Hip pain for just over two weeks

Jan 31st, 2018


I’ve been experiencing hip pain for just over two weeks. I’ve run
regularly for years but a few weeks ago I increased the amount of speed work
I was doing in preparation for a half marathon. The hip pain came on after
the first  couple of sessions. It’s mainly around my hip bone but also into
my glute.

I’ve been icing and doing hip strengthening exercises and just starting
doing a little bit of jogging again (15 min on Sat, 20 min today).

The running isn’t making it much worse but it is still achy and stiff.  Any
thoughts?! Hi n particular on getting back to running and staying pain free!



Jan 31st, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Naomi


It’s unfortunately what can happen if you increase a component of running, but don’t have “enough” control/stability/endurance/strength (delete as appropriate) in the tank – despite running for years.


It sounds as if you’ve irritated a tendon or a bursa (fluid filled fat pad) around the outer part of your hip, which is commonly the issue when you can’t control the amount your thigh rolls in when you up your speed.


The ache and stiffness is because of the chemical irritants that wash around the miffed off tissue – anti inflams (if you can take them) will help with your symptoms. Rehab, though, is critical – and you should start here with these exercises.

Good Luck

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