Upper Traps pain

Jan 12th, 2014

Turgay asked The Guru for the following Physiotherapy Advice:

hi, about three months ago i hurt my neck and trapezius from performing dumbbell shrugs too quickly and with incorrect technique. i now still have severe tightness and pain above my collar bone and entire neck. what do you think the best approach would be, to book for sports massage or a physiotherapist?

Jan 12th, 2014

The Guru Responded:

Hi Turgay

Whilst Sports Massage may be excellent, I think that after 3 months you probably need to know what’s causing the problem to hang around, rather than if it was just a simple injury due to shrugs in the gym, which should have got better with minimal intervention and time.

The most common issue why things like this linger is that you’ll have adapted to the injury by stiffening up your thoracic spine. The muscles that run to and from here (as well as from your neck and shoulder) will also be creating inappropriate amounts of tension because the starting position (due to the stiff and more flexed thoracic spine) will always be wrong.

Get this bit sorted, and happy days….

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