Feb 27th, 2019



Hello, could you recommend one of your practitioners for a massage. I have been experiencing very tight shoulders and neck and would like a deep, don’t mind if it’s painful, massage – I guess a deep tissue massage, or sports massage? I am also interested in trigger point therapy – if that’s something that’s available.


Many thanks


The Guru

Feb 27th, 2019

The Guru Responded:

Hi Zizi


SM would be good for you – where would your most convenient clinic be?


All types of massage therapy will make you feel better. I’d be lying though if you though it will get you better long term – you’d need to do something rehabilitative and rehab based to get rid of why you’ve got tight muscles…’s often that you opposite muscles ie things like you lower traps that pull your shoulders down are weak and not doing what they should be doing. These need to be bought back into action to counter act your the muscles that pull your shoulders up making them feel stiff…..


Let me know where’s best.


The Guru


Zizi responds:

Kensington and Parsons Green is the closest, however we could travel to another clinic if there is a particular specialist you would recommend.


I think you are right. My shoulder tightness has been a problem that has occurred since having recent surgery on my abdomen – a myomectomy.


So is it better to see a sports masseuse who can also offer me some back strengthening exercises? Or have a strong sports massage and then an appointment with a physio?


Also, my husband has had knee problems since he was a teenager and did competitive fencing. Recently it is getting worse – can you recommend someone for his knee. Perhaps he needs a massage also and then some physio?


Many thanks


The Guru suggest who to see…

I think you should either go and see Luke in Parsons Green or Tim in HSK – they both run the clinics and would be best place to say what needs to be done next.


I possibly think Physio then rehab with maybe some SM as a temporary help.


Same with your husband knee!!


Sounds like a really decent plan.


The Guru

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