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Nov 12th, 2018

Hello, I have been training for a half marathon alongside other activities and am getting a few aches and pains in my lower back and down my left leg which I think could be the result of tight glute and calf muscles.


Do you think a sports massage could help and if so how do I book in?


I work in Belgravia so one of your clinics around there would be great.

Thanks, Kate

Nov 12th, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kate


I’m sure a sports massage will help – it’ll make you feel better, but I don’t honestly believe that if you’re looking for a longer term solution, training well and managing your symptoms then sports massage is not the long term solution…..


The best, most cost effective solution is ultimately a running rehab program, where you have to do something to see the long term benefit.


Here’s why – you don’t just “wake up” with tight muscles. They develop because of a muscle imbalance elsewhere and you need to rehab this to control and ultimately eliminate your symptoms when training/running.


Have a look here at this video


If (after all that!) a sport massage is for you (and why not)

Chelsea is probably your closest  and Serena, Lorenzo and Laura are all bloody brill!


Give us a bell.


The Guru


Kate thanks the Guru:

Thank you – do you guys offer a running rehab programme?


I definitely need to do more rolling and stretching but will also look at those clinics you flagged in Chelsea.


Sure – depends on what’s up, and why.

Take a look at our Running Assessment


Stretching and rolling all very good BUT getting better hip/pelvis stability (starting tonight!!) and gluteal control is key. There’s some good stuff in here too….

Glute Vids

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