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Long-lasting results

Mar 08th, 2020

Long-lasting results

Mar 08th, 2020 / Nicki Chick

Under Pressure

Tempus December 2019
Not for the faint of heart, these treatments will take your workout recovery to the next level, from deep tissue massages to the skin saviours restoring your post-workout glow.


With 12 London clinics, Six Physio is one of the capital’s most expert physiotherapy brands, specialising in everything from injury rehabilitation to ironing out your body’s form and function. It’s a far cry from the opulence of a hotel spa, but what Six might lack in the ambient sound of gentle waves it more than makes up for in its hardcore and expert massage therapy.

Your therapist will take a holistic body and mind approach, analysing your form and explaining trouble areas, before bringing on the sports massage of your life. This may be punishing, but promises long-lasting results.

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