Incontinence and erectile issues

Jul 12th, 2021

I’ve suffered with incontinence and erectile issues for a few years and my GP has suggested I have a pelvic floor assessment. What does this involve? Your website mentions real-time ultrasound, could my pelvic floor be assessed using this?

Jul 12th, 2021

The Guru Responded:

Evening, I’m going to pass this onto my Men’s Health Specialist to answer… over to you Leanne:

Yes, it’s definitely an option available to you. We have three men’s health physiotherapists, one in Fitzrovia and two in Moorgate and they all use real-time ultrasound.

The men’s health assessment includes a detailed analysis of your symptoms and a full assessment of the pelvic floor. Below is a picture of one of our physiotherapists James using the ultrasound to teach a patient how to relax their pelvic floor.


We can also assess the pelvic floor with an internal examination. You can choose either or both options depending on your needs. Your physiotherapist will talk you through the benefits of both to help you make an informed choice.

We also look at the strength and control of the other muscles in the pelvis. These muscles work as a team with the pelvic floor and the whole team needs to be strong!

Hope this helps and let us know if you’d like further information.

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