Kay has a crunching neck

Aug 31st, 2017

Hi,my Neck began to crunch about a year ago,I have a very bad pain at the
base of my scull.When I tilt my head back then bring it it back to face
forward postion it crunches very loudly,the back of my head often goes numb
too,I also have constant tinnitus which I have never had before.Scans are
Thank you

Aug 31st, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Kay
Good news that the scans are clear – it shows that it’s what your doing to your neck day in, day out is the issue.

The crunching noise, whilst it may be alarming isn’t actually anything to be worried about, and clinically (without pain from the crunch) is pretty irrelevant.

The pain is overloaded tissue because you poke your chin out too much, too much of the time because of how you sit, stand and move. You need to do some rehab – and you’ll see changes over the next few weeks.

I’d start here with these neck exercises and progress gently
The Guru

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