I was assessed by Mr Alan Rabb , and I am very pleased with his assessment and the exercises I was given. Mr Rabb appeared very knowledgeable and professional in his approach . The booking process was straight forward and instructions very clear. Thank you

Margaret Jul 30th, 2020

Prompt, friendly, individual attention. Helpful advice given

Alison Campbell Jensen Jul 30th, 2020

In mid July my GP, Dr Hadlow from Lindfield Medical Centre, suggested I go to SixPhysio for some one-to-one treatment following a fall and total hip replacement at the start of Lockdown. I had not been able to get any hands-on physiotherapy sessions since a drawn-out stay hospital due to the development of pulmonary embolisms and I was full of aches and pains. After only three weeks and six sessions with Fern my life has changed for the better to such an extent I can at last see a light at the end of the tunnel and truly believe i can get back to being as active as I was before my accident instead of the lop-sided, hobbling, back-and-knee-aching creature I had become over recent months. My gratitude is huge,

Mike Jul 30th, 2020

Professional, expert and friendly advice that is having a positive impact

MelS Jul 30th, 2020

Felt very comfortable coming into the clinic and received the same level of service as previous visits before all the implementations.

William Jul 30th, 2020

As good a service as normal except I was wearing a mask

N/A Jul 22nd, 2020

Georgie was great, super informative and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable and pleased with how the first session went. I am looking forward to going through this physio journey and would definitely recommend! Thank you Georgie.

Julian Radford Jul 16th, 2020

Always a pleasurable experience to deal with Six Pysio and always striving to help their clients. Very personalised service and friendly and always putting the client first.

Daniel Peters Jul 10th, 2020


Richard Jul 09th, 2020

Received some great treatment from Sarah, would recommend.

Ken Watters Jul 09th, 2020

SIXPHYSIO provides not only Pilates classes but also physio therapy tailored specifically to my needs

Suzette Green Jul 09th, 2020

I had physio for my ankle post op with Samantha and was very happy with treatment. I have a further appointment to look forward to

Sara J Jul 07th, 2020

Having Physio has improved by shoulder / neck issues vastly. The aftercare given to do at home is explained clearly and having the notes emailed help remind me how they should be done properly. Six Physio have adjusted well to the current situation and I felt at ease with hand gel, gloves and mask all on hand to protect clients and the therapists. Thank you!

Neil Bamfor Jul 05th, 2020

Useful session. Follow-up involves checking knee. We'll see.

Karen C Jul 05th, 2020

I came away feeling confident that my problem has been pinpointed accurately and saw immediate improvement after the initial appointment. A great relief as I had been in increasing pain for weeks. I really appreciated the email follow up to remind me of the exercises that I needed to do.

Sally Fox Jul 04th, 2020

Fern has been amazing. Very professional. Excellent treatment along with the exercises she explained to me and then sent them to me with very clear instructions. Answered all my questions and gave me confidence that my injury could be resolved and that I was making progress. This was really important to me having had the problem since March seen several therapists who didnt cure the problem.I was feeling extremely depressed about it. She is fab.

Sher Jul 02nd, 2020

The world of masks is weird to begin with but the physios do a great job of making you feel comfortable. Amy put some music on today which definitely made things feel more normal and I’d recommend!

Iulia Jul 02nd, 2020

Given the current circumstances, I received a good service, it felt safe and clean and I'm definitely coming back.

Graham Jun 29th, 2020

Six Physio has excellent professional staff that use listening and adaption as a key part of their skill set

Jennie Powell Jun 29th, 2020

It was a strange experience in comparison with my previous visits to you, but very much appreciated. Will see you again in 4 weeks time, am just waiting for Fern to confirm date and time

Ann Morgan Jun 29th, 2020

I went to see Matt Todman last week about my dodgy knee and he was his usual ebullient and helpful self! He was very quick to diagnose the problem and then spent the rest of the time setting me up with a bunch of exercises to help me to fix it. Straight to it, no nonsense..I walked out feeling much better - with some practical advice about what to do and confidence that it will get better.

Hazel Slimmon Jun 27th, 2020

Very professional from booking through to treatment.

Sofia Jun 27th, 2020

Lovely clinic in Parsons Green combined with warm and experienced staff with a particular focus on recovery to sporting fitness makes Six Physio a unique clinic and one I highly recommend!

Paul Holehouse Jun 26th, 2020

I have had loads of significant injuries and operations, with the expert help and advice from Juliet Slade I am now stronger and fitter than I have been in 20 years. I am still on a journey, but every time I have a set back Juliet has been able to identify the root cause of the issue and recommend the appropriate remedial action - she is just a complete star :-)

'S. J. Dunphy Jun 26th, 2020

I have full confidence in the replacement knee rehabilitation treatment and guidance made by the physiotherapist. I really feel it's helped me move forward from where I was during lockdown.

Paul Adams Jun 26th, 2020

I have had very good rehab physiotherapy for a back injury from several of your physios over the past decade and now attend your Pilates classes online.

Bernadette McDowell Jun 26th, 2020

Sarah Turpins treatment was brilliant, and, she also arranged additional medical attention and therapy with a shoulder surgeon for us swiftly. I have been waiting for 3 months during lockdown and had considerable pain. She accurately diagnosed the issue and I have had treatment now, in one week. FANTASTIC

Richard Harreiter Jun 26th, 2020

Since Six Physio opened in Lindfield, I have been a customer and the service has always been faultless, friendly, safe and sorted out our the numerous problems I have.. Now with COVID-19, I still feel safe being treated and thank everyone in making me welcome again.

Gary Melling Jun 26th, 2020

More than happy with the whole process. I feel that the appt has greatly enhanced and contributed to my recoverey for that last 20% so thank you.

Harriett RK Jun 26th, 2020

An excellent physiotherapy service, with knowledgeable and personable therapists. Excellent safe practice, in respect of current health crisis (COVID-19). Would recommend!

Sam Morris Jun 26th, 2020

I first had an online consultation due to lock down and the clinic being closed, but it was very professional, and understanding and caring. Now that the clinic is open, I have visited the Monument clinic twice, and have felt totally at ease and trust the expertise of my physiotherapist. I Highly recommend Six Physio.

Tyler O'Callaghan Jun 26th, 2020

My experiences with sixpysio are always first class from booking the appointment, having the sessions and then any follow up. Even when I once had an issue, this was resolved immediately and with customer focus in mind. Equally, I continue to be impressed with the service during the coronavirus pandemic. Would not go anywhere else! Thank you for keeping me on the road.

Erik Torstenson Jun 26th, 2020

Great as always!

Elizabeth F Jun 26th, 2020

Coming for a"1to 1"physio appointment with Fern was an excellent experience . I felt totally safe in the environment every precaution generously provided for by 6Physio. and taken by Fern. The Zoom sessions have proved very useful but nothing can beat personal contact. Thank you to everyone.

Gareth Penny Jun 26th, 2020

Lindel is an excellent physio and such a nice person too.

Marta Jun 26th, 2020

Amazing professionals! Thank you so much!

KKH Jun 26th, 2020

Excellent experience all around.

Jerry Jun 26th, 2020

You have adapted to the new environment brilliantly and with a combination of empathy for the clients and implementing the regulations. So wonderful to be able to revisit and benefit again from your team and their outstanding skills

Neil Gallagher Jun 26th, 2020

Neil has been awesome. After 6 months of troubles and 3 months with another physio with no success, Neil has come in, listened to my issues with great care and attention, and put me on the fast track to recovery. He's covered every angle to date and puts a lot of effort into tailoring and understanding what's best for the specific patient. Already recommended Six and Neil to a friend.

Paul Masters Jun 26th, 2020

I have used Six Physio to help repair me when things have gone wrong over many years. Six Physio are always my first port of call. But for the last five or six I have been working on maintenance, too. I have loved and my regular Pilates classes with Ailish in Fitzrovia. Since lockdown we have had to resort to Zoom and I have joined Jayde and Amy's excellent classes online. I have been delighted with the quality and the variety of these classes and can't speak too highly of them

Kye Parry Jun 26th, 2020

I had a consultation with Fern. She assessed my knee, told me how to fix it, I did the exercises and my knee is feeling almost 100% after a week. Great place and a great physio. Would highly recommend. Regards,

Alwyn May 29th, 2020

Having broken my patella in two places, I'm now undergoing online physio with Amy, to improve the mobility and range of flexion in my knee. Over the last two months, this has improved from 50 degrees flexion, to now, around 100 degrees. While the process of rehabilitation (along with my physio sessions) are ongoing, Amy has demonstrated that she is an extremely competent practitioner.

Bharath KARIA Apr 28th, 2020

The session was very productive and the therapist was very professional.

Carly Apr 25th, 2020

The Six Physio team are excellent - great technical knowledge and advice but they also show real care that goes beyond what I have experienced elsewhere. My last physio session was online, and I was pleased to find it was just as useful as a face to face session. Thanks James and Hugh for all your help!

Hilary Apr 23rd, 2020

I'm sure we are all getting better at it. The first session I found quite hard and got a terrible crick in my neck trying to watch the screen sideways from the floor! My physio daughter said, "Mum, listen to the verbal instructions!". That really helped. Well done Sarah and then Tom for varying the exercises around each person's needs and abilities. What I have learned is that mat work is much harder than the machines and that I would prefer to be in the studio rather than in isolation! Thanks to Rosie, also, for her cheerful phone calls when relieving us of money!

Ed Spencer Apr 23rd, 2020

It was very useful for a continuing progress perspective and to tweak existing exercises for new niggles.

ALH Apr 22nd, 2020

Really helpful and friendly advice, then I was sent the recommended exercises via email so I can do them at home. The only trouble is that for my particular issue the massage is really key so I’m missing that but not much that can be done about that!

Christina Moore Apr 22nd, 2020

I enjoy the classes are so good for general well being and makes me feel alive...apart from which Karina is a joy

Pam Smith Apr 22nd, 2020

My Physio helped me to adapt quickly to the virtual environment and as a result I have not lost any momentum in recovering from my operation.

Elena Apr 22nd, 2020

My first virtual physio session went really well, it was as I were in the studio with the physiotherapist. Highly recommended.

David Apr 22nd, 2020

Excellent service provided, good quality video and easy to communicate.

Lucy Apr 22nd, 2020

My online session with Clare was great - but I am unable to continue them as she has been furloughed :-(

Emma Apr 17th, 2020

Amy is great! She tailors the Pilates class to my needs, which ensures I grow stronger and avoid injury. I am glad that I have been able to move to virtual classes, although wish they could be the same length/cost as the studio based classes. But of course I now have the benefit of 1:2:1 time with Amy!

Chris Apr 15th, 2020

The staff at Six Physio really make virtual appointments work well. Even having to switch physios made no difference, as they were able to pick up right where the other one left off.

Sindy Apr 12th, 2020

A perfect alternative to in person sessions. A good range of exercises adjusted to my ability. Thank you for continuing to provide such a valuable service

Scott K Apr 09th, 2020

Great session with Eddie and a great way to continue my physio session. Would recommend these are available to do whenever you can't do a face to face session, no matter what the circumstances.

Louise Ellis Apr 09th, 2020

Very polite and professional staff from the point of reception onwards.

Anna Apr 09th, 2020

I very much value Six Physio's virtual Pilates classes. All things considered they are an excellent substitute for the real thing. The price is fair too. It is unfortunate we can't have classes with our regular instructor but hand over to someone we don't know seems to be working. I have two concerns. First, that we don't have too many changes in personnel: next week's class will be with the third different person in three weeks. I understand why these changes are necessary, and I am sure they will be kept to a minimum. Second, today's class ran ten minutes short of a full hour. I can only assume this was a mistake as there was no reason given. I hope there is no repetition.

Justin Apr 08th, 2020

Obviously not ideal going virtual, I’m sure we all prefer getting on with normal life. However Ed was super professional as always and w had a great session that acts as a perfect bridge between our sessions in the clinic.

Lesley and Gavin Casey Apr 08th, 2020

Tom does a great job. He's good at assessing what we can achieve, makes progress with us each time and is eternally cheerful.

Sarah Apr 08th, 2020

Tom always has an attention to detail

Julie Apr 08th, 2020

A great way to keep Six Physio going and get us the treatment we need. The physiotherapists have found great ways of altering the treatments so you can do them yourself at home and still get all the good advice you need.

Cliff Apr 07th, 2020

I have had virtual sessions with both Juliet and Tom. They are both excellent and plan to continue the virtual sessions.

Sue Apr 07th, 2020

Fantastic. Keeps me exercised in difficult times when I wouldn't have the self-discipline to keep going on my own! Karina is brilliantly focused on what we're doing and correcting our mistakes and it must be so tiring for her (and the other physios). Really grateful to them and to Six Physio for keeping things going.

geraldine haley Apr 07th, 2020

just very organised and helpful with positive energy . made me feel better before I started

Catherine Armitage Apr 07th, 2020


Anon. Apr 07th, 2020

The sessions work well, and much of that is because I know the physio and s/he knows me, so we work well together. I am amazed that they can tell - on camera - when I need to adjust what I am doing in order to get maximum benefit. Such skill! For a regular patient, this online system works well. I am grateful to you and to the physios for being willing to make it work for us under these circumstances. I know it is an effort on your part and not the way you would choose to operate normally! Thank you very much.

Sarah Anderson Apr 07th, 2020

The session worked really well - how lucky we are to have Zoom!

Elizabeth F Apr 07th, 2020

This system is working really well now that I've used to the technology! A big thank you to everyone especially to Suzy T who has been really patient, encouraging and fun, all much appreciated at this strange time. Take care and keep well.

Lucy Hodge Apr 07th, 2020

Really useful for keeping up your pilates, particularly if you've done a few sessions before!!

Lisa Apr 07th, 2020

Anna was just brilliant it really felt like a session in the studio. She continues to understand my condition and help me progress. I’d definitely recommend especially during these times it’s so beneficial to have someone guide you and correct where you are lacking. The virtual season is really very good! Having a session in the diary helps mentally in these conditions you know you are getting good exercise and feel good after. As always the staff at Six are so personable.

Anon Apr 07th, 2020

All is excellent but I would like to have an advance link to the zoom meeting as it is stressful waiting for the link to come through.and often one feels that it will not come in time, or I have missed it.

Rob Powell Apr 07th, 2020

Sol and Danni are amazing. Sure, I had a great hip surgeon and medically he put in a custom hip. But the physio and advice is what has restored my mobility and strength. The session with them both has helped me immensely, and my recovery is months ahead of where it could have been because of them. Basically they have given me extra months of mobility - ready for he summer! (Covid depending...)

Caitlin Apr 07th, 2020

I've been doing regular one-to-one online sessions, and they're really helpful for maintaining and building strength. It's pretty similar to usual sessions, but obviously without reformer and other equipment required!

Debbie Small Apr 07th, 2020

The session was set up immaculately and the instructor, Jayde Cook, was brilliant in the way she demonstrated the exercises as well as keeping count. I had only ever done a group session using the machines, so it was great to be able to do this from home and hopefully keep me ticking over nicely.

Anonymous Apr 07th, 2020

I am at the final stages of a twin pregnancy and the opportunity to continue physiotherapy virtually has been critical for my well-being and ability to keep mobile. I can‘t recommend it enough. A big thank you to Six Physio!

Maxine Apr 07th, 2020

Really enjoying the virtual 1:1 pilates sessions with Jayde on Zoom. Sometimes the connection freezes though - not sure if it's my wifi, or Jayde's wifi - or it may even be Zoom itself.... it chose to freeze while I was in plank the other day, which I guess added to the workout!

Catherine Clifford Apr 07th, 2020

Juliet is always amazing and was great to check in to go through any aches and pains I had - particuarly with the new WFH desk set up and attempts at exercise. Huge thank you to the Six team for making this weird time less alien by being able to check in for physio

Graham Apr 07th, 2020

At our end we need to set up closer to our router to improve quality. Georgie was excellent and i am looking forward to the next session

Cassie Apr 07th, 2020

Sessions are excellent. Even though its virtual, Juliet has managed to provide excellent exercises and routines to help keep me on track. She is still able to critique how I am doing the exercises and provides valuable feedback.

Paul Apr 07th, 2020

Thought the virtual session was brilliant and a great innovation

Phil Sutton Apr 07th, 2020

Matt is a miracle worker! Despite the constraints of video conferencing, the sessions are working superbly and really helping with my sons rehab after a knee injury. Many thanks for making sessions available through video conference during this time of lock down. Also great that you have agreed with Bupa that the sessions can be covered by my private health insurance.

Ahou Apr 07th, 2020

The virtual physio session was helpful as my physio got to show and explain to my mother how to do some of the stretches with me while in confinement. Of course it is not ideal, but in this current situation, a virtual physio session meant that my physio could support me as best as she could by advising us on how to do the stretches.

Jill Marx Apr 07th, 2020

There was a slight delay in getting started. I think the previous session I had I was told I was in the waiting room. This time nothing until after 12. I am not hugely tec savvy so had a slight panic and tried to text my teacher Amy. I realise with 1/2 hour slots they are either going to finish slightly early or start slightly late. Pilates exercises were excellent and easy to follow on my iPad.

Madeline Apr 07th, 2020

I think the sessions work as well as they possibly can - there's no substitute for corrections and adjustment in person but I'm so happy I can keep up my exercise during lockdown. I miss Tom and Hayley (my regular teachers from St James's - both are fantastic and I attend classes twice a week) but had a lesson with Georgie just now and she is also fab. Clearly Tom and Hayley had passed my notes over to her as she was completely up to speed with all my back issues. Thank you very much!

Jorge Apr 07th, 2020

Great idea, keep my mind and body happy and healthy

James Apr 07th, 2020

Virtual session was very useful to adapt exercises to living under Covid-19 restrictions and to keep me motivated. I thought the session would be useful, but was surprised at how good and close to a normal session it was over Zoom.

Janet Mar 20th, 2020

This is the first occasion when I have been referred to a physio and I have been very happy with the two team members who have been helping me with my condition, their advice and their approach. Needless to say I will be continuing with their suggested treatment.

Marion Mar 20th, 2020

After just two sessions with Helen the pain was nearly gone

Stewart Junk Mar 19th, 2020

I worked with Julia and Georgie at Moorgate for over six months following a minor back operation and was very impressed with the service received, from initial diagnosis to follow-up work both inside and outside the gym. They were extremely welcoming from the start and were very thorough in helping me achieve my goals. Thank you again!

Jason Mar 13th, 2020

Great physios: friendly, professional and effective.

A Coyle Mar 12th, 2020

Everything has been great - all staff are really friendly and the care has been excellent

C Smyth Mar 11th, 2020

I first came to see Ate at Six Physio for my 2 knee replacements around 8 and 9 years ago. I am very lucky to be able to see her again for my second hip replacement. She is very professional, fast and kind - on all 3 occasions I have struggled post op but been so grateful for her professional expertise.

Carol Riley Mar 11th, 2020

My hand therapist Clare Seymour is excellent. She has a great sense of humour whilst being very empathic and caring and always explains what she will be doing and why. Thanks Clare The reception staff have been really helpful in sorting out appointments for me

Alia Mar 11th, 2020

SixPhysio have helped me through any injuries I have faced over the past few years, be it sports related, or in relation to having babies. The entire team is excellent and I have always come away not only healed, but also stronger. Thank you all!

Sofia Mar 11th, 2020

Its my first time using Physiosix. I have particularly been impressed by the way the phisio approach and exercises were changed promptly to take into account the response (or lack of it) of my body and switching from exercise to helpful massage on the day of the appointment. The specialist are clear competent and very empathic. An excellent service

Jo Mar 11th, 2020

Ambitious for you to return to full fitness, not just become pain-free. Friendly and reassuring.

Roberta Liberti Mar 11th, 2020

Very good service.

patrick Mar 11th, 2020

Kate and then Lindel have been extremely helpful in supporting me with consultants and exercises to get me to Nepal in mid April. We are on course. Lindel has a very nice style which induces calm.

H Sturdy Mar 11th, 2020

Great experience and knowledgeable staff.

Gillie Leaf Mar 11th, 2020

Amy has been really fantastic; I am so glad my consultant recommended her to me. The exercises have been totally relevant and she listened to my feedback with care, whilst pushing me on when needed! I have really valued the exercise programme which has most definitely put me back on my feet!

KFM Mar 11th, 2020

Excellent hand clinic at Fitzrovia, but also rather expensive.

Jill Mar 10th, 2020

Being diagnosed with breast cancer and the subsequent operation and treatment was a horrible and upsetting time for me. Being young and fit I was worried about my return to strength and visiting Megan helped me believe that I would be able to recover from the trauma. She was essential in getting me back to the gym and to yoga with confidence and she was a beacon of calm and positivity during the whole ordeal.

No name please Mar 10th, 2020

In spite of my lack of ability on the floor Megan has been an inspirational tower of strength for me I always look forward to seeing her.

Anonymous Mar 09th, 2020

For me, surgery came at the end of my treatment for breast cancer. I was warn out but aching to get on with recovery and back into LIFE. Megan was an excellent guide through this time helping me navigate the ups and downs and getting my body back to a place I recognised and could begin to trust again. So grateful!

Helen Mar 09th, 2020

Megan is an excellent physio oncologist who listens to your concerns and tailors your program accordingly. I also commend the practice on working holistically with the other physios to come up with the best possible care. I must also highlight their prompt responses, no fuss insurance authorisations and personable staff at the practice.

Claire Mar 05th, 2020

My experience of Six Physio has been very positive. The team are welcoming and knowledgeable, and I feel very well looked after at each visit.

Gilly Mar 05th, 2020

Excellent: quick diagnosis and super-friendly

Claire Mar 05th, 2020

Great treatment from Katrina and after 18 months of constant pain 4 sessions and I am pain free! Thank you Katrina

Pia Mar 05th, 2020

Excellent care and suggestions for rehabilitation after a fall, thank you!

Harry Mar 05th, 2020

I was in pain for 5 months with a knee injury before being recommended to Six Physio. In my first month here I have already improved dramatically, the physiotherapists have helped me gain a full range of movement again. My instructions have been clear and the entire process has been tailored to what I want to achieve when I am back from my injury. Both Alex and Alan have been patient, encouraging and professional in their approach to my rehabilitation. You will be given a clear plan for your recovery from the beginning and helped every step of the way.

Adi Mar 05th, 2020

My treatments with Clare Seymour have been very helpful in overcoming my injury. The clinic is a very pleasant, clean and quiet place. Highly recommended!

Leonora Mar 05th, 2020

The costs are Very high. The premises could be nicer given how much you charge. Physios are very good

Anom Mar 05th, 2020

Maybe the massage therapist can have access while onsite to patient files, in order to save time in the session?

- Six PhysioApologies, we will check what's happened here as our massage therapists should share notes, so you are able to enjoy your treatment in full.

Aimee Mar 01st, 2020

The services for postpartum women are amazing. Thorough, understanding and leave you feeling better with so much piece of mind. Wonderful and have even bought as a gift for girlfriends who've recently had a baby.

Elena Mar 01st, 2020

I have visited SixPhysio Chelsea for two different problems and on both occasions I have received excellent treatment.

Jose Roldan Feb 28th, 2020

Really nothing to say to improve the care and treatment received Fantastic place, resources and people

Nicola Feb 28th, 2020

All the staff and consultants are very friendly and professional. I'd definitely recommend it.

Sabeeta Nathan Feb 27th, 2020

Love it

Mrs Virginia Lovell Feb 27th, 2020

Ben is an excellent Physio and is clear with his treatment.

Brett Feb 27th, 2020

I see Alex, great professional in my experience, discussing timelines and different recovery methods has been great.

David Feb 26th, 2020


Frances gain Feb 26th, 2020

Different to call through

Sara Feb 26th, 2020

Caoimhe is excellent and has helped alleviate my pelvic girdle pain. Highly recommend for pregnancy and post-natal expertise.

Una Feb 26th, 2020

A couple of weeks after Rotator Cuff surgery, I had my first physio session with Physiotherapist, Mark Golton. He has encouraged me to push myself and work hard on what is going to be be a long period of recovery. His knowledge of my injury and the treatment required to make that recovery is extensive and he gives me the confidence to persevere. I have also had one session of 'Rehabilitation' with Physiotherapist, Juliet Slade who is also knowledgable, skilled and encouraging. I feel confident that thanks to the professionalism of both, I will regain my strength and fitness.

Louise Feb 26th, 2020

Good service and treatment and I can always get an appointment that suits.

Megan Feb 26th, 2020

I’ve seen Kathy and Dani on two separate occasions and they have been fantastic each and every session.

Zenia Feb 26th, 2020

The physios' are extremely helpful and friendly and provide clear treatment plans.

Toby Perkin Feb 26th, 2020

Kate has been very helpful and her advice is sound. Better than Physios I've seen previously.

david Feb 26th, 2020

no complaints at all though perhaps some help storing clothing whilst in the sessions

Domininique stapylton Feb 26th, 2020

Very warm welcome Listening to what I have to say

Nick Robinson Feb 26th, 2020


Rob Alexander Feb 26th, 2020

It has only been necessary for me to have 2 sessions of physiotherapy for a knee problem. The physiotherapist, Rachael Hughes. provided me with some excellent advice, which I am following. My knee is now much improved.

Isabel Feb 26th, 2020

Very friendly and helpful staff

Nicola Humphreys Feb 26th, 2020

I spent years trying to get a diagnosis before coming to Six Physio. They just get me and my slightly broken body. And they are helping me to help myself through small focussed Pilates classes. The service is first class and so are all the staff.

Angelo Feb 26th, 2020

I gave 8 and not 10 as I'm not sure everyone could afford it. Especially your 30 mins sessions seem expensive in relation to an hour appointment. Other than that, best service I've used so far. Your reminders are also much better timed than back in the day.

Ruhul Feb 26th, 2020

Excellent all round, very attentive with great advice

Diana Feb 19th, 2020

From the moment i stepped through the treatment door i felt at ease with Rachel. As time has gone on my initial impression has proved consclusive. Rachel is very professional,,knowledgable,attentive and kind. One couldnt wish for more in a ohysio. Rachel is brilliant!

Sugan Feb 19th, 2020

Good advice on homework - small, bitesize chunks which help alleviate symptoms alongside the treatment sessions which helps with minimising the pain for a couple of days after.

Peter Feb 19th, 2020

I found Clare very helpful and informative about my operation and appreciated her time and expertise

Raquel Feb 19th, 2020

Targeted and effective treatment delivered in a professional manner.

Florian Penaud Feb 19th, 2020

I have been to Six Physio for the last 10 years. Their extremely friendly and highly professional team has worked on many different areas for me, ranging from ankle to shoulder, hamstrings and knees. The team his extremely positive (which is precious after two shoulder and one knee surgery over the course of 10 years). I will keep going even for minor adjustments. Thanks a lot !

Sarah Feb 19th, 2020

Really happy with the treatment I've received from Eddie and Amy. Eddie has been great with the initial rehab exercises to help strengthen my core, and I have had a natural progression onto Pilates based treatment from Amy which is both challenging and beneficial. Both therapists are knowledgeable, and great at explaining the exercises both in the studio and as homework.

Chris Feb 19th, 2020

Has been very good experience so far, everything is explained well and with a clear goal in mind.

Maryam Feb 19th, 2020

Very good

Alastair Feb 19th, 2020

I have used 6Physio on. Number of occasions treated by Alex, Karina currently by Ami . The Lindfield 6Physio is do friendly, the new look is a great improvement.. No hesitation in recommending Lindfield 6Physio. My wife uses you as well.

ruth mackenzie Feb 19th, 2020

Left after my first appointment with instant pain relief

Geraldine BROADLEY Feb 19th, 2020

We have always had first class treatment from 6Physio with Alex Keogh in control.

MMT Feb 17th, 2020

Pain I have put up with for a very long time has been dealt with brilliantly and conscientiously. I now have an arsenal of information to help prevent further issues. Thank you!

Jessica Walker Feb 16th, 2020

Everyone I have met at Six Physio has been fantastic. They are very knowledgable, providing a lot of support to reach realistic goals.

Maha Hassan Feb 13th, 2020

I go regularly to Pilate classes at at Fitzrovia, I find the staff excellent and friendly. At times I need more help with physio therapy for my back or my foot, I see Jeremy Parker, he is also excellent, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Overall I feel relaxed and pleased to go to there.

Elizabeth Watkins Feb 13th, 2020

Samantha was very helpful and let me know very clearly what I had to do to get better.

Mandip Englund Feb 13th, 2020

Tom Whyatt is just brilliant and I recommend him to anyone I know who needs treatment/physio.

Eleanor Feb 13th, 2020

Very impressed with the staff and experience in general. Also flexible hours so I was able to attend sessions before going to work. My back improved after 2 attendances! Thank you all.

Anu Feb 12th, 2020

Georgie is a miracle worker!

Sarah Feb 12th, 2020

It would be better if you could pay at time of treatment

- Six PhysioWe realise this isn't ideal but unfortunately the set-up at Beckenham means taking payment onsite isn't viable.

Jenni Feb 12th, 2020

This has been a very helpful and great experience. I feel well informed and looked after. I’ve already recommended to friends.

Kal Feb 12th, 2020

Fantastic, experienced practitioners who take the time to get to know you and are realistic about how soon you can achieve what. They are about the journey as well as the destination. I like the active approach to rehabilitation using manageable steps. I am improving and am very grateful to the team. The only criticism is that they are way too popular, so sometimes fitting appointments in can be a challenge - so a good thing overall really!

Rainer Feb 12th, 2020

Toilette was out of order quite a long time

Craig Brown Feb 12th, 2020

The changing facilities are limited and having a treatment plan and exercises available online (not via google) as this is terrible.

Adam Feb 12th, 2020

Nicer facilities would be lovely

Pete Feb 12th, 2020

Great care and attention to the injury. Feel like I will recover even stronger post injury.

Bill Feb 12th, 2020

All good from my perspective...i'm feel confident that the people i'm seeing know what they're talking about

Dan Hull-Sieff Feb 12th, 2020

Very professional service - the initial consultation was useful and informative. A structured course of manual, and rehab physio was put in place. As well as a series of exercises and stretches to carry out. These are all emailed to you, with instructions and illustrations. Booking is easy - and if you end up running late they reschedule you to later in the day with no hassle.

David Feb 12th, 2020

Fantastic team, I have been to six physio for two different injuries and have received amazing courses of treatment for both!

DSS Feb 12th, 2020

My go to place when body goes out of whack. Thanks so much for years of amazing service.

Rob Hemsley Feb 12th, 2020

The treatment at Six Physio has been phenomenal.

Sharon Feb 12th, 2020

Georgie has been fantastic at helping me manage my lower back pain

Des Feb 11th, 2020

Everyone was kind, professional and clear. I was handled with a lot of care and it seems there's some pretty good equipment in the space too. Well done!

Jane N Feb 10th, 2020

Very helpful and friendly service. Always received excellent treatment from both Caitlin and Danni. Thank you so much for helping me to recover to build my confidence back.

Keith Masters Feb 09th, 2020

Only one visit to you so far, so remarks should be judged in light of this. Very thorough examination and explanation of the possible/probable injury. Very helpful explanation of options for treating the injury, including indications of likely cost perameters. Exercises given seem to be targetting the correct spot.

David Young Feb 08th, 2020

Bottom line is I was under whelmed hence haven't been back.

- Six PhysioHi David Fair call - we absolutely weren’t on the money and promise we can do better, much better.

Jon Feb 07th, 2020

Six Physio has always been fantastic - excellent treatments, advice and service. You've given me the belief that I can fix my longstanding aches, pains, posture and movement issues, and a manageable way of breaking it down into changes I can make. Without doubt the best physio I've ever had, I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much.

Patricia fisher Feb 06th, 2020

The administration of the clinic is very efficient with lots of reminders about treatment times.My excellent therapist Clare is very encouraging and I enjoy my sessions even though I have had a nasty fracture of my shoulder and a badly broken elbow. I feel I am getting the best possible specialist treatment. Highly recommended.

Caroline Feb 06th, 2020

My first sports massage. I found it so helpful and will definitely be back.

mike Feb 06th, 2020

Excellent service. Maybe consider selling packages for treatments other than selling only individual sessions.

CAL Feb 06th, 2020

Already been telling people about Sarah Turpin - only had a couple of sessions but looking forward to what comes next

phil butler Feb 06th, 2020

Maybe a shower after heavy work outs.

Chloe Feb 06th, 2020

Constantly recommend Sol to anyone who has an issue - he fixes everything!

Cat Feb 06th, 2020

I saw Sarah for a 6 week postnatal check-up. She was great, and didn't bat an eyelid when she had to conduct almost the entire assessment with me holding a small baby. She followed up with very thorough recommendations which she emailed to me, and was happy to answer any additional questions.

Dominic Feb 05th, 2020

A fantastic experience from booking through to treatment - it's great to access professionals with such deep expertise and experience. I now have a pathway out of the pain trap towards normal activity again, after months of doubt and worry.

Del Hastings Feb 05th, 2020

Everyone is very helpful and professional.

Mark T Feb 05th, 2020

The help I am receiving from Danni has been fantastic. Across the 4 sessions so far, I have seen promising results with recovery from my back injury, something I am very grateful for.

Kiernan Wagstaff Feb 05th, 2020

The Lindfield clinic is bright and cheery, the staff are welcoming and friendly which gets your treatment session off to a great start. The staff are knowledgeable and listen well to the symptoms described. Treatments are tailored to the individual needs for each specific session, as well as following up on previous treatment sessions - a great experience from start to finish.

Fraser Feb 05th, 2020

Having received excellent help with an ankle injury many years ago, I returned to the High Street Kensington branch for a problem with my back. Kim was fantastic and helped to resolve the issue within three sessions, pairing her technical physio knowledge with being a great people-person. She was able to explain everything in an easy to understand manner and to do so in a way that often had me smiling despite the back pain that had brought me there! Hopefully I won't need a physio's help again for a while, but if I do, I'll very happily head back to Six Physio's HIgh Street Kensington branch once more.

Mike Feb 05th, 2020

I have used Six Physio over multiple years and remain a fan. I can point out that this is the first time when someone has promised to send me details of exercises and actually done it. A couple of otherwise excellent people in previous cases never got around to it.

Sam Feb 05th, 2020

Jenny is wonderful. Knowledgeable, personable - just fantastic. I feel like I'm in good hands and can ask her anything. I'm hoping with her help I can feel better in my own skin and stronger too. I don't regret choosing Six Physio at all.

Debbie Lewis Feb 05th, 2020

Lauren and Georgie have been knowledgeable, informative and encouraging - I would highly recommend them both.

John D Feb 05th, 2020

Caoimhe and Eddie were friendly and great- I’ve enjoyed my physio sessions with them

Daniel Feb 03rd, 2020

Excellent advice and ongoing treatment delivered by very professional but friendly manual and rehab physios. Could not be happier with service received and extremely happy that the consultant recommended Six Physio.

Paul Lloyd Feb 03rd, 2020

Both Caoimhe McNamara & Amy Christie have been fantastic. Once you walk in there is a friendly welcoming reception.

Cindy Rodgers Feb 03rd, 2020

I have had nothing but a good experience with Solomon. The therapy i'm receiving has helped me improve considerably. Excellent service and the whole Leadenhall team are friendly and helpful.

Dfi Feb 02nd, 2020


Louis L'Heureux Feb 02nd, 2020

Lauren and James of the Moorgate branch have been amazing in helping me and supporting me in my rehabilitation, I am immensely impressed by their skills, approach and human touch

Anonymous Feb 02nd, 2020

Great quality treatment and diagnosis. Getting emailed a pdf with my exercise instructions from the first physiotherapist was great and my second trainer videoed me doing homework exercises that was also useful. However it would be helpful if every trainer sends details about the homework exercises by email (or whatever) including mostly importantly things like number of reps, when to rest etc instead of just relying on your memory of the session. Just make sure you ask and this should happen.

FNN Feb 02nd, 2020

Overall the service provided is very good. I do think that it is quite expensive though, which is why I am not always able to afford another session.

Kevin C Jan 31st, 2020

Been great so far. Really appreciate the care and attention by the team. Tessa and Diarmad are both very helpful.

Sian Jan 31st, 2020

Great pelvic pain physio

Anonymous Jan 31st, 2020

Fabulous physio! You still have to do the hard work but they are with you every step of the way.

Adrienne Jan 31st, 2020

I can’t say enough good things about SixPhysio. This is the third occasion in five years that I’ve turned to them for help with an injury. Each time, I’ve been treated at a different location - but, the quality of care and commitment to getting you on the road to recovery is 100% consistent. Special Thanks to the amazing Gee - for making good on the SixPhysio promise to ‘heal’, and not just cure. #4everGrateful

Susanne Jan 31st, 2020

Excellent assessment of knee strain after trekking holiday, with good exercises and follow up.

Mary Ann Lutyens Jan 31st, 2020

In all 6 visits, I have found the service excellent. Efficiently run studio, very competent staff. Conor, who is helping me post a full knee replacement operation, seems extremely experienced and sympathetic. Nothing to criticise at this stage and I have already recommended it to 2 very close friends.

anon Jan 31st, 2020

The premises are grotty.

Olly Jan 31st, 2020

Very helpful staff. Brilliant physio and Pilates instructors. Couldn’t ask for a more attentive team who are both polite and knowledgeable about what they do. Would not hesitate in recommending you to my friends and family.

Kevin Lane Jan 31st, 2020

Always my first call when pain rears it's head. Fast, efficient and extremely professional

RachE Jan 31st, 2020

Have just completed a programme of manual and rehab physiotherapy following a back injury. Following up with a course of Pilates as the treatment so far has been transformational, and I want to gain further strength and confidence with my range of movement. Staff are very friendly and attentive. Lovely ambience in the clinic. Really superb, highly recommend.

Paresh Joshi Jan 31st, 2020

Sometimes it can get very hot in the office whilst getting physio treatment otherwise great staff and very knowledgeable in their field, thank you.

Jon Forster Jan 31st, 2020

I did have one appointment where I didn't get the text reminder and accidentally forgot. Other than that the service was excellent. A shame that you don't work with Vitality. I gave up trying to get money back from them! Thx again. I'm all better now.

Helen de Naurois Jan 31st, 2020

You are all wonderful! Just the price!

Mark Simpson Jan 31st, 2020

Always friendly and welcoming, professional, helpful and get results have always enjoyed coming to Six Physio

Sue Jenkins Jan 31st, 2020

Clear effective and very confident treatment and good exercises to take away. Left me feeling confident that I could manage my sciatica whilst away on holiday

Billy Baxter Jan 30th, 2020

I have been seeing Alex at Borough for some months now. He and the other staff at he clinic provide an excellent professional service at all times. I very much recommend this clinic to all. Thank you for your help.

Jamie Briggs Jan 30th, 2020

Tom and Hayley have been amazing! Really friendly, very attentive and have made Physio/recovery as enjoyable as possible!

Y L Jan 30th, 2020

Not too much to add.

joe haim Jan 30th, 2020

Matt Todman is great-combines expert knowledge with much needed empathy

Reina Castro Jan 30th, 2020

I am fully satisfied

Anonymous Jan 30th, 2020

No comments. Very satisfied with all aspect of your service.

Keith Jan 30th, 2020

The way the physio and the rehab works in parallel is great and has made significant improvements to my injuries.

MLG Jan 30th, 2020

Rachel Maccabee has been very good in explainiing the likely pathology and also in demonstrating exercises to build up my wasted muscles (Recorded on video). With the slow progress of healing she suggsted acupuncture which has led to some improvement.

Beth Jan 30th, 2020

Henry is a fabulous physio and I love my Pilates with Alison.

Guy Sellers Jan 30th, 2020

Easy to book, helpful, good with the insurance admin and effective treatment.

Malcolm Hall Jan 30th, 2020

I have consulted with Clare Seymour for post operative physio following a Dupuytren's fasciectomy. I have found Clare to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable and highly personable to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone requiring physio for their hands.

Anonymous Jan 30th, 2020

Good treatment and advice. Sadly not able to afford the Pilates classes recommended to improve my condition but that's not the fault of the clinic.

KYBS Jan 30th, 2020

I am extremely happy with the physio treatment and I recommend this branch often.

J.C. Jan 30th, 2020

Good initial treatment and diagnosis, and sensible treatment plan added.

Ian Jan 30th, 2020

Simply the best.

id. Jan 30th, 2020

have only been few times so far, but every time i received clear instructions on my treatment plan. the team is kind, very knowledgeable and supportive.

Susan Wallendahl Jan 30th, 2020

Very poor experience, expensive and a total waste of time.

- Six PhysioSusan, sorry we didn't meet your expectations. Unfortunately definitive solutions are sometimes difficult with complex issues.

Richard Harreiter Jan 30th, 2020

Prefer to make bookings locally as opposed to centrally

Henry Clifford Jan 30th, 2020

Eddie Smith is an amazing physio; the best I have come across. I would (have already) recommend him very highly. He's super knowledgeable and is very good at explaining stuff for the laymen.

James Pope Jan 30th, 2020

The initial assessment was helpful and immediately identified my issued which collaboratively Kate and Tom have worked to resolve and as a result I am now pain free for the first time in over a year.

Diana Sharp Jan 30th, 2020

Over the years I have visited Six Physio in Chelsea for a number of different reasons and always felt in safe hands,

Melissa Ribaudo Jan 30th, 2020

I have seen so many specialists, and never have I seen such fast results. Each week i am provided with new exercises, worked hard in the gym, and massaged to help treat my symptoms. Each week I feel stronger, with less headaches and aches and pains. Mark & Juliet are veyr friendly, knowledgeable and very good at what they do. I am so happy to finally be receivin the treatment that i've needed for over 10 years!

Richard Burn Jan 30th, 2020

Highly professional treatment which proved effective.

Leah Jan 30th, 2020

Sarah Turpin was excellent - clearly very experienced, friendly and gave me excellent advice and exercises to do to alleviate my pregnancy pelvic girdle pain. The follow up notes she sent were super helpful and comprehensive. And she gave the BEST massage they essentially made the pain disappear! I only haven’t come back because I haven’t needed to!

Diane Jan 30th, 2020

Focussed relevant treatment so that I needed on every occasion no more than a few sessions to correct the problem. Friendly personal and efficient service.

C Gray Jan 30th, 2020

HUGE thank you to Georgie and Lisa who helped me with my knee pain!

Troy Dalton Jan 30th, 2020

I have been in and out of physio's, chiropractor's, and osteopath's for at least 5 years. I was recommended Six Physio by Equinox about 2 months ago, and am already seeing results. Sarah is so easy to work with and really explains 'why' I need to change habits and how to move forward with a more holistic approach, rather than just focusing on the surface issues.

Monty Weekes Jan 30th, 2020

Quote: “The customer is why we are here. If we take good care of them, they’ll give us good reason to come back.” I will be coming back...…………………….

Charlotte Fry Jan 30th, 2020

Helpful, kind and positive staff at Chelsea have helped me through difficult periods of really debilitating pain. And the pilates classes are brilliant.

Don Jan 16th, 2020

The sports therapy treatment was just what the whole back required and freed everything . This was very much appreciated. Thank you.

Dawn Jan 14th, 2020

The trainers are very professional, understanding , I have really improved thanks to the trainers and I am super impressed .

Michelle Jan 02nd, 2020

Of all the appointments I have had, Tobin’s (Chelsea) was the only physio who really got to the bottom of the issue. The exercises she prescribed have made a difference.

Kelly Dec 30th, 2019

I really like the combination approach (manual and rehab) to treatment I received and the fact that all the advice and exercises I received were very practical and fit in with my life.

Sophie O Dec 20th, 2019

SixPhysio are really impressive. They have a comprehensive understanding of the body and have multiple ways to tackle issues so are able to tailor to each individual. They are very supportive and understanding of the process. Would definitely recommend.

Dawn Clapham Dec 13th, 2019

Staff are super professional and friendly. Both Robyn and Amy have been great and made me feel at ease. Excellent service and such brilliant standards. Brilliant

Sophee Dec 13th, 2019

Both Alex and Lucy are fantastic- appointments are easy to make and always on time plus the clinic is lovely!

Nicky Burns Dec 13th, 2019

I’ve been seeing Samantha for several weeks and apart from being an amazing physiotherapist, she’s really warm, kind and knowledgable. I look forward to our sessions every week.

n/a Dec 13th, 2019

Six Physio are both effective at resolving health problems and responsive offering an unusual about of flexibility around appointment times.

Zenku Eison Dec 04th, 2019

These comments relate to your receptionist and my Physio; Kate Smith. Only one minor point, when one is effectively naked on the table, it would be more comfortable to have the room a little warmer - say 24 C

Guy Dawson Dec 04th, 2019

Lindel is great, technically very impressive and also great fun. Thanks! Guy

Paul T Dec 04th, 2019

The rehab session I have had with Amy have been excellent. She knows exactly how hard to push me and fully understands what I want to get out of the sessions.

Nicky Burns Dec 04th, 2019

I have been so happy with Six Physio. Samantha has helped me enormously to get back to normal life since my operation.

Paul H Dec 04th, 2019

Very professional, nice people who do more than give you a list of exercises do yourself

Clare Dec 04th, 2019

I saw Tessa who did a brilliant assessment and manual therapy. She communicated well with Hannah who set up a great rehab programme with me. I felt like I was was listened to fully and treated well. My pain is resolving so thank you both. Highly recommend :)

Orin Begum Dec 04th, 2019

I've had a very good experience with 6 Physio, Alex has been amazingly professional and has really helped me after my car accident. The rehab and manual physio has worked very well together to slowly get back to full health.

Laura Castelli Dec 04th, 2019

Been having great treatment from Ben Marsh from my knee injury, he’s been really attentive and gone the extra way to send me list of exercises to do on bad/good days which has helped me a lot. Also has always replied to my emails pretty quickly which has been helpful as I’ve never injured myself like this before so rehabilitation has been pretty knew to me.

Satst Dec 04th, 2019

I have had 3 sessions so far and everyone has been a pleasurable experience. Alex knows her stuff and is very knowledgeable and welcoming. The practice is well run and organised and makes me feel well looked after. The appointments always run to time and the efficiency of checking in and making appointments runs smoothly. I would definitely recommend.

Sally Dec 04th, 2019

Finally! A physio who actually listens to the problem, investigates it properly, does hands on work and does more than just give you a couple of exercises.

Sam Bowering Nov 28th, 2019

Katherine was professional and knowledgeable. Her experience working with sports teams was invaluable in helping chart a clear pathway to returning from my injury to competitive sport. She also assessed and gave exercises to correct issues relating to previous injuries I had struggled to rehab properly.

Ian Graydon-Rhodes Nov 27th, 2019

Can't tell you how amazing the whole experience has been and the amazing treatments/sessions by both Tom and Hayley at St James's

Lois Nov 27th, 2019

A great venue within walking distance from my home. Lovely small Pilates classes and really hands on guidance which one doesn’t get in a large group. As with the physio experience, such a boom having competent therapists nearby.

Rob Nov 27th, 2019

Had a really fantastic experience, treatment and customer service.

Susannah Butter Nov 27th, 2019

Friendly, reassuring, effective treatment, thanks!

Caroline Nov 27th, 2019

Great sessions! I really appreciate the holistic approach and attentive care. Would definitely recommend.

Julian Jacobson Nov 27th, 2019

Everything about my experience was positive, booking, environment, helpful and friendly nature of treatment itself.

Amy Evans Nov 27th, 2019

My massage was great. Really helped my knee. Thank you!

Cynthia Nov 23rd, 2019

Great service - easy booking process; therapist provided sound advice to prevent issues for the future.

Toby Shaw Nov 21st, 2019

Great treatment at short notice.

Eli Nov 21st, 2019

The massage with Gary was amazing, it mostly got rid of a long standing pain that I was experiencing in my neck and ear.

Eileen O’Rourke Nov 20th, 2019

Bright pleasant surroundings, welcoming receptionist, easy to find ( Ogle st) fabulous team members who listen and work on achieving relief from, sometimes, dreadful pain - informative exercises and great follow up. Have been to both Beckenham and Ogle Street.

Alan Clark Nov 20th, 2019

Great staff, very knowledgeable and helpful, but at the end of the 3 treatments the niggle was no better, so cannot rate above 50%

- Six PhysioHi Alan - We probably didn't do a good enough job at the beginning telling you why you've got a problem, which would help make some sense. Think of it like you came along with a bruise on your tissue due to the way you moved. You walk in with a bruise and you'll walk out with a bruise and continue to feel the bruise for a few weeks as long as long as you don't keep poking the bruise, which we need to teach you....We'd love to see you back to show you this.

Olivia Nov 20th, 2019

Fantastic, knowledgable, caring service.

Peter Nov 20th, 2019

On top of the excellent treatment, SixPhysio Monument has been really helpful around ensuring that I had all the right checks done for my injury and the people are always friendly

Mon Nov 20th, 2019

Kate is great .

Beckie Nov 20th, 2019

The treatment has been very helpful. Gee is very knowledgeable and has been really supportive as I recover from a broken fibula. I've brought my 11 year old son into see her too and she has been able to identify the cause of some ankle pain he was experiencing and help him to prevent it from happening.

Margarida Pereira Nov 20th, 2019

The team is great and has been helping me recover from both my shoulders. They're always interested in knowing more and always listen attentively. I can already see improvements and I'm only 3 sessions in.

Patient Nov 20th, 2019

My physio is very friendly and great.

Sam Dawson Nov 20th, 2019

This is the third “condition” I’ve had that has required me to seek Six Physio’s help, and that in itself demonstrates the confidence I have in their staff’s ability to provide first-class professional and friendly staff. The people who work at Six are incredibly nice, and they really know their stuff, so you feel reassured that you’re in good hands. I have recommended them to several friends, and it would always be my “go to” choice for physio. Also loving the new clinic in Chelsea!

ADRB Nov 20th, 2019

Professional, helpful, efficient; wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Adam Cooper Nov 20th, 2019

So far I have been very impressed with the service as well as the communication.

Sahin Nov 20th, 2019

I came in for back pain and looking for relaxing massage instead the room was so cold and the therapist kept on talking rather focusing on massage. For the price I've paid I had massages at other places which I would recommend than here.

- Six PhysioSuch a shame! We had a problem with our heating but we quickly got it fixed. Some people like to chat and others don’t, this should be respected and we understand your frustration. Apologies.

KB, London Nov 20th, 2019

Great service, fantastic treatment, everything was explained clearly.

philip Nov 15th, 2019

I was very pleased with the outcome of my treatment and the exercised I was given, and I would come back to you if I experienced any future issues.

Happy client Nov 14th, 2019

Dan and Jayde have been instrumental in helping to resolve a disc bulge problem. They have helped physically and mentally. Reception staff are friendly and efficient.

Liz Shaw Nov 14th, 2019

I wish I working close by so I could get some more treatments.

Lavinia Baring Nov 14th, 2019

My back was sorted out in 2 sessions!

Alex Nov 14th, 2019

I was not able to log in to the website feature, the diagnosis/treatment was great though

John Nov 13th, 2019

Robyn very proactive and genuinely interested in making sure recovery is on track

S. Woods Nov 13th, 2019

Extremely efficient, , intensive and very informative treatmen sessions in Fitzrovia and Borough. The best physios I've ever had.

Kim Silveira Nov 13th, 2019

My entire experience from start to finish was excellent. I was listened to when describing the pain I had and there was always an understanding. The staff were always welcoming and accommodating and the facilities always squeaky clean. My physiotherapist gave me a lot of help and advice throughout my recovery which I was very grateful for.

Sasha Carruozzo Nov 13th, 2019

Helen Wood is an excellent practitioner. She listens, questions and sets to work - checking in all the while, making sure that what every is being done is working. Every visit she checks how you are, whether the exercises you've been prescribed are working. She is professional and friendly, making one feel comfortable at all times.

Fiona Nov 13th, 2019

Alex is a fantastic and knowledgeable physio, we are lucky to have her in the village. I didn't have to wait long at all for an appointment to assess my injury and her treatment and advice were really valuable - as well as reassuring!

Stephen Nov 13th, 2019

Good, clear explanations of problem and treatment. I never feel I'm being told to come back any more often than is really necessary.

Matthew Nov 13th, 2019

Outstanding physiotherapists with great communication skills

Simon K Nov 12th, 2019

My experience with Six Physio has been excellent. Really friendly and helpful staff, particularly when I've had some issues with appointment times. Cheers!

Georges Allen Nov 09th, 2019

Very professional and friendly team! The improvement with my injury was almost instantaneous. I’ve been to a few physios over the last couple of years and have to admit, Six Physio has been best to date.

ASC Nov 08th, 2019

Excellent and professional

Lee Nov 07th, 2019

I've been super impressed by the team, the approach, the detail and the facilities. They've taken physio to a whole new level for me.

James Nicholas Nov 07th, 2019

Fantastic service from Davide, had an issue with my achilles and his advice helped me on the path to recovery. Still doing exercises now, to give it additional strength ready for my London Marathon! After care service was spot on and replied frequency to questions I asked.

Maggie Bavington Nov 07th, 2019

Katherine my physio.was great, listened really well and gave me clear explanations, an individualised exercise programme and advice about how to proceed and what to expect

Nick Nov 06th, 2019

What a breath of fresh air! Physios who are super attentive to the specifics of the problem and bespoke in their treatment suggestions. I really do feel like I am working with the pros. I have already recommended these guys to my friends and colleagues.

Andrew Simmons Nov 06th, 2019

Always been very happy with the quality of the service I’ve received at six physio

Anonymous Nov 06th, 2019

Staff are friendly and approachable. Treatment has had a clear, positive effect. Guidance has been clear. Pricing is squarely central London "City" pricing and therefore expensive, particularly for those of us not lucky enough to have company health insurance..The fact the studio is on the 4th floor is not ideal for people coming for help with pain management / mobility issues. Changing facilities are limited for people with inhibited flexibility/mobility; since I've never seen 3 pods in use for people changing at once, a simple solution might be to turn those 3 pods into 2 (and put latches on the doors where the latch is missing or broken).

- Six PhysioWe do have a plan, which hopefully we will be able to share with you soon!

Ellie Nov 06th, 2019

you're all just fab

Chrissie Nov 06th, 2019

Staff are so friendly and helpful. Flexible which is helpful to me as I have a little one

Roger Smith Nov 06th, 2019

I've been very satisfied with the diagnosis and treatment I have received.

Leigh Nov 06th, 2019

Unfortunately I won’t be able to continue with you as you cannot direct ***, this is despite *** saying it is possible for you to set up.

- Six PhysioApologies, we have direct billed them in the past but we had too many issues that is wasn't commercially viable for us to continue.

Diana Walton Nov 03rd, 2019

After hand surgery Claire Seymour has been very encouraging about rehabilitation. The rationale for exercises is very clear and enabled me to work independently.

Justine Nov 03rd, 2019

Very happy with my physiotherapy so far. The team, from the receptionists to the specialists, is amazing: very attentive, adaptable to my needs and capabilities, and always kind. Thank you!

kirat Nandra Oct 31st, 2019

Kathryn, Solomon & John are all brilliant and so kind. The reception staff are great too. Everyone so professional and thoughtful. Thank you and I have recommended Six Physio to a number of my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Sara Oct 30th, 2019

Professional care! Strongly recommended

Emily Oct 30th, 2019

I'd never heard of Six Physio before a friend recommended them and I'm glad to now be able to pass the recommendation onto other friends! Excellent service - they really took the time to understand my issues. I have had knee problems for the last 10 years but it had got a lot worse recently. The team were able to diagnose both the long term issues and the more recent flare up. Long opening hours are great for popping in before work, and the receptionist was really helpful in getting the invoice to me so that I could claim from my insurance. Thank you!

nava navarro Oct 30th, 2019

Very much appreciate and recommend the excellent physios/pilates classes. Only complaint is about the untidy/unhygienic toilets at the newish Chelsea clinic (has the feel of being the result of using the cheapest products/equipment as well as poor servicing).

Linda Oct 30th, 2019

Your hand specialist solved the mystery! Now just working toward pain-free.

John Oct 30th, 2019

Great treatment

Ian Johnston Oct 30th, 2019

Everything is very efficient and the treatment excellent.

Anna Oct 30th, 2019

I really appreciate the speed of feedback and attentive communication - i saw two different members of six physio within a few days of my injury and they’d clearly discussed and passed on notes which helped the quality of my treatment. There was really solid follow up to check how I’d progressed and advice giving me a few options to continue based on my personal preference and availability for treatment.

Scott Oct 30th, 2019

Disappointing - two sessions then told physio was not available and there would be a follow up call to reschedule next appointment. No phone call, no follow up. Poor customer service,

- Six PhysioApologies Scott, your physio tried to call but it appears we have the wrong contact number for you... we should have tried harder.

Richard Eaton Oct 30th, 2019

Great physio so far by Amelia, she understood where the pain in my shoulder was coming from and has helped me massively in only a few sessions

Amy M Oct 30th, 2019

So impressed with the way Six Physio works - Alex and Anna are both excellent.

Stu Oct 30th, 2019

I hurt my neck padding rugby, with the physios help I was back playing the next week.

Rob Wellard Oct 30th, 2019

I was gifted a massage by my partner who said she would only have to pay half price for an introduction, when she booked it with the receptionist, she agreed half price, the lady who gave me the massage agreed half price, yet when coming to payment over the phone (card machine didn't work on the day) the extremely rude person on the call made me pay full price, wouldn't listen to my point of view. Not one person understands the promotion details your side, yet you made me pay for it. Pity, the massage was brilliant and i was contemplating a fortnightly massage moving forward. sadly the experience was rubbish and therefore i wont be back The options below for "Finally, how likely are you to come back for another massage? " are missing an option "not happy with the process, massage was great" or "Extremely unlikely due to getting swindled" as this is not fair on the masseuse who was brilliant.

- Six PhysioWe can only apologise for the confusion - massages are offered in return for referrals into physiotherapy not massage (as per our T&Cs), hence the mix-up with the administration at this time. We have passed your kind words onto your Massage therapist.

Natalie Oct 26th, 2019

Thank you for sharing your expertise knowledge, as always truly grateful for the learning journey!

SCO Oct 24th, 2019

everything was great

Giulia Oct 24th, 2019

Had various sessions here and I can highly recommend Six Physio to others ‘. Professional and experienced staff.

Emmanuelle Oct 24th, 2019

Very professional as caring and sensible team. I was treated for various symptoms and always had the best physiotherapy from different people

Shruti Sem Oct 23rd, 2019


Patrick Oct 23rd, 2019

Georgie was very professional, offered first class treatment and was able to assist me with a rehab plan.

Richard Oct 23rd, 2019

Treatment is still ongoing hence 4/5 as can’t tell if it will be 5/5 as a result yet. But staff are all very nice and keen to help.

Marta Oct 23rd, 2019

Alex is great!!

Karen Oct 23rd, 2019

No negative comments at all. Both therapists I'm seeing are great. They're great listeners, very knowledgeable, create detailed programmes for me (which is working really well) and really know their stuff. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing physio.

Jana Oct 23rd, 2019

For the last several weeks, I have been coming to Daniel at the Queen Victoria Street (BNY Mellon building) clinic. Daniel has been absolutely marvellous - very knowledgeable, attentive, thorough and helpful. He has made a real difference. Last but not least, Daniel is really nice as a person. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Sandra Nicholls Oct 23rd, 2019

Six-Physio's small group pilates work-outs are effective and fun - you won't find better!

Chris Oct 23rd, 2019

The staff have been very friendly, but most importantly they are knowledgeable and give you the belief that they will get you back to full fitness. They are very responsive to any queries you may have. Overall it is a great service that I would recommend.

Kasia Oct 23rd, 2019

Amazing service, very professional and friendly therapists happy to share their knowledge in an easy to understand way. I recommend 100 %

Lucy Ogilvie Oct 23rd, 2019

Chloe was excellent, I left feeling like all my tension was released. Will definitely be coming back!

Rachel Oct 23rd, 2019

I am not sure if I have anything too constructive to offer...! The massage was great, I thought the space was easy to find. The therapist was kind and knowledgeable. No complaints. I felt much better afterward, and he gave me some advice I can use moving forward.

Eszter Oct 23rd, 2019

Great Cpd course

Christopher Oct 22nd, 2019

Case studies were excellent and great way of sharing experience and knowledge.

Jade Oct 21st, 2019

Love this place. Will always come here for treatment. Thanks guys :)

i don't want my name on the website Oct 21st, 2019

moorgate branch needs better changing / bathroom facilities

Vincent Oct 18th, 2019

Dishonest company - you should avoid them. They are making it extremely difficult to get a refund (still yet to receive). Promised to get a call back and no call back. Bounced around lots of different departments. Told this team should handle the refund. Then told no the other team should have handled the refund. Don't bother giving these guys your money.

- Six PhysioWe've tried to contact you today but there appear to be ongoing issues... there is no reason why you would be entitled to a refund but we are offering you one as a gesture of goodwill.