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Back pain and hot sensation down right leg

Feb 06th, 2017

My mother, who is 71 years old, has had lower back pain as well as feeling
very hot sensations on her right leg for years.  She has seen different
doctors over the years and whilst physio therapy has helped with the back
pain, the hot sensation persists in her leg to the extent she find it
difficult to move.

Most recently, she has been told an epidural injection will help relieve the
pain but she insists she does not want this.  My siblings and I are at the
end of our tether and really don’t know what to do.

I am thinking of trying acupuncture.  I googled acupuncturist and your site
came up.  Please what do you advice?


Feb 06th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Obi


I think the heat sensation your Ma is feeling is due to her nerve not quite functioning right – the epidural would bathe the nerve root (where the nerve leaves the spine and winds down the leg) with a steroid to help settle any inflammation that may be occurring, causing the heat sensation.


I’m not a huge fan of acupuncture as I’m not sure it will change the cause of the symptoms – and that’s got to be key. I also think the Physio you’re Ma has had, has missed the point and hasn’t worked; as it’s only made her feel (partially) better, but hasn’t got her any better.


I think she needs decent Physio, which should address the heat sensation AND the back pain. The 2 symptoms are both from the same cause, and that hasn’t been identified and treated.


By all means we’d love to look after your Mother, but I’m not sure acupuncture would necessarily be the first course of treatment intervention…..


The Guru

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