Pain between shoulder blades

Jan 01st, 2018

In September I started lifting weights and doing pull ups. I lie down one day
and i felt my back between my shoulder blades get a pain on the right side. I
thought nothing of it as it felt like a crook in my neck like when u get out of  bed.

I thought this would heal naturally then it happened on my other side. but
this time on my neck.

I left it for a month but after the second month the paid had gone down to my
lower back then my gluts and my hips. Now its in my shoulder joint. i cant
dance, and move like i used to anymore.

Ive had 2 ROLFers look at it and had massaged but the paid moves and goes but
comes back after 3 days.

Tell me Guru what to do?

Jan 01st, 2018

The Guru Responded:

Hi Shaft


Symptoms are always your primary concern, but unless you (or the rollers) know why you’ve got these symptoms, they’ll just keep on returning.


You’ve got too much (relative) mobility in your neck and lower back and not enough (relative) flexibility in your thoracic spine. You need to get this part moving better and get some control and stability around the other parts.


Start here  and add in some of these and these


Shaft thanks the Guru…


Thanks i will try these for a week and get back to u.


Also i have a deep pain in my right shoulder joint that is getting worse.


There was one point where a body worker pressed on the my right side between the shoulder blade and the pain shifted from there into my joint. any suggestions?


The Guru responded:


…try them for at least 2 weeks.


The thing applies with the shoulder pain – it’s a symptom of something else, which you need to change.


Rehab is always key and as long as your doing something to move better, you’ll start to feel better.


The Guru

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