Dora asks about acupuncture with a sore neck

Sep 21st, 2017

Hi there, about 7 months ago my neck started clicking with no pain. Then it
started being sore on the left side of neck where there was a rock hard
muscle and clicking seem to come from there as well. The pain has now moved
to the base of my skull. When I put my head back it’s very sore. I have done
a few sessions of physio where she did needling in that muscle. It seemed to
have made it worse and more sore. I now get numbness on my lips, chin and
cheeks. I also suffer from sinus. I went to a chiro and the numbness stopped,
but the neck was still sore. I decided to go for accupuncture for my neck
problem as well as sinus and when he stuck needles in my face the numbness
started again. My muscle in right eye seem like its making my eyelid droopy
and same eyes vision seems more blurry. I do suffer from vision problems as
its blurry when I see far.
Any idea what this could be.

Sep 21st, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Dora
Yes – sounds like someone is trying over complicate, over treat and under perform.
Stop having acupuncture. Don’t let anyone poke anything, anywhere. Get away from having purely passive treatment where someone does something to you.
Instead consider getting on to a really decent, functional rehab program, where you’re given the skills to manage the cause of your symptoms.
I’d start here with our short video
The Guru

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