Six physio, better in 3 steps

Six Physio Pregnancy & Postnatal videos

Find the 'Better in 3 Steps' video for you.

The Pelvic Floor - a guide to everything

What it is, it does, exercises and for who

Relax your Pelvic Floor

For overactive, tight or short muscles

The Female Pelvic Floor

Explained in detail

Basic postnatal exercises

Safe for natural and c-section deliveries

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Whether sat at a desk or breastfeeding

Perfect Breastfeeding position

To save those aches and pains

Exercises for Pregnancy

Modified movement patterns

Pregnancy Gym Ball Exercises

For all stages of pregnancy

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Exercises to relieve PGP

Pregnancy Massage Techniques

For comfort and relaxation

Tension release in pregnancy

Shoulder, lower back or glutes

Calf cramps in pregnancy

Very common at night

Pregnancy pelvic exercises

All movements should be #painfree

Pregnancy back exercises

Pelvic tilt and glute stretch

Moving pain free in pregnancy

Advice on how to get up #painfree

Moving painfree in pregnancy

Getting in & out of bed