Shoulder pain from cycling

Apr 29th, 2019

Hi there,


I am looking for a proper diagnosis into why I am getting sharp pain / pinch in the back of my left hand shoulder only. After 2 hours the pain starts and gets worse and nags until I am done.


I typically cycle around 100 miles a week so not a newcomer to cycling.


However I’d like to get this seen to as I am cycling lands end to John o’groats this September.


What do you recommend? I’ve seen a chiro (12 sessions) and physio and both have not been able to rectify or pin point the issue.


Please contact me with next steps.


I’d be coming to the Lindfield clinic as I’m based in Brighton.


Thank you,


Jim C.

Apr 29th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jim


Easy – I doubt you’ve got an issue with your shoulder, but probably an issue with your neck.


Why? I’d suspect that both the chiro and physio have been trying to get you feeling better rather than trying to get you better. They been treating your pain and not the cause.


Shoulder pain, especially at the back, is not that common and without trauma, the likelihood of being referred from your neck, probably C4/5/6 is high.


Sitting on a bike for hours – having poor control around your shoulder blades, with a stiff flexed thoracic spine will cause your chin to jut out to see where you’re going.


It’s this jutting chin (essentially looking up, but the flexed thoracic spine means you look forwards) compresses your mid cervical spine around C4/5/6 referring a pretty classic pain pattern into the back of your shoulder.


You need better thoracic mobility, you need better control and strength and endurance and you need someone to have a look at you on your bike – your bike needs to fit you and not the other way around.


It might be well worth your while coming up into town and getting your bike assessed, especially if your up for a really long ride – details of assessment


Do have a look at some of these cycling exercise videos


Let me know and I’ll make sure you see the right Physio.


The Guru

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