Sharp pain on left of neck

Oct 25th, 2017

Earlier today I reached to my right to grab something and instantly
felt a sharp pain on the left side of my neck, towards the base of my skull.
I figured I had just moved too quickly or something that would just go away,
I tried moving my neck around to work it out and that was just excruciating
pain. I now cannot really turn my head to the left without a somewhat
pinching, sharp pain on my left side, back of the neck, towards the base of
my skull. It hurts to extend my arms to far, walk too heavily, lift up,
basically move anything. I can turn my head to the right without too much
pain and I can also tilt my chin up and that is okay as well. Tilting my head
downwards hurts a little, but not as badly as when I turn to the left. It is
kind of bothersome for me to talk and move my mouth too much. When I am not
having the pinching, sharp pain, it is a constant aching pain on the left
side of my neck. Does this sound like something that will just go away on its
own or should I seek medical attention?

Oct 25th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Most things get better eventually, but I’m not sure that’s really good enough, so here’s a little self help.


Take some over the counter anti inflams (if you can) and painkillers.


Stop stretching your neck – you’ve already got an over stretched joint and that’s why the muscles in your neck go into a protective spasm to limit the movement and all healing to occur.


Start getting your mid back to move better (this is the cause) but make sure you don’t cheat or over compensate with your neck try some simple stuff like these shoulder exercises


Active recovery is key – do something that allows you to move, easy peasy, gentle shoulder shrugs, circles, arm lifts and slow over lead reaches leaning against a wall with your head resting on the wall and not moving.


It’ll get better during the day, a little grottier tomorrow morning and then ease. Give it 3 days and you should be back to your old self
Oh – no prolonged sitting, driving, PC, phone etc etc

The Guru

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