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Our expertise in the Press

Apr 20th, 2022

Our expertise in the Press

Apr 20th, 2022 / Nicki Chick

Our Physios are often asked to share their expertise… their voice matters!

Abi Smith, who works out of both Chelsea and Mansion House, was asked a couple of questions:

“What are muscle knots?”

Put quite simply – “Although you can experience muscle pain in one tender spot, muscles do not develop knots.”
Even sitting at a desk all day can lead to muscles being overloaded and painful.. it might not be strenuous but you aren’t moving!
Read the full article here

“Tell me what I need to know about Foam Rolling?”

Abi says “make foam rolling part of a holistic approach to your wellbeing”
Full article on T3 here

In fact Foam rollers seem to be the Hot Topic right now…

Must be the weather warming up and more people running!

Alexa Jovanovic, an experienced Rehab Physio at Six Physio Kensington, is asked to Recommend which Foam Roller to buy.


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