Anterior knee pain can be related to tracking of the knee cap

Mar 29th, 2016

Tom has seen a surgeon and had an MRI scan in early Jan.  He has been told he doesn't need an opp just to see a Physio.  Despite at least 6+ visits there is no improvement.  He has been taking anti inflammatory and rubbing anti inflammatory gel.

Can you help?  What would you do to treat, I know that this is a difficult injury that lingers, however not keen to resort to a cortisone injection as has been suggested.

He works close by and is 53 years old.


Mar 29th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Catherine


Yes – super easy to treat. There are unfortunately some pretty dire Physios lurking out there.


I'd have a guess that Tom has got an issue with the way that his knee cap "tracks" on the front of his femur. His knee is just a victim of what either happens at his hip and pelvis, or what happens to his foot and ankle.


Taping can have some pretty good results at decreasing his pain, see our video, but it's the rehab that really makes sure that he gets better, rather than just feeling better.


Don't let him have a jab – steer him towards a decent Physio!


The Guru

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