2 months continuous headache

Dec 12th, 2017

Hi Guru
I’ve had almost two months of neck and shoulder pain and continuous headache.

I spend my working day in front of a computer, as an editor, so it’s
intensive. I’ve had eye tests, wear appropriate glasses and have followed all
the ergonomic instructions for setting up my workstation and taking regular
breaks, stretching, looking away every 20 mins etc etc. I’ve had occasional
headaches before, but they usually only last a day or two, not two months.

I had a massage, (nice, but short-lived effects). The pain moved down my back
for a couple of days then back up to my neck and shoulders. About two weeks
later, in desperation, I saw an expensive private physio, who turned my head
back and forth a few times and said my neck was ok. She gave me another
massage, plus some acupuncture, and said my shoulders and neck were very
knotted up and that I needed regular (weekly!) massage. Financially, not an

I sleep on my side, with a firm memory foam pillow, and I wake up
every day with a stiff neck. I never used to have this. Tiger balm, a heat
pack on my neck, sitting with my back to the radiator, hot baths, lying on
massage balls  … argh,

I’m sick of being in constant pain, which interferes with my work and my

general enjoyment of life. What do I need to do to fix this?

Could there be something wrong with my neck?

Dec 12th, 2017

The Guru Responded:

Hi Jill
Expensive, ineffective Physio is good for nobody. They make me look bad, and I make them look good….


You’ve got a wild collection of symptoms, and as always you need to find out why you’ve got them.


Unless you’ve done the simple things first, then don’t try to more complex offerings.


Stay away for passive forms of treatment – acupuncture, tiger balm, massage, balls, pillows (easy for me to say) but direct yourself towards a much more proactive approach.


You absolutely need to start here with these exercises with a sprinkle of this #worldsgreateststretch and a large splash of this desk set-up


Don’t expect overnight success but do demand change tomorrow….

The Guru

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