Sudipta’s headache has been constant for 6 months

Jun 28th, 2016

Sir, I have been suffering from constant headache for 6 months.I engaged computer related profession for 10yrs.

10 months ago due to some injury in hip I  used computer for computer related job while in lying position for 3 months.There after headache started in back of the head  and progressed towards above the left side of eye. Maximum time pain felt in the back of the head and left side of head.

I have celiac disease, osteopenia, cervical spondylosis .MRI of cervical spine normal, ct scan of head normal.

I Stopped computer related activity due to headache which is increasing.

Please guide me .

Jun 28th, 2016

The Guru Responded:

Hi Sudipta


Try this stretch


70% of headaches are cervicogenic (neck related) and we need to see if this is true for you. Having cervical spondylosis may or may not be indicative of a neck related issue – so if you stretch your thoracic spine to take some load off of your neck and your head feels better, it gives a great insight into what needs to be done next.


If you do sit at work, make sure its similar to this desk set up

The Guru

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