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Live Science: exercising when pregnant

Jan 19th, 2022

Live Science: exercising when pregnant

Jan 19th, 2022 / Nicki Chick

Our Physios are often asked to share their expertise and write articles for various publications.

Recently Leanne O’Brien has written a couple of pieces for Live Science, about exercising when pregnant.

Yoga: is it safe in pregnancy?

This is a commonly asked question with the simple answer being “regular physical activity during pregnancy is essential to keep your body healthy and strong and prepared for birth – and yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise.” Leanne goes into the detail about joint mobility and the hormone relaxin, read the full article for more information.

Peloton: is this safe during pregnancy?

Peloton has brought a new form of exercise into the home, with workouts for all levels, so Leanne was asked to advise on whether one can participate when pregnant. They do offer prenatal workouts “which incorporate functional strengthening for your arms, legs and core. A good prenatal exercise plan should always include both cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. You need good muscular strength and endurance to deliver your baby. Childbirth can be a long process, so muscular endurance is essential to ensure you’re able to push effectively over some time” Read the full article.

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