Shoulder pain sleeping

Jun 28th, 2020


ive had pain in my shoulder blade area for more than 6 months, it occurs after leaning on it or sleeping on my left side, when I sleep on my right side the pain gradually decreases, any ideas

hope you can help;

Jun 28th, 2020

The Guru Responded:

Hi Dave – I think this is probably an issue with your neck and not your shoulder, and it’s entirely feasible that you have no pain or restricted movement in your neck…

The middle bit of your neck very often refers pain into the shoulder blade area (and that’s why lying on the right seems to help, it takes the pressure off of your neck)

Low hanging fruit are current work set up…if you’re on a laptop you need to get an external keyboard and get your screen higher.

You also need to get as much relative motion in your thoracic spine as possible, to take the load of off your mid thoracic spine.

Have a look at some of these mobility drills and of course this shoulder pain video:

See how you are by next weekend.

The Guru

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