Josh is suffering from a proximal hamstring issue

Sep 19th, 2016


I have been experiencing pain right at the top of my hamstring/inside buttock
and my lower back on the left side of my body since April 15.

It’s more severe when sitting down but constantly there. I tend to be walking
with a slight limp. It’s also more severe when running (which is a large
hobby of mine). Due to time and money constraints I have not had it
professionally looked at (except for a couple weeks of physio on the NHS
before I had to move to London).

I have done a lot of reading and ‘self-diagnosed’ it as a piriformis
syndrome. This is also because when lying flat and relaxed and looking at my
feet my left leg (injured one) rolls outward so that my toes are almost
touching the ground whereas my right is normal.

Is there anything you could recommend to help this? It’s been really
debilitating I use to be a really keen exerciser but feel I can’t do anything
anymore. Do you think your clinic could help? I have recently enrolled onto a
cashplan through my work but I have a very limited amount to spend so
desperate to find a clinic that can help me.



Sep 19th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Josh


Not sure this sounds like Piriformis syndrome but more like a proximal hamstring issue – which gets trickier with greater chronicity.


There’s a lot of stuff going on up there – hamstring attachment, bone, tendon, bursa (like a fat pad) and the sciatic nerve.


The sitting on it may be a key, but the rolling out leg bit when lying could be coincidental.


I think you’d need someone to have a good look at you to confirm what’s up and why – shouldn’t be too tricky.


The Guru


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