Six physio, better in 3 steps

Six Physio Running videos

Find the 'Better in 3 Steps' video for you.

Tight Calf muscles?

This SLUMP test will tell you...

Tight Hamstrings?

#feelthedifference in 2 weeks!

Plantar Faciitis

Don't poke it. Don't stretch it.

Anterior Knee pain

The 3 best exercises

#ITB Superset

Progressive set of 4 exercises

Self tape your Knee

McConnell patella taping

Runners Knee

Injury prevention

Plyometrics & Conditioning

Quickstep drills

Core Exercises

Squeeze glutes, engage abdominals

Strength & Control

Exercises so you #feeltheburn

Mobility Loaded

Progressive daily barefoot exercises

Mobility Roller

Foam rolling post warm-up

Warm-up Drills

Dymanic exercises #injuryfree

Glute Stretch

Perfect for runners

Glute Endurance & Control

Keep that glute burning!