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You don’t have to be older to suffer from back pain

Feb 15th, 2016


Where do I start….

I am 29 years old and when I was 18 years old I woke up to pain in my lower back, maybe from weight lifting.

Forward 11 years on I have been to several physios but very recently I paid for a private physiotherapist and she found out there was quite a few problems like shoulders higher then the other, a few twisted rib cages, hip misalignment, tightness in muscles, left kneecap lower/rotated and a left foot that is flat with a collapse arch.

I have been feeling depressed over not having the problems fixed as I knew something wasn’t right as I was given stretches by physios in the past but never got to the root of the problem, felt like treating the ”victim” but not the ”bully”.

I am lost at what to do next.



Feb 15th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Alexander


Sounds like you’ve been given a life membership to the unhappy club – it’s time to cancel that membership…..


You’ve been given some really poor advice. The Physio who said you’ve got all those things happening is doing so to bloat his/her importance. I can make anything simple sound really important and make my self sound super impressive by finding all these pretty nefarious things wrong with you. It gives me the perfect excuse when your back doesn’t get any better to blame you because you have untwisted your ribs or de rotated your kneecap or lower or raised your shoulder.


It’s your body. It’s got a few very, very normal knobbles and bumps but you don’t need to change those things. You may need to have better control of twisted ribs and rotated knee caps but you can’t change them. Don’t even attempt to!


You’ve got a perfect analogy between “bully” and “victim” – you need to sort your cause not chase your symptoms. You want to get better, not just feel better.


Stretching is an interesting point. I don’t think you need to stretch (muscles) because if you don’t know why they are tight, after the stretch hey will just go back to being tight again.


You need to establish are these muscles tight or are they “stiff” and so protecting a mobile joint. This is really common. Once you know which joint(s) they are protecting you need to find out why are those joints being forced to move so much or compensate.


Getting depressed is unfortunately par for the course when you’re putting lots in and getting little in return.


But you can clear your depression by getting in front of the right person, who can talk in a language that you understand, with clear reasoning that’ll give you a path to wellness and having a good handle on managing your backpain.


I’m sure I could help get you in front of the right person, if needed.


The Guru


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